How To Unlock Laptop Mouse? Step By Step Guide

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However, the majority of the time people are looking for the same information, such as How To Unlock Laptop Mouse? When operating on a laptop, a mousing surface or touchpad is a must-have accessory. This occurs when you attempt to use an additional mouse on occasion. You don’t need this convenience because it can interfere with the use of the other.

As a result, if your thoughts led you here, you’ve come to the proper location. In this brief guide, we’ll show you how to properly troubleshoot your laptop’s Touchpad if it becomes frozen. You’ll also be familiar with the standard Windows settings for utilizing a mouse pad or touchpad.

How To Unlock Laptop Mouse?

Press and hold down the “FN” key on your laptop keyboard, which is situated between the Ctrl and Alt keys.  At the top of your keyboard, press either the “F7,” “F8,” or “F9” key. Then, let go of the “FN” button. To see if the touchpad is working, move your fingertip across it.

Unlock Laptop Mouse

Frozen Mouse On A Laptop: What Causes It?

You could assume that the mouse cursor isn’t moving because there’s a problem with the mouse or touch screen, but this is only one option. Other causes also include computer crashing partially, one app absorbing all Computational power, the mouse driver breaking, or the program you’re using freezing. The techniques outlined here will assist you in isolating the issue and unlocking frozen mice on a laptop.

How To Restore A Frozen Laptop Mouse?

This problem affects all versions of Windows 10, Microsoft 8, Windows 7, & Windows Vista, both in 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

  1. Restarting your computer is usually one of the first steps in resolving a problem like this. This isn’t easy, though, when the computer isn’t responding. A hard start is one option for shutting down a frozen computer.
  2. If the pointer freezes after restarting, there may be a driver or program problem. Start the computer in safe mode, and after that uninstall any applications you’ve recently installed. When you’re finished, restart the computer.
  3. Make sure your mouse driver is up to date. If your computer continues to freeze, you may need to perform this procedure in safe mode as well. You may need to install the driver from the mouse company’s website if the fully automated driver search fails. If the problem is with your trackpad, you ought to be ready to get the driver from the PC manufacturer’s website. Once the driver has been updated, restart the computer.
  4. Look into the problem with your external mouse. There could be hardware difficulties if the pointer still doesn’t respond when users move one’s mouse. If you’re using an additional mouse with your computer, follow these steps to fix an uncomfortable external mouse. There are various troubleshooting ways to fix mouse scrolling issues if only the scroll wheel appears to be stuck.
  5. Double-tap the touchpad on your computer. Double-tapping the touchpad on various laptops, such as HP Notebooks, is one technique to enable or deactivate the touchpad. Because this feature is frequently enabled by default, mistakenly double-tapping the touchpad can disable it. To turn it back on, double tap it once again.
  6. Troubleshoot the touchpad on your laptop. If the touchpad on your laptop isn’t working, you’ll troubleshoot it separately. Don’t forget that a good physical clean of your laptop will often resolve stick touchpad issues caused by dirt particles.
  7. Make sure the touchpad isn’t turned off. Users may inadvertently turn off their laptop trackpad, causing the cursor to freeze. You could potentially disable the keyboard by accident. The trackpad will stop working if the laptop and trackpad share the same driver. The trackpad can be disabled using keyboard shortcuts provided by each laptop manufacturer. Some keyboards include a function key with an image of a trackpad that may be used to turn it on or off. Look up such shortcuts on the manufacturer’s website so you can avoid them.
  8. In the Device Manager, enable your mouse. Open the Display Adapter and look for Mouse and other touchpads to find this information. Look for an emphatic mark, which indicates a mouse driver that has been disabled or failed. You can also use the device manager to disable hardware such as a mouse or trackpad.

How Do You Unlock The Mouse On A Laptop?

Press the “FN” key (found between Ctrl and Alt on a standard laptop keyboard) to activate the function.  Select the desired function by pressing the topmost F7, F8, or F9 keys. Put down the FN button. To see if the touchpad is functional, drag your fingers across it.

Why Is My Laptop Mouse Locked?

The operating system of your laptop can be frozen. There might be hardware issues with your laptop. Your laptop’s touchpad settings may have been turned off. Drivers on your laptop might be damaged or out of the current.


Hopefully, you’ve figured out How To Unlock Laptop Mouse? Problem by now, if you’ve unlocked the mice on your laptop, an external mouse isn’t necessary. If you’ve locked it, you’ll have to move via Windows with an external mouse.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the deal with my cursor being stuck?

The first step is to look for any buttons on your keyboard that have a touchpad-like icon with a line across it. Try tapping it to see whether the pointer moves again. To bring your mouse back to life, most of the time you’ll have to press & hold the Fn key, then press the corresponding function key.

Why isn’t my laptop mouse working?

A missing out or driver may be causing your touchpad to stop operating. Updating or rebuilding your touchpad settings in Device Manager might help. To access Device Manager, put device manager into the taskbar’s search box, then choose Device Manager.

Why is my laptop’s cursor not working?

Select the Touchpad setup option in the search engine results by pressing the Windows key and typing touchpad. Alternatively, enter Settings by pressing Windows key + I, then selecting Devices, Touchpad. Scroll down to the Refresh your touchpad area in the Touchpad window and click the Restart button. Check the touchpad for functionality.

On my laptop, how can I disable the mouse lock?

To use the touchpad, press the Windows key, type touchpad, and then press Enter. Alternatively, press Windows key + I to access Settings and select Devices, then Touchpad from the drop-down menu. Toggle the Touchpad power switch to the Offsetting in the Touchpad Configuration box.

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