Is 12 GB Ram Good? All Things You Need To Know

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How much memory do I require when it comes to memory and RAM, is there a difference? Or Is 12 GB Ram Good? These inquiries can be intimidating if you’re not tech-savvy. As it turns out, finding out what RAM is and how much RAM your PC needs isn’t really so complicated.

RAM (random access memory) is a type of temporary computing storage that enables data to be stored and read almost instantly. When you start a program, it is temporarily stored in your Computer’s Memory (or RAM) rather than being written to the persistent hard drive.

Is 12 GB Ram Good?

Yes, 12 GB RAM is appropriate for laptops and PCs since most people use laptops for daily tasks. As was previously mentioned, 12 GB of RAM will be sufficient if you intend to run specific applications. On notebooks, most individuals stay away from playing any demanding games.

12 GB Ram

Your computer would run at a snail’s pace if your CPU (Central Processing Unit) had to use your hard drive to execute every function and execute every software. Enough RAM is essential for rapid performance rates since it provides enough space for data.

Is 12 GB Of RAM Sufficient?

If you’re using it for video and/or photo editing, 12 GB should suffice, but if you start having problems working on more sophisticated projects, you might want to frequently update to 16–32 GB. If you’re browsing the web, listening to music, or viewing videos all at the same time, 12 GB should suffice.

The type of game you play has an impact on your gaming experience. For most games, 12 GB should suffice (The performance of games is more dependent on your GPU). Other considerations include RAM speed, channel count, and maximum RAM capacity, among others.  If you’re thinking about buying RAM right now, keep these things in mind.

You may have 12 GB of RAM, but if it’s DDR2, you’ll have a hard time doing video production or playing games. DDR4 RAM, or at the very least the fastest DDR3 RAM you can obtain, is ideal (depending on your motherboard’s capabilities). DDR4-2133 is the most common memory type. I have 16 GB of DDR4 3200 MHz RAM, and I have no trouble playing games or editing videos.

What Is The Smallest Amount Of RAM Necessary For Gaming?

For a gaming PC, 16GB of RAM is the best place to start. Although 8GB of RAM was plenty for many years, contemporary AAA PC games such as Cyberpunk 2077 demand 8GB of RAM, with up to 16GB suggested.

Even the most recent games will only use a small portion of the 16GB of RAM available. Instead, the increased storage space allows you to run other programs in the background while your games continue running.

For the vast majority of gamers, 16 GB is more than plenty. However, 32GB will give you a little extra storage if you plan on streaming or running other applications while your games are running – OBS Studio, a web browser, and so on.

However, if you’re only interested in gaming, you probably wouldn’t notice any differences in performance between 16GB and 32GB. When you’re only interested in gaming, prioritize buying fast RAM.

Is 12 GB Ram Enough?

Since most people use laptops for their day-to-day duties, the answer is yes, 12 GB RAM is appropriate for laptops. Twelve gigabytes of random-access memory (RAM) is sufficient for running some common applications, as we’ve already established. Few people would risk their laptops on a high-intensity game.

Is 12 GB Ram Good For The Laptop?

Laptops with 12GB RAM, 16GB RAM, 32GB RAM, or even 64GB RAM are excellent choices for individuals who wish to test the limits of a PC’s capabilities and run many huge apps simultaneously. The average PC user won’t likely require more than 8 to 12GB of laptop RAM outside of intensive data processing.


Here we conclude all about Is 12 GB Ram Good? 12GB RAM Laptops, 16GB RAM laptops, 32GB RAM laptops, and even 64GB RAM laptops are excellent choices for people who wish to push the limits of a PC’s capabilities and run multiple huge apps at once. Outside of severe information processing, you probably won’t require more than 8 to 12GB of Desktop RAM if you’re a typical PC user.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it better to purchase 12GB or 16GB of RAM?

We suggest at least 4GB of RAM and believe that most users will benefit from 8GB. If you’re a power user, use today’s most requiring games and applications, or just want to be sure you’re prepared for any future needs, go with 16GB or more.

Is a 12GB GPU sufficient?

The GeForce RTX 3060 12GB is a terrific device for general gamers if it can get close to its official $329 asking price. But, even with decreased mining efficiency, that’s unlikely if in today’s market, as its achievement is right in the middle of the RTX 2060 Super & 2070 Super.

Is 12GB of RAM sufficient for Windows 10?

Most users should be fine with 12GB of memory. It all relies on what you want to do with it. If you’re browsing the web, listening to music, or viewing videos simultaneously time, 12 GB should suffice.

Is it better to have 8GB or 12GB of storage?

8GB of RAM is more than adequate for most work as well as some great gaming. 12GB of RAM will smooth things out a lot more and possibly allow you to max out games as well.

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