How To Watch Videos While On A Call Android? Procedure

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Have you been having trouble getting your Android system to play videos while you’re on the phone? And that is quite inconvenient! But do you know How To Watch Videos While On A Call Android? Or How To Watch Videos While On The Phone? If that’s the case, this article is just what you’re looking for.

You’ll find all you need to know about forcing Android devices and enjoy videos while on the phone down below. We all have high expectations for our powerful devices as Smartphone users. Wishing for the audio in a video to stay even in the background is one of these many expectations.

Even though we don’t want to, we occasionally have troubles with YouTube, such as when an essential call comes in while we’re watching a video on YouTube, and when we return to YouTube after receiving the call, the buffering is lost, and we have to start over.

For this, I’ve provided three options today for Android, iOS, and Windows Phones. To learn more, continue reading. If your mobile Isn’t Able to Play Video While You are on the Phone, Do you think it’s by design that your phone can’t play videos while on the phone? If this is the case, you will have to use third-party software.

How To Watch Videos While On A Call Android?

On Android, there are a few different methods to watch videos while on a call.

  1. Utilizing a tool like Video Call Screen is one option.
  2. With this software, you can watch videos without navigating away from the call screen while you’re on a call.
  3. Google Chrome is an additional method.
  4. If a video is playing while the Chrome browser is open.
  5. Switch to speaker mode on your phone to continue watching the video.
Watch Videos While On A Call Android

Software For Playing Videos

MX Player

MX Player is praised by Android users all over the world for its dependability and reliability. Installing MX Player on your phone allows you to play videos in a variety of ways, ensuring versatility.

To use MX Player to play video while on a call, open it, go to Settings, Player, and then activate Background Play. This allows your phone to stream movies while on a call, even if it didn’t have that capability before.

How Can I Play A Video In MX Player While On The Phone?

This procedure is for the most recent version, 1.8.9, and the option name may differ in older versions. But don’t worry; this article will still be useful to you. Why do you think that is?

  • Step 1: Launch MX Player and select the three-dot hamburger icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Step 2: Go to Settings & scroll down until you find the option to play alone.
  • Step 3: It is checked by default. Uncheck it by tapping on it. This allows the MX Player to play videos even if you are on the mobile.

So, if you can’t watch videos on your phone, you won’t have to worry because you now have a solution thanks to this article. That is why we are relieved that you will no longer have to wonder how to play movies while on the phone.

This method also addresses the subject of how to listen to music while on the phone. Since the MX player also supports audio, all you have to do is enable the feature in the settings, and the program will automatically detect and show all music files in your library.

Video Player In The Background

Background Video Player, which was built from the bottom up to play movies in the background, may be able to assist you in watching videos while on the phone. Furthermore, Background Video Player is small and light, so you won’t have to worry about it eating up your hard drive.


UListen is video software that has everything customers want in a video app, such as the opportunity to perform videos inside the middle of a call. Additionally, because listening is free, android users do not have to worry about incurring costs.

How To Play Videos While On Call?

Playing videos during a call on Android may be done in a few different ways.

  • Using a program like Video Call Screen is one option.
  • This software allows you to watch movies without leaving the call screen.
  • As an alternative, you may try using Google Chrome.
  • Let’s say you’re watching a video on Google Chrome.
  • Placing your phone in speaker mode will allow the video to continue playing even if you take a call.

Can’t Play Videos While On Call Android

These factors may be at play if a video has already been downloaded but cannot be played on an Android device. The video’s source could not be successfully downloaded. The video file’s header might be damaged or missing. Its visual or audio component’s synchronization may have problems.

Can You Watch A Video While On A Phone Call?

They cannot hear any audio you play from a video if you are watching it on the same device you are using to contact them. If your level is loud enough, the person you call can hear you and the video, even if you are using separate devices to watch and listen to it.


Many Android phones never consider the possibility of playing videos while on the phone. When on the phone, most individuals simply stop watching videos and resume after the call has ended. That said, there will be instances when Android device owners need to watch videos while also interacting with their contacts. Understanding How To Watch Videos While On A Call Android? Or Why Can’t I Watch Videos While On A Call? comes in handy in these situations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to watch videos while on the phone?

Here are some things you may not have realized you could be doing while on the phone: Listen to music or watch videos: Even if you utilize speakerphone, the other individual on the call will be unable to hear any audio (we tested it). The audio fades to a low level, allowing you to hear the other party.

How can I play two videos on Android at the same time?

Open the app you designated as the first audio device in Sound Assistant. In splitless mode, make it the first app and choose the second app as video playback. Play the first video before moving on to the second. Each audio track should be directed toward a distinct audio source in both videos.

Is it possible to watch videos while conversing on your iPhone

Did you realize that your iPhone can concurrently play audio from your conversation and apps like YouTube? While you listen to other audio, the call will not be muted. This means you can listen to music, watch a movie, or listen to a podcast while keeping an ear on the discussion.

Is it possible to view YouTube while on the phone?

Squad (Web, Android, iOS) allows you to watch YouTube videos with your friends in real time. The squad is one of the best online platforms for watching YouTube videos with friends. It allows you to make video calls & chat while watching the same video.

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