How To Work A Medium Printer In Astroneer? Process Guide

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The Medium Printer is a printing module that creates Tier-3 Base components like the Large Platform and the Research Chamber. So, How To Work A Medium Printer In Astroneer? The Smelting Furnace, Research Chamber, and Chemistry Lab can all be built using it, making it a crucial piece of equipment throughout the game.

Small Shredder and Large Shredder cannot shred the Starting Medium Printer, possibly to prevent players from abusing the limitless startup packages. The player’s Medium Printer, on the other hand, can be used as scrap.

Work A Medium Printer In Astroneer

How To Work A Medium Printer In Astroneer?

Make Oxygen Tethers

In all likelihood, you’ll discover a Compound deposit near your starting point. It is essential to build a Tether Bundle immediately after opening the Starter Package, including the Medium Printer and the Starting Platform (wires with oxygen). You can only die if you run out of oxygen in the gaming environment, which is why these tethers come in handy.

It is possible to make tethers out of Compound material in the backpack. The image above depicts the appearance of this fundamental and common resource. You should be able to discover it easily. The Tether Bundle makes it safe to go out and find additional resources needed to create new items.

Make A Mini Printer

The Small Printer is a simple printer that may make various things. Other things can be created using a Small Printer. Because it doesn’t need to be plugged into anything, you can take it with you everywhere you go.

Producing this item is also a breeze thanks to the inclusion of Compound, which can be done right in your rucksack. Several useful items can be delivered using a Small Printer. An Oxygenator, for example, or a Tractor could be used to distribute oxygen.

Make A Big Printer And A Big Platform

Almost the entire game will require the usage of a Large Printer. Another tool for making new things is the Large Printer. A Small Shuttle, for example, can be constructed with this technology to enable interplanetary travel. It is possible to place “Large” things on the Large Platform, which has power linked to it.

Item functionality will be impaired if this is missing from the equation. You can make both of these objects if you’re using the Medium Printer that came with your startup kit. 3 Compounds are required to build a Large Printer. It takes 2x Resin, a yellow resource discovered in caverns, to make the Large Platform.

Make A Smelting Furnace

A smelting Furnace can transform mined ores into usable materials. A smelting Furnace is a vital piece of equipment. Useful resources can be extracted from what appear to be waste products. As an illustration, hematite may be transformed into extremely useful iron.

The Medium Printer can build a Smelting Furnace, which takes 2x Resin and 2x Compounds. Upon completion, please attach it to a power source on a Large Platform (e.g., the main base).

Make A Tractor

Making a Tractor, as the final product is known, is the final phase. This unassuming automobile will make your gaming experience a lot more enjoyable. You won’t need oxygen tethers because it allows you to move faster on the map and provide a source of oxygen.

There is only one drawback: You must recharge it, but you can do so at the base. Two aluminum sheets are required to build the vehicle. Laterite may be smelted in a smelting furnace, which is common in caves because of its abundance.

How To Power Medium Printer Astroneer?

The Large Platform, A and Research Chamber, are two modules associated with Tier-3 Base and produced by the Medium Printer. For it to operate, it must be mounted on a platform or a rover with a vacant Tier 2 slot. If you put it on a shuttle or any storage, it won’t work.

How To Plug In Medium Printer Astroneer?

The Medium Printer is a printer module used to make other Tier-3 Base components, like the Research Chamber and the Large Platform A. To work, it must be installed on a platform or rover with an available Tier 2 slot. Putting it on a shuttle or storage unit will render it useless.

How To Use Small Printer Astroneer?

With just one Compound (used to produce the printer itself), enough electricity, and the necessary materials for the recipes, it can be used to launch a base anywhere on any planet. A Small Platform with two power plugs will be visible beneath it after it is set down on the ground.


There are many planets and resources to discover in Astroneer. Whatever your preference, the choice is yours: create an advanced base or explore the entire solar system. You may get disoriented if the world is too open to you when you first start playing. As a result, we’ve created a checklist of five things you should do before starting a new game.

Astroneer‘s initial encounter with you will benefit tremendously from your acts. You’ll be able to swiftly extend your base with basic things and get your first vehicle by following the above instructions. That’s concludes How To Work A Medium Printer In Astroneer?

Frequently Asked Questions

In Astroneer, how do you print?

A backpack printer prints items that the player can either place in any available space in their inventory or fall to the ground if no slot is available. Small, medium, and large printers all have the option of printing the same thing repeatedly until their resources run out. This is known as “repeating printing.”

How do I utilize my Astroneer backpack?

For 3 Power Units, objects can be made on the move with the backpack’s tiny printer. If the resource is already in the bag, cycling through the available items will move it to the printer’s input slot.

Is an oxygenator required in Astroneer?

Oxygen can be pumped through tethers and electrical cables using an oxygenator. If you require this feature, you’ll need to purchase it. You don’t need it since you mention the bases already have oxygenators.

How do you build a Rover for the Astroneer?

In the Astroneer Chemistry Lab, combine Organic and Resin to produce Rubber. The Medium Printer can create the Medium Rover once you have the required plastic and Rubber.

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