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What to do If I Can Feel Electricity Through My iPhone? If your feet are moist, you may notice that touching your phone, tablet, or laptop with a metallic body causes a tingling sensation or a slight electric shock. That’s because your device charger is leaking alternating current (AC).

The potential difference is usually extremely small and will not produce any severe shock or harm. However, being a part of its circuit is not safe since electricity will continue to flow via the metallic cover to your body and the ground.

You may have this difficulty while charging and using your electronics in European countries, where people use typical 2 Pin chargers with no Earthing pin, or in America and the United Kingdom, where earthing pins of plugs or chargers are occasionally only made of plastic. This issue can be completely fixed.

I Can Feel Electricity Through My iPhone

There are a minimum of two options. One is that, even with the new plug top, there is a discharge through you since the gadget is improperly grounded. The other is that, despite the device being wholly dropped, you are still accumulating static energy in your body or clothing, then discharging through you to the device.

What To Do If I Can Feel Electricity Through My iPhone

At least two possibilities exist. One possibility is that even with the new plug top, the gadget is not correctly grounded, and there is a discharge through you. The other is that you are building up static energy in your body or clothing, which is discharging through you to the device, even if it is fully grounded.

It’s nearly probably capacitive interaction between the mains power and the low voltage used to charge your phone unless you’re experiencing shocks. This commonly manifests as a vibration-like sensation. It’s innocuous, but it can cause problems with touch screens.

It can float because the low-voltage side is insulated from the ground and neutral. Although the capacitive coupling can still couple voltage across the two sides, the two sides are isolated. The amount of current that can flow is negligible, if not invisible. FWIW, the laptop I’m using right now shows signs of this, which is rather typical.

How To Fix Electricity Passes Through My iPhone?

  1. Install Earth/Ground wiring in your home and charge with chargers with an earthing pin.
  2. You can still ground your electronics if you have earth wire at home, but your charger does not have an earthing connector or is made of plastic. Take a wire and insert it into the power socket’s Earthing hole. Never put it in phase (L) or neutral (N) because neutral might also have stray voltage. Connect the second end of the wire to the metallic body of your phone, tablet, or another electrical device. You can use tape to keep the wire in place. In this manner, any leaking current will safely go to the ground, and you won’t experience an electric shock or tingly sensation while charging and using your gadget at the same time.
  3. If your charger lacks an earthing pin, you can either replace it or manually earth your device using the steps outlined above.
  4. Laptop chargers can come with removable cables that don’t contain an earthing pin. You can purchase a new cable with an earthing pin.

When You Use A Phone That Is Being Charged, Does Electricity Pass Through Your Body?

Not at all. The phone sends out radio waves that are part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Because light is part of the electromagnetic spectrum, these radio waves behave similarly to light. How those radio frequencies interact with your body is determined by their “color.”

Your phone may use a variety of frequencies depending on your cellular carrier, local legislation, and cell tower designs. Lower frequencies travel right through you because your body is like glass. Your body is “black” for higher frequencies, meaning the impulses can’t even reach through the top layer of your skin.

Cell phones have nearly the same “brightness” as a standard flashlight. Technically, photons can cause electrons to move a tiny amount, but this effect is extremely small compared to the electricity generated by your nerve impulses.

Cellphone Electrocution In Different Ways

While In The Water, Do Not Charge Or Use Your Phone

A 32-year-old British man was discovered dead in the bathtub in December 2016. A charged smartphone was the source of the problem. When the device came in touch with the water, he charged it on his chest. Burns to his chest, arms, and hand were among his worst injuries.

While a cell phone appears to be an innocent item, it can be as dangerous as a hairdryer when put into a charger. Consider that a human can be killed with just seven milliamps (mA) applied for three seconds. When you add water to the mix, you have a potentially dangerous condition.

Because water reduces your body’s natural resistance to electricity, you’re more likely to die if you encounter electricity while bathing or showering. Saltwater further reduces your resistance.

  • Never charge your phone in the bathroom or near water to avoid electrocution.
  • Allowing extension cords or chargers to come into contact with water is not recommended.
  • Frayed extension cords and chargers should never be used.

While Your Phone Is Charging, You Can Use It

While smartphone batteries have low voltage lithium-ion batteries that have around 3.7 volts charging them puts you in direct contact with the high-intensity electricity from the power outlet. This can be difficult under certain circumstances, such as a short circuit or a power surge.

Consider the following example: In 2019, a 24-year-old Thai factory worker was discovered dead in his bedroom. He had his phone hooked into the wall and listened to music through his earbuds. Electricity burst through the phone, making contact with his ears. A short circuit or a malfunctioning charger, police believe, was to blame.

  • Avoid using earbuds that are hooked into a charging cell phone to avoid electrocution.
  • When feasible, plug your mobile charger into a surge-protected power strip.

Using A Fake Mobile Phone Charger

It’s possible that the cost of replacing smartphone chargers could make your eyes swim. It’s tempting to buy a knock-off for a fraction of the cost, but experts advise against it.

Ninety-eight percent of all Apple chargers failed basic safety tests, according to a survey conducted by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute in the United Kingdom. After numerous tests, only three of the 400 gadgets examined had enough isolation to prevent an electric shock. By any standard, these are alarming figures.

To Prevent Cellphone Electrocution

  • For your smartphone, only use OEM (original equipment manufacturer) chargers.
  • Check the model number, manufacturer, and voltage ratings if you suspect a charger is fraudulent.
  • If you have any doubts about a charger’s legitimacy, discard it.

Using Your Phone In Bed To Charge

A girl was electrocuted by her charging cable in 2017. The 14-year-old Vietnamese youngster was asleep in bed charging her iPhone 6 when she rolled over a frayed cord and was electrocuted.

She was probably aware of the frayed cable for some time but failed to replace it before the worst happened, based on the tape wrapped around it. To avoid being electrocuted by your smartphone, follow these steps.

  • Never charge your phone while lying in bed.
  • Replace any frayed or broken charging cords right away. Don’t use tape as a band-aid solution.
  • When your charger is plugged in, avoid touching frayed or broken cords.
  • When feasible, plug your mobile charger into a surge-protected power strip.

Can An iPhone Give You An Electric Shock?

Typically, your body has enough resistance to prevent electrocution from an iPhone charger with a current of 1 amp and a voltage of 5 volts.

Can Static Electricity Harm Your Phone?

Although static electricity mostly only causes inconvenience, it can sometimes be dangerous. Static electricity can harm electronics, including computers, smartphones, photocopiers, etc.


Do you encounter I Can Feel Electricity Through My iPhone? What sort of charger are you using? A well-known brand or product imported from China. In the latter situation, I discard it. There may be a main voltage on the phone, which can be catastrophic if you touch something grounded. Before using it again, be sure it’s safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s causing the electric shock on my iPhone?

If your feet are moist, you may notice a tingling sensation or a mild electric shock when you contact with your phone, tablet, or laptop with a metallic body. This is because your device charger is leaking an alternating current (AC).

When I use my phone, why do I get electricity?

Devices like your headphones or phone might accumulate static electricity. It produces a minor electric shock.

Why does my iPhone keep me up to date?

The electric current you’re experiencing is caused by a voltage difference between neutral and ground, which should only be a few volts and is normally not uncomfortable. You may ground yourself simply by touching the insides of the metal case.

Can static electricity harm a phone?

Although static electricity is typically only annoying, it can be dangerous. Static electricity can cause damage to computers, cell phones, photocopiers, and other gadgets.

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