How To Use Twitch Emotes On Discord? Full Procedure

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We all know that Twitch users use emotes. They’re a quick way to communicate with a Twitch streamer or other viewers. Instead of using only basic emojis, use emotes, which can contain images or even text. With a Nitro subscription, you can create your own emotes for your own Discord server, and then use them in any other conversation or server. You’ll learn How To Use Twitch Emotes On Discord? In this article.

How To Use Twitch Emotes On Discord?

Make sure Discord is first connected to your Twitch account. Navigate to “User settings” Connections over Twitch Authenticate > “Authorize” Afterward, navigate to “Server Settings” in your server. Integrating > Emoticons are allowed on Twitch.

Use Twitch Emotes On Discord

Almost every player has an account on Twitch And Discord, two of the most popular gaming platforms, Even if gamers don’t use them every day. Have accounts on both since you never know when and why they will come in handy. Both platforms used to be more focused on gaming, but today they’re used by a wide range of people.

Twitch is a widely utilized streaming platform. Streaming games, listening to live radio, or even live chat programs may all be done with this because it’s so easy to set up and go live. When it comes to gaming, Discord has you covered.

In certain games, audio chats are not available at all. For example, a discussion forum, or even a video broadcast of a game, or anything similar can be used. It doesn’t matter which platform you utilize, both have a large user base.

Emoticons From Twitch To Discord

For example, discord lets users connect to multiple social media accounts in order for them to expand their contact list and get in touch with more individuals. Those they know and people they meet online are included in this category.

Due to twitch’s prominence as an emote-based streaming platform, it allows streamers to use their existing emotes from twitch on the server. Discord’s twitch emotes are easy to utilize, and we’ll show you how in the next paragraphs.

Emoticons From Twitch To Discord

Many of the steps are straightforward and can be completed in no time at all if you have been using both services for a while. Some emotes can be obtained by following a few more procedures that we’ll provide to you. Setup is required in order to sync your Twitch Emotes with our Discord server:

Step 1: Sync Your Twitch Account And Your Discord

We’ll need to link your Twitch account to Discord from your laptop device in order to synchronize your Twitch emotes with Discord. Here’s how to do it. Click the “User Settings” icon next to your name in your Discord account.

After that, go to the “Connections” tab and then click the Twitch icon. If you’re signed in to Twitch On Your Windows Computer, your Twitch account should appear as an option. Synchronize your accounts now. Go to your channel’s “Discord server,” click on the server name at the top of the page, and then select “Server Settings.”

Step 2: Sync Subscriber Roles

You don’t need to do anything because of the Discord and Twitch connection, but if you want to change the color of a job or their authority, you may. Once you’ve set everything up properly and synchronized your Twitch Account With Discord, all of your subscribers will be able to utilize your Twitch emotes.

Step 3: Use External Emotes

Go to your Discord server’s configuration page. Scroll down until you see “Use External Emoji” under the “Roles” tag. You can now assign this position to everyone or to specific roles.

Can You Use Twitch Emotes On Discord?

Once you have everything in place, your subscribers will instantly be able to utilize your Twitch emotes as long as they have connected their Twitch account to their Discord. Now you know How To Get Twitch Emotes On Discord?


Now that you know How To Use Twitch Emotes On Discord? And where you can design your own, remember to keep everyone in mind when using emotes, including your followers and admirers. Some emote isn’t suitable for children, so keep an eye on who’s in your servers and channel.

Using dubious emotes may result in account warnings, and Twitch may decide to ban emote entirely. So be cautious there as well. Please let us know if you have any issues if you have followed the procedures correctly and if your subscribers are allowed to utilize Twitch Emotes on Discord.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to utilize BTTV emotes on Discord?

You can also link your Twitch and Discord servers here to gain access to previously set-up emoticons! Sign in to your BTTV account by going to the BTTV login page. Select the server you want to sync by clicking the downward arrow.

My Twitch emotes aren’t working on Discord, why?

There are a few things you can attempt to fix your Twitch global emotes (or Twitch sub emotes) if they aren’t working: Press CTRL + F5 — this will usually solve the problem right away, enabling you to see and transmit Twitch emotes.

In Discord, what does Carl bot do?

Like many Discord server bots available online, the Carl Bot is a complex bot that allows you to manage logs, save chats, and establish reaction roles. It also pushes AutoMod to the next level by blocking spam, downloads, and links and punishes those who do.

How do I get BTTV and Discord to work together?

Go to BTTV and log in with your Twitch account while you’re integrating emote programs. Select “Discord Sync” from your Dashboard. Log in to your Discord account and select the server you want to use.

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