How To Use Switch Controller On PC Without Steam? Procedure

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If you read today’s post, learn How To Use Switch Controller On PC Without Steam? Might be easy for you! Connecting an external controller to your PC setup will provide you with a wider range of hands-on capabilities.

You can either purchase controllers specifically built to connect to your PC and be used for PC gaming, or you can recycle some of your existing console controllers. If you have a Nintendo Switch Pro and want to connect its controller to your PC for gaming, this article will help you through the process.

How To Use Switch Controller On PC Without Steam?

You may need to connect your Nintendo Switch Pro controller to your PC for two different gaming settings. The first is to use the Steam Engine to play games. The second option is to use their independent clients to play non-Steam PC games. The configuration processes vary somewhat for each of the two circumstances. The controller can be connected via wire or wirelessly via Bluetooth. To get started, all you’ll need is your desired PC, a Nintendo Switch Pro controller, and a USB C cable to complete the pairing process.

Use a wired connection to connect your Switch Pro controller to your computer. If your PC has a USB-C port, connect your Pro Controller cable to it and any other USB-A to USB-C or USB-C to USB-C data cable. Connect the cable’s other end to your computer.

Use Switch Controller On PC Without Steam

Nintendo didn’t design the Switch Pro controller with PC players in mind, but it won’t stop us from using it. It’s an excellent controller with long battery life, excellent analog sticks, and considerably larger face buttons than the Switch joy-cons. If you have one and are ready to upgrade from an old Xbox 360 pad, it’s a good contender for your future PC controller.

Using the Nintendo Switch Pro controller for most of your PC games is a breeze, thanks to Steam’s controller configurator, which has official compatibility. It’s pretty much plug-and-play. However, if you want to play games that aren’t available on Steam, you’ll need this tutorial.

Here’s how to use a wired or Bluetooth connection to connect your Nintendo Switch Pro controller to Steam or Windows. You’ll need a Nintendo Switch Pro controller and a USB-C cable to start.

Guide On How To Use Switch Controller On PC Without Steam?

To set up your Nintendo Switch Pro controller for games that don’t use the Steam Engine or operate on standalone clients, you’ll need to set it up with Windows. Steam makes configuring your controller a breeze. The technique for configuring it with Windows is significantly more difficult, but it is still possible.

If you want to do the wireless over Bluetooth route, the easier option will cost you USD 20. Two more pieces of equipment are required for this: a Bluetooth dongle and an 8Bitdo wireless Bluetooth adaptor (the costing element). If you want to install Windows without these two items of equipment and for free, follow the steps below:

  1. Connect your Nintendo Switch Pro controller to your PC device via the USB C cable.
  2. When you connect to a new device, Windows will automatically detect it.
  3. This appears simple enough: you’ve plugged in your controller, Windows has detected it, and the system has installed the necessary drivers to make your controller work with your computer. Because there isn’t a streamlined engine handling all of your video games for non-Steam PC games, your controller might not work properly for all of your desired titles until you do some additional settings.
  4. Download and install the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of x360ce (a controller emulator). While your PC may be 32-bit or 64-bit, certain games are available in both formats, and you may need to install one or the other. The x360ce software itself will tell you which one to use for each game. This software aims to bring all of your gaming controller connections together in one place.
  5. Find the location of your game’s “.exe” file. Paste your x360ce “.zip” file into this folder. This can be found here. At this point, the x360ce application will tell you whether you need to paste in a 32-bit or 64-bit version. When you run the file after you’ve pasted and extracted the proper one, a box will appear asking you to generate a “.dll” file. Make this happen.
  6. The settings for your Nintendo Switch Pro controller will then be configured. Select “Search the Internet” and wait for the system to locate your controller’s layout. When this occurs, save the changes and click “Finish.”

To configure the Nintendo Switch Pro controller for each game, repeat the preceding step in the folder of each executable game you have installed. In any game, you may run into key mapping issues when the buttons, despite being mapped according to the templates your system downloaded, do not work as expected in-game. To fix this, go into the game’s in-game settings and map out your keys again for that game. This will ensure that things work the way you want them to.

Wireless Connection (Via Bluetooth)

To set up Windows Bluetooth in a standard way that lets you play games wirelessly, you need to do the steps above. Before doing that, though, make sure the controller is no longer connected to your PC through the USB-C cable. Switch on the Bluetooth on your computer and look for new devices.

Please press the button on top of your controller at the same time to put it into pairing mode and connect the two items. Once this is done, follow steps 1 through 6 for a generic Windows setup with x360ce for each game you want to play. In this process, you can use the 8bitdo wireless Bluetooth adapter module instead of Windows’ built-in Bluetooth processing as your connection.

How To Use Switch Controller On PC With Steam?

  • Start the Steam Engine on your computer.
  • Go to its settings and then to the controller settings.
  • To enable support for your Nintendo Switch Pro controller, click the box next to “Switch Pro Configuration Support.”

You may also adjust your button layout in this option to match how you choose to use your controller. This can be done later by right-clicking the game titles on the main screen and modifying their Steam Controller Configurations individually for specific games on Steam.

You can essentially map every button on your controller to whatever function you choose and modify it for each game. You may also customize the lighting on your controller and whether or not to use gyro technology.

It’s important to note that, aside from apparent control mapping adjustments, sticking to the regular settings and testing the controller in-game is recommended before starting with controller optimizations in its configuration settings.

The controller for your Nintendo Switch Pro should be identified and shown at the bottom of the menu screen. After you’ve connected your controller to your Steam Engine, all you have to do now is plug it into your PC to play any game. The system will recognize your controller and preserve your control mapping and latency profiles for each game as you create them, ready to use.

Can I Use My Switch As A Controller For The PC?

Fortunately, Nintendo has made it simple to pair the Switch Pro controller with a computer, either wirelessly over Bluetooth or wired using a USB-C adapter.

Can I Connect My Switch To My Laptop?

We are unable to connect the Nintendo Switch to the laptop directly. The Nintendo Dock is the only way to connect a Nintendo Switch to another gadget. The Switch is linked to TVs or monitors using HDMI cables and the Dock’s output connector.


It’s simple How To Use Switch Controller On PC Without Steam? For PC gaming. The only stumbling block is trying to use it for multiple games. Steam games and non-Steam games are the two types of PC games. A client that can project your controller setups to all of your games is required.

The Steam client functions as a one-stop setup outlet for you to set up your Nintendo Switch Pro controller (with integrated compatibility in Steam), and it projects these settings across all of your Steam games.

You may also configure your controller buttons for each game independently on the Steam engine. The x360ce controller emulator manually configures your controller for each game separately for non-Steam games. You can cover all of your gaming settings with these two solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to connect a switch controller to a computer?

Thankfully, Nintendo has made it simple to connect the Switch Pro controller to a PC, either through a USB-C cable or wirelessly via Bluetooth.

Without Bluetooth, how do I get my Switch Pro Controller to function on my PC?

The USB-C cable is the most convenient way to connect a Switch Pro Controller to a computer. Plug your controller into an available USB port on your computer, and Windows will detect it and take care of the rest. You can also connect over Bluetooth if you want to get fancy.

Is it possible to utilize a Nintendo Switch controller on a connected PC?

Wired. Any USB-A to USB-C cord should work with your Nintendo Switch Pro controller, though the one that came with it is the easiest option. Link the USB-A end of the cable to your PC USB port.

Why won’t my Switch Pro controller function on my computer?

An outdated driver could be one of the reasons your PC doesn’t recognize the Switch Pro controller. A driver is a software that allows your computer’s hardware to connect with your operating system. You’re more likely to have trouble using the hardware if your driver isn’t working properly.

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