How To Upgrade Laptop GPU? Complete Process Guide

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It’s a significant decision to decide whether to Upgrade Your Laptop or just get a new one. For the majority of us, a laptop is a necessary tool for work and leisure, thus factors like speed and memory are critical. So, How To Upgrade Laptop GPU?

While common wisdom suggests that you should buy a new laptop, replacing certain parts or making a few tweaks can save you a lot of money or give you a few extra months while you wait for the best price.

How To Upgrade Laptop GPU?

Purchasing a new laptop is the simplest option to enhance your laptop’s graphics. You can only directly upgrade the graphics chip in a very small number of certain laptops. You can use an additional external GPU by using external GPU enclosures.

Upgrade Laptop GPU

Here’s everything you need to know before upgrading your computer, whether you want sharper graphics, more RAM, or faster processing power. You begin to upgrade your laptop:

  • Upgrading may void your warranty
  • This is not a process for the faint of heart
  • It is not possible to replace all of the components.
  • Some upgrades may cause your laptop to malfunction.

How To Upgrade The Graphics Card In A Laptop?

Unfortunately, true laptop card upgrades necessitate an upgrade to the GPU, which is also connected to the motherboard. Professionals say it’s “impossible” to replace graphic cards in laptops. Laptops with integrated graphics cards require the removal of the old graphics card and the connection of a new graphics card to the motherboard.

However, times have changed, and consumer kits with all of the necessary equipment are now available to upgrade the graphics card. The physical upgrade is straightforward, but there are a few things you should double-check before proceeding. First, look through Eurocom’s VGA showroom to see if a GPU for your laptop is available.

How To Upgrade The Graphics Card In A Laptop

In addition to Alien ware, Eurocom supports Clevo units. Read the fine print after you’ve found a GPU for your laptop. For the laptop to work, you may require a specific level of BIOS, as well as a specific level of the power brick.

This may be sufficient to deter some people from doing so. For the brave, now that the BIOS has been updated, it’s time to uninstall the Nvidia drivers for the GeForce GTX 675MX card on the laptop.

The battery is then removed after powering down, unplugging, and unplugging. Eurocom also advises that you use standard ESD precautions and wear a grounding strap.

You can live the high-risk life we do and avoid all of that, but at the very least discharge any built-up static electricity in your body, and reconsider doing it on the retro shag carpet you just put on a low-humidity day.

How To Add A Graphics Card To A Laptop?

It is possible to Add A Graphics Card To A Laptop, although it is not recommended for gaming. You can plug one into a USB port, as strange as that may sound. This gives you an additional graphics output, allowing you to drive both an external monitor and your laptop’s built-in screen.

If your laptop already has a VGA, Display Port, or HDMI output, adding a USB graphics card allows you to drive a third screen instead of just two.

How To Replace Laptop GPU?

Sadly, the response is somewhat disappointing. The graphics card of a laptop cannot be upgraded. The only way to enhance your gaming experience is to purchase a new laptop. This suggests that, unlike a desktop PC, the GPU (graphics processing unit) is not removable and is instead permanently connected to the motherboard.

Can You Add A Graphics Card To A Laptop For Gaming?

The graphics card in most laptops cannot be upgraded. The only logical course of action if you want improved gaming performance is to purchase a new laptop.


There are a few options on How To Upgrade Laptop GPU? A new graphics card cannot usually be installed on a laptop. The graphics card in most laptops is either integrated or dedicated.

Because integrated graphics are linked to the motherboard, Replacing A Graphics Card is a complicated process. Laptops that support MXM 3.0 can now get a custom kit and install a new graphics card. You can use an external graphics card or eGPU if your laptop is Thunderbolt 3 compliant.

Frequently Asked Question

How can I upgrade my laptop’s graphics card?

A specialized box that contains an open PCIe slot, a desktop-style power supply, and a full-sized graphics card that plugs into your laptop is known as an external GPU (or eGPU for short). When you do, you have the power and connectivity of a gaming desktop without compromising the slimness of a modern laptop.

Is it possible to simply upgrade my GPU?

Upgrading the graphics card in your desktop PC can significantly improve your gaming experience. It’s also a rather simple task. In reality, the most difficult component is picking the appropriate card in the first place. The two major makers of graphics chipsets, Nvidia and AMD, are your primary options for graphics cards.

Is it simple to upgrade the GPU?

Although upgrading your graphics card (GPU) is largely straightforward, there is still a procedure to follow. Getting a newer, more powerful graphics card will give you greater performance in the latest games and, in certain circumstances, will allow you to play at a higher resolution.

How do I know if the graphics card in my laptop can be upgraded?

Check to see whether you’re eligible for a crucial upgrade.
Go to the crucial website.
Choose your laptop’s manufacturer.
Select a product family.
Choose the laptop model that best fits your needs.
Select “Find Upgrade” from the drop-down menu.

Is it possible to install a desktop GPU on a laptop?

An external GPU (eGPU) is a relatively new innovation that allows laptop users to access desktop-quality graphics by connecting to an external hardware dock. Not all laptops are compatible with an eGPU, and some may require the computer and dock to be made by the same company.

Is it worthwhile to invest in an eGPU?

It’s not about whether an eGPU does a good job; it’s about if it’s the best fit for the job. It’s worth investing in an eGPU if it’s the only option to reach your objectives. However, there is frequently a better and less expensive option that you can utilize instead.

Is it possible to increase my GPU without changing anything else?

Any graphics card update will necessitate the purchase of a new power supply. Almost all contemporary video cards would be compatible with the one you linked.

Is it necessary to remove drivers before installing a new GPU?

Nevada’s “clean” install will frequently leave remnants of the old driver on your computer, which can later cause driver crashes. It’s usually a good idea to use to uninstall your outdated GPU drivers.

Is it necessary to change the BIOS to accommodate the new GPU?

It is not required. If you’ve heard about video card BIOS upgrades, it’s likely that you’re talking about the bios on newer cards that have to be changed to function with recent UEFI boards.

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