Is Rgb Lighting Worth It? Expert Opinion

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You’ve probably seen a lot of Is Rgb Lighting Worth It? If you’re a gamer or know anything about the community; it is now so common that even console gamers are beginning to incorporate it into their setups. But why is that? Why is RGB lighting so popular among gamers? Let’s have a look.

Is Rgb Lighting Worth It?

Most people today are eager to pick RGB light bulbs for home decoration because they are affordable, energy-efficient, and versatile. Even if you are unfamiliar with RGB bulbs, it is still worthwhile to experiment with them because they have all the advantages of LED lights in addition to their benefits.

RGB lighting, in my opinion, is well worth the investment. The higher the lighting quality the more worth it; Better RGB lights often have a wider color spectrum and more customizing options.

RGB lighting allows gamers to personalize their setups with their sense of style. Our settings will all look extremely similar if we don’t use lighting. It’s also because RGB lighting may be incredibly appealing, especially when designed by someone artistic.

Rgb Lighting Worth It

Is It Worthwhile To Use RGB Lighting?

It depends on whether you want to brag to your friends about your PC. RGB is utterly ineffective in terms of performance. It doesn’t add anything to the equation. However, it can make a computer case look great and stylish. However, when using the computer in real life, you won’t be staring at the LEDs all the time; you’ll be, well, actually using the computer and concentrating on the screen.

Of course, no rule says you can’t be creative with lighting like I did in my case when I utilized LEDs to design the entire desktop when I worked late at night. However, not everyone will do so, and it is up to you to determine whether or not you will spend the extra money on such things.

What Exactly Is This RGB Monitor Technology All About?

An RGB Monitor is a computer screen with a lighting system that illuminates the monitor’s rear which is generally against a wall and can display any RGB color you want. Within the gaming world, this movement is steadily gaining traction. Years of DIY attempts and certain commercial TVs have demonstrated that the reasoning underlying this application works.

Any advancement in the computer monitor arena is particularly welcome, as it hasn’t had the same dramatic evolution as other gadgets and even various sorts of displays. However, you can’t dispute how beautifully curved monitors like the ELITE XG350R-C are or how smoothly games run on the ELITE XG240R with 144Hz.

If you’ve gone shopping in the previous few years, you’ve probably noticed RGB lights on a desktop computer. There’s something for everyone, from obvious choices like chassis to more obscure ones like mouse pads and gaming chairs with full-blown RGB light spectacles.

Why Are RGB Lights So Popular Among Gamers?

While many PCs appear to be excellent on the inside, they might appear somewhat mundane on the exterior, and they can all appear to be the same. It may appear to be merely a few components in a box. We can personalize our computers with stickers, FunkoPops, spray paint, and other items.

However, RGB provides us with an additional level of versatility. It allows us to personalize the PCs with our personalities and flairs. If everyone has RGB, then it isn’t an individual thing, you could argue. That is an excellent topic that is frequently raised. However, this is not the case. RGB has a wide spectrum of colors and effects, which vary depending on the device and accessory.

Later in the article, we’ll describe exactly what RGB lighting is. For the time being, I’m just trying to give you an idea of the possible level of flexibility. RGB has 16,777,216 colors, and on high-end strips, each LED light can be altered independently.

The Difference Between Using And Without Using RGB Monitor

Imagine yourself on a plush racing chair, ready to start playing your favorite game to the fullest. Notice how the only light accessible is that which comes from the computer screen, which flashes in a rainbow of hues and penetrates your retina immediately.

One of the considerable awesome things about Nature is its evident preference for balance, yet if you think about this space for another second, it should be clear that something is horribly out of balance. What if RGB LEDs illuminate the screen, lessening the contrast in brightness between the monitor and everything else?

With this improved lighting configuration, your eyes will feel much more at rest, and your viewing experience will improve. However, you’re not sure why the blacks appear darker and more powerful. Everything appears to be in order until you learn RGB LEDs are severely limited in what they can do because they are either all on or all off. Is it feasible to make the RGB LEDs a little more intelligent?

How Does Ambient Backlighting On An RGB Monitor Work?

In most DIY bias lighting solutions, RGB LEDs are a frequent solution. They work, and they’re cheap, but they’re stupid. However, ARGB, or Addressable RGB, is a far better method to achieve it. Understanding how RGB and ARGB LEDs work is vital since it is one of the key differences between a gimmick and functional ambient RGB lighting.

First, an RGB LED is a package containing three LEDs: red, green, and blue. Each of the tiny LEDs inside the package has its power source. All of the colors in the observable range can theoretically be created. They are limited since the entire array of LEDs can only display one color at a time and employ the same effect because a single IC controls the array.

