How To Use S Pen On Other Devices? Step By Step Guide

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Everything that you can do with your finger, you can also accomplish with the S Pen. You may be capable of using some or all of the below beneficial features dependent on the Galaxy Note or Tablet model you have. Try them all and discover which ones you prefer. So, How To Use S Pen On Other Devices?

Every year, Samsung Galaxy Note Smartphones rank towards the top of the heap in terms of popularity and power for Android users. Samsung bypassed the Galaxy Note 6 and went directly from the Note 10 to the Note 20, so we’re now on generation ten. The S Pen is an integrated stylus supported by the operating system on each device.

The stylus should not be taken lightly. In addition, new features have been introduced to the system over the years. Samsung has recently added S Pen functionality to the new Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. There are some of these functions on previous Note devices as well. Come on, let’s get to it.

How To Use S Pen On Other Devices?

Pressing the end of the S Pen releases it from your Galaxy device, allowing you to begin using it. When your Galaxy realizes you’ve released it, it will give off a vibration to let you know. Using your S Pen should begin immediately when you turn it on. If this doesn’t work, hold down the middle button of the S Pen while hovering it over the screen.

Use S Pen On Other Devices

Make A List Of Things To Remember On The Lock Screen

Remove your S Pen from your pocket and scribble on the locked screen.

Make The Pen Button Your Own 

The pen button can be pressed and held. Select “Samsung Pen remote” or “Air actions” in the additional features section of the S Pen in your phone’s settings. Tap “Hold it down Pen click to” and select the option you want.

Annotate A PDF

Using the Samsung Notes application, open the relevant PDF file and jot down any thoughts you have with the S Pen while you read it.

Change Your Handwritten To Text Automatically 

Open the Samsung Notes application with your S Pen activated and ready to go. Afterward, touch the handwriting-to-text symbol in the lower toolbar to convert your handwritten note into a text document.

Turn Your Stylus Into A Remote

Select “Advanced Capabilities,” then “S Pen,” after by “Air Actions” from your options menu. Then enable the “S Pen remote” choice by tapping the toggle.

Take Images And Clips From A Far

This is how you can use the stylus as a remote control. When you’re ready to capture a picture or start a movie, all you have to do is tap the stylus once on the camera’s end. The front and back cameras may be switched by tapping twice. When the stylus is within 10 meters of the device, this works.

With The Digitizer Pen, You Can Manage Your Songs And Other Multimedia

Once your S Pen is configured as a remote, you’ll be able to play and pause your media simply by tapping the stylus on the screen.

Customize Air Actions

Select “S Pen air actions” from the notification panel by swiping down your phone. Choose the app you wish to alter from the list of “App actions” Select the “Pen button” or “Gestures” from the drop-down menu that appears after tapping on the desired item.

Use The Direct Pen Input Method

By default, this feature is activated, which means that you may use text boxes to write (such as in the Texts or Internet apps), and it also translates your handwriting into text.

Make Your Way Through A Slide Show

Open a show on your Smartphone, then select the option to utilize your mobile as a touchpad from the notification menu. A single click of the Pen will advance you one slide, while two clicks will return you a few slides.

Is The Samsung S-Pen Compatible With Any Phone?

S-Pen is an inductive stylus, not a Stand-Alone Stylus; hence it won’t work. Underneath the glass of the Note’s display lies an active digitizer. The internal circuitry of the S Pen is powered by a current induced by the magnetic field of the active digitizer when the S Pen is close to the screen. A wireless charging mat and phone are used to transfer power in this manner.

Keep track of where the S Pen point is by using the digitizer layer on your phone. When the Pen is not contacting the screen, the program can write or draw on the screen, which is significant because the touch action prompts the software. Even if you don’t touch the screen, you can still produce a click by pressing the S Pen button on your S pen.

A capacitive stylus will never be as precise as the S Pen. Because the S Pen is not an electrical conductor, it cannot be used as a stylus on any other phone. The S Pen works so much better than a “normal” stylus because it has a built-in gyroscope. As a result, the S Pen is compatible with all Galaxy Note and Stylus-Enabled Tablets, including the Microsoft Surface.

How To Use Samsung Note Stylus On Other Phones?

No, it won’t since the S-Pen is an inductive stylus, not a standalone pen. Under the glass of the Note’s display is what is known as an active digitizer. The magnetic field of the active digitizer generates a current that powers the S Pen’s internal circuitry when it is near the screen. Here, power is transferred to how a wireless charging mat and phone assist work.

The digitizer layer in your phone has one function: to track the location of the S Pen’s tip. This is significant because the software’s inability to write or draw on the screen without the Pen making contact with the screen is a problem. Even without touching the screen, you can hover your S pen over it and press the S Pen button to produce a click.

Can The S Pen Be Used On Other Devices?

More devices than ever before are compatible with the S Pen today. Regardless of whether you own a Galaxy Z Fold4, Note series phone, Tab S8, S21 Ultra, or S22 Ultra, you will be able to write and draw straight on the screen! You could buy an S Pen even if your compatible model didn’t come with one.

Why Doesn’t The S Pen Work On Other Phones?

The S-Pen is not a stylus that works independently; it is an inductive stylus. Under the glass of the Note’s screen is something called an “active digitizer.” When the S Pen is close to the screen, the active digitizer’s magnetic field causes a current to flow, which powers its internal circuitry. Power is sent here the same way it is transmitted between a wireless charging mat and a phone.

How To Connect S Pen To An Android Phone?

Make sure your S Pen Pro has been charged using a USB-C cable before you attempt to pair it. Verify that the appropriate device is selected on the mode switch (such as a Galaxy Z Fold). Hold the pairing button for three seconds until your phone detects the S Pen.


That’s all about How To Use S Pen On Other Devices? Or How To Make S Pen Work On Other Devices? Since the S Pen has been updated, it can now be used on a wider range of devices. When using the stylus, there are no limitations to what you can do on a Galaxy Z Fold3, Note series phone, Tab7, or S21 Ultra.

There are two options for those who prefer a more traditional S Pen: a Fold Edition and a Pro model. Which one, though, should you purchase? It all depends on what you’re searching for in a phone and what your current phone has to offer.

Over the Smartphone revolution, the S Pen has remained relevant. People still enjoy it as much as they used to. Let us know what Samsung has planned for this small stylus in the comments below. Tell us about any excellent things we overlooked in the comments!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to use the Samsung S Pen on other devices?

No. To utilize the S Pen that comes with the Samsung Note tablet or phone, you must have a Samsung Note device.

Is it possible to use a stylus pen on any phone?

All capacitive touch-screen devices can use them, too. For this price, you’re only getting a little less precision, but it’s worth it.

Does the S Pen work with Tab A?

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1-inch with S Pen. The Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 Inch with S Pen allows you to take your favorite digital entertainment with you everywhere you go and use the S Pen to express your thoughts. It’s easy to sketch, make unique animated GIFs, and publish photos using the S Pen’s accuracy.

Does the S Pen have built-in Bluetooth capabilities?

If you want to use another S Pen on your device, connect it through Bluetooth and experience its full capabilities. To use the S Pen, it must support Bluetooth Low Energy, which is only compatible with Samsung-approved devices (BLE). 1 Start the connection by inserting the S Pen into the slot.

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