How To Unsync Android Phone From Tablet? Step By Step Guide

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It is unnecessary to link your Google account to your tablet or smartphone because Google is the primary operating system’s provider of applications and services. So, How To Unsync Android Phone From Tablet?

Your Android smartphone can be unsynchronized with or even removed from your Google account, whether you’re selling it or wish to disconnect your mobile data from your account. Gingerbread (2.3) has a somewhat different menu layout than Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0) and Jelly Bean (4.1), which account for 93% of Android devices.

How To Unsync Android Phone From Tablet?

Open the settings application > Go to Accounts and click or press it. Select the account you wish to unsync from the list of all synced accounts on the device by tapping on it.

Unsync Android Phone From Tablet

How To Unsync Google Accounts?

Step 1

You may find “Google” under “Accounts” in the App settings or navigation on your phone or tablet. Some devices show accounts in the Personal Area of the Settings, while others show them in the General section.

Step 2

Stop synchronization with the Google account you selected.

Step 3

To un-sync, a Google service, uncheck the box next to it. You may entirely prohibit Google from synchronizing any information by unchecking all the boxes. Tap “Google” to exit the synchronization process and select a different account. The Settings app can be closed by pressing the “Home” button.

How To Disable All Auto-Synchronization Methods?

The factory reset option can be accessed through the settings menu. Anything on the device will be erased, leaving a blank slate for the following user.

As an alternative, if you don’t want it to link to your accounts, you can delete your previous user account and create a new one in the settings and delete the previous one. This will erase any synced accounts, but it will not change the data that is already on the server.

To discover the “factory reset” option, you’ll likely have to rummage around in the settings menu, where it may be renamed something else. The same goes for the “users & accounts” section, which may be renamed something else.

Samsung (and many other OEMs) have a problem with their overlay in that they don’t have a standard way of identifying or accessing items across devices.

Step 1

Open the Android Settings app and pick Data Usage.

Step 2

Uncheck “Auto-Sync Data” in the menu that appears when you tap or click the “Menu” button on specific devices.

Step 2

To accept that your tablet won’t keep any of your profiles synchronized or display alerts for updates, click “OK” on the warning.

Step 3

An account can be synchronized manually by selecting it from a list of Accounts and pressing “Sync Now” in the Settings app’s menu. To sync multiple accounts when auto-sync is disabled, you must go through this process for each account individually.

How To Unsync Tablet From Phone?

Go to Settings on your mobile phone or tablet, then hit the name of your Samsung account at the top of the screen. Tap Linked accounts at the bottom by swiping down. Under Linked accounts, tap More options (the three vertical dots) next to the specified service. After selecting Unlink, read the disclaimer.

Why Is My Tablet Linked To My Phone?

This is because both devices are signed into the same Google account.

How Do I Stop Syncing Between Android Devices?

The “Turn Off sync” button may be at the top of the “Settings” page. On your Android smartphone, navigate to “Settings” > “Accounts or Users & accounts” to disable sync. Select “Account Sync” by tapping the account you want to modify. Disable the apps you don’t want the Sync enabled to complete the process.


That’s all about How To Unsync Android Phone From Tablet? Android devices are configured to automatically sync with Google products like Gmail and Talk when they are first turned on. In other words, you can’t plan and have the sync happen at specific periods or intervals.

If you don’t have a third-party app, you can only switch it off. Syncing with different email providers on your Android can be scheduled. Some of these apps include the option to program when an app syncs with the internet.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the procedure for removing my phone from sync with my tablet?

Take a look at the Security tab, and then click on Devices. Other devices that you’ve signed into will appear here, and you can choose to remove your account from any of them. This will prevent your account from syncing with any other service.

Is there a way to prohibit Android devices from syncing?

It’s easy to find the “Turn off sync” button by going to “Settings.” Settings > Users & accounts are where you’ll find a way to switch off sync on your Android device. “Account Sync” can be found by tapping on the account you wish to modify and selecting it. Lastly, uncheck the programs you don’t want syncing enabled.

What is the purpose of my phone being connected to my tablet?

The reason for this is that the devices are all linked to the same Google account. A Google account ensures that your data is accessible across all of your mobile linked to that account. You may make multiple distinct accounts and use them to log in to different devices.

Is it better to have Auto Sync on or off?

If you use Enpass on many devices, we recommend that you enable sync to keep your database updated on all of them. Enpass will take a backup of the data with the most recent changes on the cloud once activated, which you may restore at any time on any device, reducing the chance of losing data.

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