Is Sonos Arc Too Big For Small Room? Expert opinion

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Here we start all about Is Sonos Arc Too Big For Small Room? The company’s wireless speakers, from small-shelf speaker systems to TV soundbars, have all been reviewed and recommended by us over the last decade. However, converting your house into a sound temple powered by Sonos is an expensive proposition. Speakers from Sonos start at $100 for a simple bookshelf speaker, just like Apple devices.

Is Sonos Arc Too Big For Small Room?

No. The Arc should be placed in a space at least 16 square meters in size to avoid becoming too “overpowering.”

Sonos Arc Too Big For Small Room

This room is very alive. It is unlikely that any hardware will work in a sparsely designed room without rugs or draperies. Reverberation time is the problem here. Refusing much sound, hard, shiny surfaces merely reflect it into the room, meeting with the next blip of noise that slips from the audio system.

When the first sound enters the room, it may take a significant amount of time for it to be completely absorbed. Even as new sounds enter the fray, this one continues to bounce off of you. Humans are left in a state of complete disorientation. These reverberations are sometimes referred to as echoes.

In milliseconds, sound travels a distance of approximately one foot. 64 milliseconds are the amount of time it will take for the sound to travel along the long axis before it returns. This can be alleviated if you have drapes that are thick enough to close.

The use of simple drapes will be ineffective. Carpets should be purchased with a cushion. Include a pad behind any tapestries you have. Make sure that the room’s enormous bookcases are stocked with titles you intend to read. Spread the books out if the shelves are only partially stocked at this time.

Is The Sonos Arc Good For My Room’s Size & Shape?

Arc vs. Beam is an easy comparison for us to make. The Sonos Beam is a good choice for a small to medium-sized room, which I would estimate to be roughly 4 by 4 meters in size. If your TV is larger than 49 inches, however, you should examine the Arc and decide whether the Arc’s additional features are worth the Arc’s double price.

Sonos Speakers: A Quick Guide

It was only after a few years of using Sonos speakers in my home that I realized how much I appreciated their high-quality sound and ability to easily connect. Among the features I enjoy most about Sonos are:

  • Simple Setup: Creating a new system or adding loudspeakers to an existing one is made easier with the Sonos app. You won’t find a speaker system like this that makes it so simple to link numerous speakers together or stream in separate rooms of your house while maintaining excellent audio synchronization. Sonos can link to Google Assistant speakers, which may be the closest alternative.
  • Easy Streaming: Spotify, for example, can be used to broadcast music to Sonos speakers via the Sonos app, which is compatible with nearly every streaming service on the market. There are home-theater applications as well as a full surround sound configuration supported by the Sonos ecosystem.
  • All Major Voice Assistants: Most smart speakers can only connect to Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri via Apple Airplay 2, but Sonos speakers can connect to all three major voice assistants. Excluding Alexa’s ability to make phone calls and Google’s ability to play white noise, all of the assistants are fully functional.
  • They Sound Fantastic: High-quality Sonos speakers consistently produce a pleasant sound. It’s easy to complain about the cost of Sonos hardware, but it’s hard to criticize the sound quality. Each Sonos speaker is unique, but they all work together in harmony to provide a rich, full-bodied sound unlike anything else. It’s difficult to discern where the noise is coming from if there are several speakers in a room. You’re completely submerged in the music’s pristine clarity.
  • Spotify Voice Controls: Alexa and Google Assistant may be used to access Spotify on the Sonos One and Beam. You can make Spotify your default music player if you have one of these speakers. Then, whenever you ask Alexa or Google Assistant to play anything, it does so from your Spotify library immediately. The default music service can be configured to any of the following: Amazon, YouTube Music, and so on.

Can A Subwoofer Port Be Too Big?

Remember that there might be too much of a good thing. The mechanical limits of the woofer will be simpler to attain as the enclosure size grows.

How Much Room Does Sonos Arc Need?

Sonos Arc: C1 bottom to the top edge of Arc measurement in inches. 3. Arc Mount: According to the instruction manual, there should be a 1.5″ buffer between the top edge of the mount and the bottom of the TV.


Here we sum up all information about Is Sonos Arc Too Big For Small Room? Choose from matte black or white to match your room’s decor with the Arc’s color options. A major makeover has taken place as compared to the Playbar.

The shade of the soundbar remains continuous throughout the device, giving it a modern impression. Because of its elliptical shape, the aluminum grill on this soundbar allows it to fit neatly under most TVs while still extracting maximum performance from the drivers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sonos Arc may be too large for a tiny space?

However, Dolby Atmos audio’s overhead channels sound better in a smaller space. So, I decided to give it a whirl. Try it out with just the Arc, with just the Arc + Sub, and then with the Arc + Sub + surrounds, if you have those options. You can always remove the Arc and try the Beam if it’s too much.

Is the Sonos Arc suitable for rooms with a lot of furniture?

We were pleasantly surprised by the powerful, room-filling sound of Sonos’ first Dolby Atmos soundbar. The Sonos Arc is ideally suited for big living rooms and home theatres due to its length of almost one meter.

How far away from Sonos Arc should you be?

As a side note, my viewing distance is 9′ and I live in a condo, which means my living room is quite small. In my extensive research, it appears that soundbars should be placed at least four inches below the screen, but not more than seven to nine inches.

Does the Sonos Arc include a subwoofer port?

No. Adding the Amp to the Arc surrounds room is not possible; you must create two separate rooms. TV sources will be slowed, causing lag in the Sub and preventing the Amp from receiving the signal, if you combine the Amp with the Arc room. It will be converted to stereo from mono.

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