HP Laserjet P4015 Duplex Printing (All You Need To Know)

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This guide will give you a clear understanding of HP Laserjet P4015 Duplex Printing. Print speeds of up to 52 pages per minute are possible with the Hewlett-Packard LaserJet P4015n Laser Printer, which has HP’s Instant-On technology.

Supplementary print trays can be purchased to increase paper capacity from 600 to 3,600 pages, as well as a specialized envelope feeder, a duplexer, as well as a document sorter, and a stacker/stapler accessory for high-volume printing of multi-page documents, all of which can be purchased as optional accessories.

HP Jet direct Fast Ethernet print server incorporated in the printer makes it possible to make the printer accessible to the entire business network with a simple printer setup through Hi-Speed USB 2.0.

HP Laserjet P4015 Duplex

HP Laserjet P4015 Duplex Printing Feature

When using the HP Laserjet P4015 Printer’s Duplex Printing Feature, you can have your documents printed on both the front and back sides of each page. HP Laserjet P4015 Duplex Printing can be done in two ways: automatically or manually, depending on your preferences.

  • Using a Laserjet Printer to print double-sided Make sure the primary input tray is full.
  • Open the document you want to print from the File menu.
  • Click Print and, if necessary, select Display Details before you print.
  • The two-sided option must be specified and selected.
  • Select Layout from the Print tab and check the box to enable this setting.
  • Click the Print option from the Two-sided tab to print the binding.
  • Remove the first printed pages from the output tray and place them in a different location.
  • Place the pages in the input tray and press the Continue button.
  • Printing in both directions with the HP LaserJet P4015

For Laserjet P4015 Printers, The Best Methods For Duplex Printing

  1. Put enough A4 paper in the input tray to fix the page order issues. Determine whether or not the toner cartridges are in place before printing.
  2. Open a document in Windows by using the File menu.
  3. Select the option Print and enter the name of your Laserjet printer.
  4. Click Printer Properties, Preferences, or Printer Setup to launch the printer or document properties window.
  5. Click on Two-sided printing or Print on both sides of a shortcut printing button is provided (HP Laserjet p4015 Duplex Printing). Choose the Finishing, then.
  6. In the absence of a duplexing menu, use the Layout or Features tabs.
  7. Bind or flip the sheet after printing on both sides.
  8. Finally, click OK and then print out. Select “Yes” to proceed. Tap the same surface with the initial papers you remove from the output tray.
  9. Printing will begin after the first page is entered into the input panel, so please do so and then click on the Continue button.
  10. If your LaserJet printer does not support automatic duplexing, you can use the manual duplexing method on your Mac. Go to this screen and select the Paper Handling option to see what kind of paper tray your printer has.
  11. For Laserjet printers, the Reverse or Automatic option is available only when odd printing pages are from the Print Pages Only menu. After complete printing, remove any odd pages from the output tray and place them in the input tray.
  12. Select the option Even Only in the Print window. Go to the Print menu and choose Normal mode to print a document.
  13. Smartphones: Install the HP Smart app on your Smartphone or tablet to get started. Open the app by clicking Home Screen Print and selecting “Open.” Select Print to make your document available for printing.
  14. Identify and find the paper that will be printed.
  15. Select and select More Settings-> It is as simple as clicking OK and then printing. The printer can be chosen.

Can The HP Laserjet Print Double-Sided?

Use HP printer software to set up a duplex printing job with an inkjet or LaserJet printer. Place enough paper into the tray to finish your print job and prevent page ordering concerns.

How Do I Test Duplex Printing?

You can check your printer’s manual, contact the printer’s manufacturer, or follow these steps to determine whether your printer supports duplex printing:

  • Click the File tab.
  • Click Print.
  • Click Print One Sided under Settings. Your printer is fixed for duplex printing if Print on Both Sides is an option.


That’s all about the HP Laserjet P4015 Duplex Printing guide. Hopefully, you’ve liked the step-by-step procedure of Duplex Printing.

Frequently Asked Questions

In HP draught mode, how do I print?

Select Paper Feed from the print settings pop-up menu (seen in the separator bar). Select Manual Feed from the pop-up option after clicking the All Pages From button. Presets – Paper type/quality can be used to alter print quality. You should now have access to the “Draft” feature.

Why does it take so long for my printer to print?

Print servers are the most frequent method of networking printers. Because they act as a central hub for all print jobs, print servers can source print quality issues. As a result, printing across the network can suffer if a problem arises at only one site.

Do printers get faster with time?

Change the ink volume to control how much ink appears on the printed page. The faster the ink dries, the sooner you’ll have your printing – and the less ink you’ll need.

Why does my HP printer take so long to copy?

What’s the problem with my HP printer? It may take longer to print if the printer is set to the highest DPI or selected the “best mode for printing” mode. Printing in normal or draught mode speeds up the process, so keep that in mind. The slower the printer prints, the more ink it uses.

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