How To Watch Youtube Shorts On iPad? (Full Procedure)

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This article will assist you all with How To Watch Youtube Shorts On iPad? Every one of us enjoys watching short films on YouTube. Like Instagram Reels and TikTok, YouTube launched the short-form video platform Shorts. Here, you can view brief videos made by various YouTube content producers.

YouTube shorts are simple to make and watch on iPhone and Android. Surprisingly, the Shorts have not been available on YouTube for the iPad very long. Google recently expanded the support, which included a separate tab for the Shorts tab. To access the Shorts feature, update the YouTube app on your iPad to the most recent version.

How To Watch Youtube Shorts On iPad?

Install the most recent YouTube app on your iPad first. It is accessible through the App Store. Launch the YouTube app. The Shorts option is visible at the bottom. Touch it. On your iPad, tap the Play button to start the YouTube short video.

Watch Youtube Shorts On iPad

How Can I Post Youtube Shorts On My iPad?

Uploading videos from your iPad to YouTube is as simple as:

  • Open the YouTube app (if you haven’t already, install it first).
  • Access your YouTube account.
  • Select “Create a short” under the “Create” menu.
  • Select the video you want to publish from the library on your iPad or start recording one right there in the app.
  • Click “Next” when finished.
  • Add a title and choose your target market.
  • After finishing, click “Post.”

That’s all, then! Your YouTube video has now been published and is open to the public.

How Can I Post Youtube Shorts On My iPad

Watch Youtube Shorts On PC

Like other short-form video services, YouTube was designed with mobile devices in mind, which is why all of its videos are vertical. Is there a way for someone viewing YouTube on a PC to check out some shorts too? Yes, indeed! Discover three such methods by reading on.

Using “Hashtag” In URL

First, by slightly adjusting the YouTube URL in your browser, you may search all Shorts videos on the YouTube platform on your Computer. This is how:

  • On your computer, launch YouTube in any browser.
  • Next, type “/hashtag/shorts” in the address field after and press Enter.

I’m done now. Now, YouTube will display all shorts together with the overall number of videos and the channels that produce them. Either link can be clicked to start watching.

By Searching On Youtube

You can use another simple way to find Shorts films on YouTube on your desktop or laptop. You can directly search in the Youtube box rather than enter a query in the address bar. To look for shorts, follow these steps:

  • Launch Youtube on your computer.
  • Now type “#Shorts” into the search bar and press Enter.

You will once more find Shorts videos on YouTube from all the creators. However, there is another easy way to look for a specific short video category or author.

Bonus Tip: Search Specific Videos

You can once more use the search bar to look for a particular creator or a particular genre of Shorts. This is how: Visit and, after the hash “#shorts,” type the name of the producer or the video genre. “#shorts + gadgets,” or something similar, should be used. Once you type this phrase and press enter, you will view all of the videos from that category or creator. This can be combined with videos from any genre, such as “Funny, Gadgets, Dance,” etc.

How To Upload Shorts From PC?

The issue of “how to upload YouTube Shorts from PC” is another. You won’t find a “Shorts upload” capability if you go to YouTube Creator Studio on your desktop to post a video from your PC. What can you then do? Well, uploading shorts from a PC is nothing remarkable.

Adhere to the YouTube Shorts video standard and post it like any other video. You should be aware that the length of this movie should not exceed 60 seconds and that it must be shot vertically, with a 9:16 aspect ratio. Add the hashtag #shorts while uploading it.

Additionally, there are several drawbacks to posting Shorts from a PC, such as an inability to add elements like music, slow-motion, text, etc., and the inability to shoot films in real-time. All this had to do with watching YouTube Shorts on a computer or tablet. Stay tuned for more advice and tricks like these!


To conclude, How To Watch Youtube Shorts On iPad? As you can see, watching YouTube Shorts on your iPad is quite simple, even if there isn’t a specific “Shorts” tab on the YouTube app. Open Safari and load the online version of YouTube. Then select the “Shorts” tab from the menu in the navigation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I watch YouTube Shorts on my tablet?

How to Use Tablet Devices without an App to Watch YouTube Videos
·       Launch the browser app on your tablet and navigate to YouTube.
·       Click the “Shorts” button on the screen’s bottom.
·       You’ll be sent right away to the YouTube Shorts feed.

Why are YouTube Shorts not showing iPad?

Verify that your internet is active. Try again after restarting your Android mobile device. The YouTube server may be unavailable, overloaded, or undergoing maintenance. Wait a while before trying one more.

How do I get rid of YouTube Shorts on my iPad?

The three-dot menu is the most effective technique to remove YouTube Shorts. Select “Not interested” from the three-dot menu after tapping it. You can either download an earlier version of YouTube, turn off the option in Settings, or delete the app updates to disable YouTube Shorts.

Why are YouTube Shorts not on tablets?

YouTube Shorts had only previously been accessible via smartphones. Since tablets weren’t supported, many foldable devices like the Galaxy Z Fold series couldn’t access Shorts either.

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