ARGB LEDs are a little more expensive and complicated than RGB LEDs. Each LED may be separately controlled in this casing, allowing for nearly infinite color combinations and illumination effects. That is the only way to make use of some of the advantages of owning an RGB Monitor in the first place.

Benefits Of An RGB Monitor

RGB Monitors Offer Superior Contrast

Isn’t all that extra light going to worsen the image quality? In contrast to blacks on a lighter background, blacks on the screen appear washed-out in contrast to a dark background wall. Rich, deep blacks are just captivating on computer screens and smartphone displays. Several optical illusions deceive our minds by entirely changing the color of a given object by simply changing the background color.

RGB Monitors Save Your Vision

The second of the five fast measures you can do to protect your eyes from eye strain is to make sure the space is lit properly. An RGB Monitor’s soft light is highly effective at giving a nice indirect light while preventing glare and reflections, resulting in much less eyestrain during long periods of computer use.

The rods and cones are the two types of photoreceptors in the human eye, and their tasks include transmitting signals to the muscles in the iris. The iris expands or constricts in response to the signal, lowering or raising the size of the pupils to regulate the amount of light reaching the retina.

To appreciate the advantages of a well-designed RGB monitor, keep in mind that the rods are light-sensitive and are used in low-light situations, while the cones are used in high-light situations.

Your eyes are hard at work for long periods when you are staring at a rectangular that is the only source of illumination in the room, emitting levels of light that vary every split second, which is one of the causes of fatigue and eye strain. An RGB Monitor’s ambient display backlighting is a terrific technique to keep a more consistent light around the room to help your eyes.

RGB Monitors Appear Larger

The soft light aura visible surrounding an RGB Monitor can make the screen appears larger without the substantial price difference or pixel density loss.

The Drawbacks Of An RGB Monitor Or TV In The Presence Of Ambient Light

Bias lighting, in general, has been mentioned in a few online reviews as being bothersome at times. This should only be the case if you go overboard with lighting effects and fail to relate them to what you see on the screen. However, more conscious reviews emphasize the technology’s benefits and can’t envision going back to a regular panel after using an RGB Monitor.

If you want to enhance your viewing knowledge on a computer screen or even a TV, you can’t disregard ambient lighting. Third-party alternatives, on the other hand, have a much higher price tag when compared to native RGB monitors like the ViewSonic ELITE XG240R and ViewSonic ELITE XG350R-C.

Why Is RGB So Popular?

The reasons why RGB lights are so well-liked include Safety. UV and infrared light are not present in RGB lights. They won’t harm your eyesight when you stare at them or use them for extended periods.

Does RGB Lighting Affect Performance?

RGB enhances performance, but only when it is set to red. It decreases temperatures if it is set to blue. It is more energy-efficient when set to green. Use this information with caution.


In the nutshell all about Is Rgb Lighting Worth It? What if I told you I knew something you didn’t know? You’ll be a better gamer if you use RGB lights. I’m joking; it won’t make you a better gamer until you permit it to through some form of mind manipulation.

In all sincerity, RGB lighting could improve your gaming experience and, as a result, make a difference. However, it’s a running joke that RGB makes you a better gamer for the time being. So, if someone has said it to you before, they were most likely playing with your emotions.

Some peripherals, such as more accurate sounding earphones, a good quality gaming mouse, and a good quality keyboard, can make you better, in my experience. A decent monitor can help you improve or, at the very least, improve your experience. But perhaps something like RGB? Unless it’s a mental condition, it shouldn’t make you a better gamer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it true that RGB lighting has an impact on performance?

According to a little-known fact, RGB does boost performance, but only when set to red. It decreases temperatures when set to blue. It is more energy efficient when set to green.

Why are gamers so fixated on RGB?

Most gamers undoubtedly favor RGB lighting since it gives them a say, as basic and obvious as it may appear and sound. The ability to transform a mass-produced item into a one-of-a-kind or bespoke item. A gaming keyboard’s RGB illumination allows it to be more than just a function.

Is RGB just a marketing ploy?

While RGB lighting technology continues to evolve, allowing for more accurate and sophisticated lighting conditions, many in the industry (both consumers and developers) regard it as a novelty rather than an essential tool to enhance the gaming experience.

Are RGB lights superior to LED lights?

While RGB can provide close to white color, the specialized white LED chip produces a pure white tone that is preferable for the task and accent lighting when color isn’t required. THANKS TO THE EXTRA WHITE CHIP; the LED strip may also provide a unique blend of RGB and color lights.

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