How To Unenroll A School Chromebook? Process Guide

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So you want to get How To Unenroll A School Chromebook? Perhaps you bought an old laptop that was never fully unenrolled from a managed domain when you bought it. Perhaps a user signed into their account without properly Enrolling Chromebook. This article will assist you in troubleshooting and resolving the problem. Are you ready to give it a makeover?

How To Unenroll A School Chromebook?

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Unenroll A School Chromebook

What Exactly Is A Chromebook?

Chromebooks are a new sort of computer that is designed to make tasks go more quickly and easily. They run Chrome OS, a system that includes cloud storage, Google’s greatest features, and numerous layers of protection. When your Chromebook isn’t connected to the Internet, you can utilize offline-ready apps to keep using it.

What Makes A Chromebook Different From Other Laptops?

A Chromebook is a less expensive option than a Windows laptop or MacBook. Chromebooks operate Google’s Chrome OS operating system, which means they won’t run Windows or Mac programs.

Why Would You Want To Take Your Chromebook Unenroll?

You might want to unenroll a managed device for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you purchased one secondhand and discovered it was a laptop that had previously been controlled by a school district or was tied into An Enterprise Enrolment. (It happens, believe it or not.) It’s possible that the school or company sold it to you but neglected to unenroll you.

Why Would You Want To Take Your Chromebook Unenroll

They’re sometimes sold as used or reconditioned, and their networks haven’t been fully unenrolled. If you buy a used Chromebook that hasn’t been properly unenrolled, be sure it wasn’t stolen before you buy it. If you’ve been sold a genuine laptop that’s been locked, it’s effectively a brick that’s rendered worthless.

This is where the information in this guide can help. You should contact the seller you purchased it from, as several readers have reported receiving an enrolled device that was described as “manufacturing refurbished” or “used.”

In truth, they’re merely locked Chromebooks that the previous network admin needs to unmanaged. They’re inoperable and will necessitate some effort to de-enroll. Many people are also purchasing used Chromebooks since their work environment has altered to include working from home or online learning for pupils.

Thus they acquire these cheap Chromebooks, but they don’t unenroll them first, so they’re locked from a previous owner or organization.

Reset It To Unenroll A Chromebook

It’s quite simple. In just a few minutes, you may reset and unmanaged a Chromebook, allowing you to unlock it from any network or unenroll it.

The methods below are applicable to the vast majority of models on the market. Some models, however, require particular instructions to be reset.

  • Samsung Series 5
  • Samsung Series 5 550
  • Lenovo X131E

If you own one of these models, scroll down to the other sections on this page for detailed instructions specific to your model. If not, let’s get this party started.

Step 1 For How To Reset A School Chromebook?

To Reset A Managed Chromebook, you’ll need to switch to Developer Mode. You should be aware that all of your personal data saved on your device will be wiped at this point, so make sure you’ve already made that clear.

You’ll get a warning screen if you press the “ESC + Refresh + Power” buttons at the same time. It will appear on your screen and take over. It contains a lot of alarming information about the potential damage to your device if you continue.

Don’t be concerned. This is very normal. It’s meant to be threatening, especially with the large exclamation mark. But make sure you read the entire material to understand what you’re getting yourself into and the potential dangers of switching to Developer Mode. Continue to the next step when you’re ready.

Step 2 For How To Reset A School Chromebook?

After you’ve read all of the warnings and acknowledged them all, press “CTRL + D” and then “Enter.” You’ll be prompted to enter Developer Mode by Chrome OS, and you’ll receive another warning. Again, read the entire paragraph and then move on when you’re ready.

Step 3 For How Do You Factory Reset A School Chromebook?

Now we’re really going somewhere. Now press “CTRL + D” once more. It is at this stage that there is no backtracking. Your laptop will automatically Power wash, deleting all local data such as photographs, videos, and files. It will be restored to factory settings as if it were brand new, prior to being enrolled in any school or company domain.

You won’t be able to unenroll if your school or company has allowed “forced re-enrollment.” Chrome OS turns this option on by default and the majority of IT administrators leave it on. You may also receive a notification stating that your administrator has disabled Developer Mode.

If you try to reset your device from your school’s network but “forced re-enrollment” is on, you won’t be able to do so. Your laptop will restart automatically, and you will be presented with a screen asking for enrollment.

It is not possible to use it without first enrolling in it. Without being registered, you won’t be able to view the login screen, browse as a Guest screen, or do anything else.

How To Unenroll A School Chromebook Without Developer Mode?

Do not power off your Chromebook if dev mode is restricted; doing so will force you to re-register your Chromebook. Instead of going through this process, try pressing esc + refresh + power once more. Enter “ctrl + d” Enter the spacebar to make a selection (enter). Once it starts working, keep doing this.

How To Factory Reset A School Chromebook?

Leave your Chromebook signed out. On the keyboard, hold down the CTRL, ALT, SHIFT, and R keys. Decide to restart. The Factory Reset (Powerwash) procedure will now begin on the Chromebook. Your Chromebook will now be unenrolled from your school’s domain after the process is complete.


It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to get beyond Chrome OS’s strict and stringent security settings. Large organizations and educational districts use these options in How To Unenroll A School Chromebook? Or How Do You Factory Reset A School Chromebook? So it’s nearly impossible to get around them. For authorization, you’ll need to contact the admin staff. And there’s a good probability they enabled re-enrollment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the procedure for removing a school administrator from my Chromebook?

Remove the back cover from your Chromebook. Remove the battery and the power cable that connects the battery to the motherboard. Press and hold the power button for 30 seconds on your Chromebook. This should get over the administrator’s block.

How do you get a school Chromebook unlocked?

How do I get my school Chromebooks unblocked? Select the programs or functionalities you want to unblock, then the Chromebooks you want to unblock, from the admin control panel.

On my school computer, how can I disable the administrator?

Expand Local Users and Groups > Users, then right-click the Start menu (or press Windows key + X) > Computer Management. Right-click on the Administrator accounts and select Properties. Uncheck the box that says Account is deactivated, and then click Apply and OK.

Is it possible to get kicked out of a Chromebook?

There’s a risk you’ll get locked out of your Chromebook, just like any other digital device with a passcode.

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