How To Turn Win Lock Off? All Methods Explained

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Have you ever wondered about How To Turn Win Lock Off? The Windows key is found on every keyboard, and we use it for various tasks. The Start menu is opened by pressing the Windows key. You can also utilize the Windows key in tandem with another key.

For example, pressing the Windows key + E will launch Windows Explorer or File Explorer, pressing the Windows key + R will launch the Run dialogue box, etc. You will be unable to do these activities if the Windows key is not functioning properly. So, what causes this issue? There are various reasons why the Windows key does not work, including a keyboard problem, system settings, game settings, or program settings.

How To Turn Win Lock Off?

To enable or deactivate the Windows key, just press Fn + F6. Whatever computer or laptop you use, this process works with all. Additionally, try hitting “Fn + Windows,” which can occasionally restore functionality.

Turn Win Lock Off

We’ll show you how to address the problem utilizing five alternative approaches.  These techniques work with operating systems ranging from Windows XP to Windows 10. Microsoft no longer supports prior operating systems, so I hope you’re running at least Windows 7. If you’re one of the users who want to disable the Windows key when playing games, this article will show you how.

Method 1: Press Fn + F6 or Fn + Windows Keys

We’ll first use combination keys to activate or deactivate the Windows key. To activate or deactivate the Windows key, use Fn + F6. This process works on all PCs and notebooks, independent of the manufacturer. Also, pressing the “Fn + Windows” key might sometimes restore functionality.

Method 2: Press The Win Lock

Are you a gaming keyboard user? If not, proceed to the next method. If you’re using a gaming keyboard, make sure there’s a Win Lock key. If so, hit this key to enable or disable the Windows key. A few people reported that pushing the Win Lock key on their gaming keyboard, such as the Logitech G15, cured their problem. See your gaming keyboard’s technical manual if you can’t find the Win Lock key.

Method 3: Change Registry Settings

If combination keys aren’t working properly, use Registry Editor to enable the Windows key. We recommend backing up the registry database before doing any registry configuration. Why should you back up your registry?

In a misconfiguration, you can restore the registry database to a previous state in which everything was working well. Because the Standard user account cannot make any system changes, you’ll need to utilize an administrator account for this technique.

How can I back up my registry? Please read the instructions on this LINK and complete the method four procedure from step 1 to step 7. After that, go to this LINK and download and run the registry file. You’ll also need to download and run the registry key from this LINK if you wish to disable the Windows key.

Method 4: Clean The Keyboard

If there is dust between your keys and your unclean keyboard, you should clean it. Dust can sometimes obstruct several of your keys, including the Windows key. As a result, we recommend that you wipe your keyboard. Please proceed as described below.

For Computer

  • Remove the keyboard from the PC.
  • Make sure the keyboard is clean.
  • Replace the keyboard.
  • Check the Windows key.

For Notebook

  • Turn your notebook off.
  • Remove the AC DC adapter from the notebook.
  • Remove the battery from the notebook.
  • Make sure the keyboard is clean.
  • Replace the battery.
  • Reconnect the AC DC.
  • Start your journal.
  • Check the Windows key.

Method 5: Replace The Keyboard

If cleaning your keyboard does not resolve your issue, we recommend that you replace it with a new one. Before acquiring a new one, you should test your computer keyboard on another machine or plug another keyboard into your present computer or notebook. If you’re using a laptop, make sure the USB keyboard is connected and working properly.

If another keyboard on your machine is working properly, you will need to purchase a new keyboard. Before buying a new keyboard, be sure your current computer, keyboard, or laptop is still under warranty. If this is the case, the vendor will replace your keyboard without charge.

Where Is Win Lock Keyboard?

To use the Windows key, please press Fn + F6. This method works with any brand of desktop or portable computer. Additionally, hitting the “Fn” key in combination with the Windows key might sometimes restore functionality.

Why Is My Win Key Locked?

Some keyboards have a Windows lock key that turns on and off the Windows key, just like Caps lock and Num lock do. Check your keyboard for the Windows key and make sure it is not turned on if your Windows key is not functioning.


Now you know everything regarding How To Turn Win Lock Off? May be difficult for you if you’ve not read the above instruction. So, read it carefully if any step is skipped.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the function of the Win Lock key?

The Windows key is found on every keyboard, and we use it for various tasks. The Start menu is opened by pressing the Windows key. You can also utilize the Windows key in tandem with another key.

What happened to my Windows key?

Check your computer for applications that can conflict with or disable the Windows key if you have a specialized gaming keyboard.

Why isn’t my Windows 10 activation key working?

If your computer’s driver is obsolete or faulty, the Windows key on your keyboard may stop working. As a result, upgrading the driver or uninstalling and reinstalling it may resolve the problem.

What is wrong with my Alt key?

Make sure your display card driver is up to date. Your Alt-Tab may also stop working due to an outdated display card driver. You can get the latest version from your display card or your computer maker. Download and install any applicable updates if they are available.

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