Comparison Between HP 9015 Vs 9015e (Which Is Better)

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In the accompanying review, we’ll break down all of the information to help you decide which the best multipurpose printer HP 9015 Vs 9015e is; Within the Office Jet series, HP offers a range of All-In-One printers, and if you are not a techie, you will have a difficult time choosing the ideal one.

Similarly, if you limit your search to HP Officejet Pro 9015 Vs 9015E printers, you’ll find that they’re practically identical in every manner. As a result, choosing the best one will be a difficult challenge for the majority of consumers. Based on our extensive research, the HP Office Jet Pro 9015 is the ideal option for smooth and adaptable printing for both your family and home offices.

HP 9015 Vs 9015e

The HP OfficeJet Pro 9015e is the model that replaces it and shares many of its features. The HP+ package with the 9015e includes a six-month membership to HP’s Instant Ink service. The 9015e features a stronger scanner lid, a better build quality, and a greater color page yield.

Comparison Between HP 9015 Vs 9015e

HP Officejet Pro 9015 Vs HP Officejet Pro 9015E

What Makes The Office Jet Pro 9015 the Best?

Although the majority of the capabilities of these two only printers are practically identical, users prefer the HP Office Jet Pro 9015E printer. This printer has caught everyone’s attention due to a few unique features and key peculiarities.

Let’s take a deeper look at some of these two HP Office Jet printers in a quick discussion. The HP Pro 9015 can produce smooth and detailed images, whereas the HP Pro 9015E can do roughly the same but with grainy photo colors.

We discovered that the HP Office Jet Pro 9015 has a black sheet yield of 63 prints, while the 9015E has 60 prints, based on our observations. The predicted black pages yield of the 9015 is almost 1200, whereas the 9015E yields just 1140.

While both printers produce at the same speed of 22 sheets per minute, the 9015E is slightly slower in color prints than the 9015. The Office Jet Pro 9015E printer’s first page out is likewise delayed.

Wireless printing, Local area networks, USB, scan to email, Wireless Direct, Mopria Prints, Apple Air print, and other networking options are available on the HP Pro 9015. In terms of dimensions, the 9015 is fairly nicely built, and its weight (21 lbs) is slightly less than the HP Pro 9015E. (21.1 lbs)

Similarities And Differences Between The HP Officejet Pro 9015e And The HP Officejet Pro 9015

  1. These two HP Office Jet series multifunction or all-in-one printers are among the most popular entry-level printers. They will have certain similarities because they’re in the same Office Jet Pro series, and they will be shown.
  2. The printers’ overall dimensions (W x H x D), weight, and other characteristics are all identical to the outside appearance; the 9015, however, has an easy-slide external glass.
  3. The HP 9015e versus 9015 has a small 2.7-inch (6.8-cm) LCD touchscreen display.
  4. HP 962 Black cartridge can be used in each printer. Three ink toners are allowed in both. Extra Large (XL) cartridges are available for high page yield.
  5. Both HP printers enable duplex scanning with a scan resolution of 1200 dpi, and the surface scanner can handle pages up to 8.5 inches by 11 inches.
  6. Both printers have a 250-sheet paper tray and can print in black and color on both sides at up to 22 pages per minute.
  7. Aside from Bluetooth, both Officejet printers have a wide range of connectivity options, including Wi-Fi (direct except through a router), Internet, USB connected, Mopria, Apple Air print and external storage support.

There Are A Few Other Differences

Printing Photographs

With some vivid, vibrant, and solid colors, as well as exact color accuracy, the HP Pro 9015 works well in photo prints. The image colors are due to normal photos when scanned, and the dark darkened portions are not well defined. The color balance on the HP Pro 9015E is adequate, but it could be better. The images appear to be reasonably bright and vivid; however, the color can be muddy at times.


Apart from Bluetooth, both Officejet printers include a wide range of connectivity options, including Wi-Fi (direct and via a router), Ethernet, USB wired, Mopria, Apple Air Print, and external storage support. There are numerous connectivity options available on the HP Pro 9015.

Wireless printing, Ethernet-enabled printing, USB printing, scan-to-email printing, Wi-Fi Direct printing, Mopria Prints printing, Apple Air print printing, and so on. The 9015E has a Dual Band Wi-Fi that enables connection self-healing, and the 9015 has a double along with reconnection capability for a stable wireless interface connection.

HP Officejet Pro 9015 Vs 9015E User-Friendliness

Two very different Office Jet Pro printers are equipped with an LCD color touch screen display for ease of use over time, and they are, by coincidence, the same size (2.7 inches). Furthermore, the Mopria Print service’s app-based use out of Android mobile devices, as well as Apple Air Print for iOS devices, greatly simplifies the functionality.

With the HP Smart app, users can quickly manage and control all of their printer’s printing and other functions. Automated ink substitute delivery, mobile faxing, private pickup, camera scans, prints, duplicates, help & support, smart multitasking, and much more are all possible with intelligent software.

Is HP 9010 The Same As 9015e?

First, HP confuses as usual by launching a similar device under various names in various regions. As a result, this printer is referred to as the 9015e across North America and the 9010e throughout Europe.

Is HP OfficeJet 9015 Discontinued?

The 9015e is similar to the now-discontinued OfficeJet Pro 9015, with the addition of a six-month Instant Ink trial and an additional year of warranty coverage.


The Hp 9015 Vs 9015e and 9018 printer models have virtually identical features, appearances, and capabilities. The only distinction is that the HP Office Jet Pro 9015e comes with a one-year guarantee instead of the HP Office Jet Pro 9015.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of automatic document feeder (ADF) does the HP 9015e have?

On your desktop, none of these printers will take up much space. The HP 9015e has a 35-sheet auto-duplexing automated document feeder (ADF), similar to the HP 9025, allowing copying, photocopying, and faxing two-sided fully responsive originals without the need for user interaction.

What is the procedure for replacing the ink cartridge in my HP Office Jet Pro 9015e?

Turn the printer on.
Open the access door to the ink cartridges
Do not proceed until the carriage has stopped moving.
Press down on the front of the ink cartridge to remove it, and then pull it away from you to remove it from the slot.
Take the new ink cartridge out of the box.

HP Office Jet or Officejet Pro 9025: which is better?

Even though these printers have many similarities, the HP Office Jet Pro 9025 is unquestionably the superior 4-in-1 wireless printer. Is it, however, worthwhile? If printing speed and a larger paper tray are crucial to your organization, the Office Jet Pro 9025 is well worth the extra cost.

How can I tell which of my HP ink cartridges are empty?

Open the tool and select Printer/Supply Levels to check the ink or toner in your HP printer. The expected ink or toner levels will appear. The HP Smart app is required for Windows 10, Android, and iOS. On the app’s home screen, the HP ink quantities will be displayed.

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