iPhone Shortcut To Open Pdf (Full Procedure)

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Let’s look at the procedure of the iPhone Shortcut To Open Pdf. On mobile devices, file manager programs can be used to access PDF files. However, you have to search through several directories in your file manager app to do so. One more straightforward way to gain rapid access is to put a PDF shortcut on your Android or iOS home screen.

iPhone Shortcut To Open Pdf(Follow This)

On Android and iPhone, a more straightforward approach for faster access is to add a PDF shortcut to the home page.

iPhone Shortcut To Open Pdf 1
  • Using “Open File Action” in the Shortcuts App:
  • If you haven’t already, download Apple Shortcuts on your iPhone and launch it.
  • Press the “+” button in the top right corner.
  • On the following screen, give your shortcut a name.

How To Add PDF Shortcut To Home Screen On Android?

Add PDF Shortcut On Samsung

You’re lucky to have a Samsung Galaxy phone because the preinstalled My Files app allows you to add files on the home screen, including PDFs, pictures, movies, and more.

  • Start your Samsung Galaxy phone’s My Files app.
  • Visit the folder that has the PDF.
  • Touch and hold the file to choose, then tap the bottom-located three-dot icon. From the context menu that appears, choose “Add to Home screen.”
  • Click “Add” in the “Add to Home screen” confirmation popup.

Add Shortcut Using Google Drive

You don’t need to download any additional apps to use this strategy because Google Drive comes preinstalled on nearly all Android smartphones.

  • If your PDF file already exists in Google Drive, you can skip Step 5. However, if the PDF is located on your phone’s local storage, You must first run the Files app or file manager, locate the PDF, then upload it to Google Drive.
  • From the context menu, tap the three-dot icon next to the file and choose “Share.”
  • From the sharing screen, pick “Drive.”
  • Choose the Gmail account and location where you like to save the PDF, and then rename the file if you’d like.
  • Locate the folder where you uploaded the PDF in the Drive app on your phone.
  • To utilize the PDF even when your phone isn’t attached to the Internet, tap the three-dot icon next to it and choose “Make accessible offline.”
  • Tap the three-dot icon again to bring up the context menu, then scroll to the bottom to select the PDF. Press “Add to Home screen” once. Please be conscious that you might need to scroll again to see this choice.
  • Select “Add to Home screen ” on the launcher’s confirmation page.”

I’m done now. Your home screen will now include the PDF shortcut. You can transfer it to a different home screen, like moving other icons.

iPhone Shortcut To Open Pdf 3

Use Shortcut Maker Apps

Regarding Android, there are specialized apps for everything, even small-sized apps for creating shortcuts (usually 1-3 MB). Create shortcuts for PDFs, photos, movies, MP3s, and other file types. Using the Shorty app, we are demonstrating how to accomplish this. You can also try the shortcut-making applications Shortcut Creator and Shortcut Maker.

  • On your Android mobile, install Shorty.
  • Grant the required storage permissions after opening the program.
  • Open the preloaded file manager app on your phone, such as Google’s Files Go.
  • Go to the PDF file on your phone’s internal storage, then hit the three dots next to it. From the context menu, choose “Share.”
  • On the share screen, select “Shorty.”
  • You can use the app to alter the shortcut icon’s style, wording, background color, and other details. When finished, click the checkmark button in the top right corner.
  • Tap “Add to Home screen” in the confirmation window that appears.

Add Shortcut Using A File Explorer App

You can download a third-party file management tool that allows adding file shortcuts to the home screen, such as Total Commander, Solid Explorer, or Cx File Explorer. Follow the instructions below to add a PDF shortcut to the home screen using Total Commander.

  • On your Android phone, install Total Commander.
  • Go to the folder where your PDF is saved after opening the app.
  • Choose “Create a link on desktop” from the context menu after touching and holding the PDF document.
  • Both Solid Explorer and Cx File Explorer follow the same procedures. From the context menu of the PDF, choose “Create shortcut” (in Solid Explorer) and “Settings-> Add to home screen” (in Cx File Explorer).
  • If necessary, rename the PDF, then click “OK/APPLY.”
  • On the popup screen, click “Add to Home screen.”


You can automate various actions on your iPhone using the iPhone Shortcut To Open Pdf. If creating PDFs from photographs is a regular task for you and consumes a significant amount of time, there is an easy fix for you to automate the process. This article shows how to construct a shortcut and automatically generate PDF files from photographs on your iPhone.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a shortcut to open a file on my iPhone?

Make a new shortcut.
·       On your iOS or iPadOS device, tap the upper corner of the display in the Shortcuts app.
·       Select New Shortcut, select Rename, enter your shortcut’s name, and select Done.
·       Select Add Action.
·       To add an action to your shortcut, press a category (like Media or Web), then swab an action in the list.

How can I create a Home Screen PDF shortcut?

To make a shortcut to the file on your home screen, The document can be uploaded to Google Drive. Open the Drive app on your Android phone, then tap “Add to Home Screen.” The “Available Offline” checkbox should also be selected for the file shortcut to function even when you are not in a coverage area.

How do I get my iPhone to open PDF files?

Any PDF file can be read on an iPhone.
·       Download the App Store’s Acrobat Reader application. Start the app.
·       Click Files in the bottom menu bar.
·       Please find the file on your iPhone, then choose it.
·       Your PDF is now available for scrolling and reading.

Can I put a PDF on my iPhone Home Screen?

The PDF should now appear on iOS Safari after accessing the link on your browser. After clicking “Share,” select “Add to Home Screen.”

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