How To Turn On A Phone From Another Phone? Here’s How

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You have the option of transferring your data from an old phone to a new android phone or starting over with a new Android phone entirely But, How To Turn On A Phone From Another Phone? Using a computer, you can easily Operate Your Android Smartphone From A Far, making it easier to use.

If you’re like most Android users, you’ve had the desire to be able to control your phone or tablet from a computer. Maybe you’re in the middle of a class discussion and need a way to communicate with someone discreetly. You may also require a larger monitor if you have to input much text or view such information.

As a result, using Your Computer To Gain Access To Your Android Phone is a piece of cake. You’ve got a few choices here, ranging from a built-in Windows feature to a third-party tool mirroring the whole screen.

How To Turn On A Phone From Another Phone?

If you have Android Debugging Bridge installed on your PC or Mac and your switched-off phone is linked via USB to your PC or Mac, you can turn it on. If the phone is off, you can’t do anything wirelessly.

Turn On A Phone From Another Phone

Using A PC Or A Phone, You May Remotely Control Android Phones

Android phones may be remotely controlled in two ways. In the first instance, you can use a desktop or a laptop computer. Another option is to use a different Android device. Installing software or an application is as simple as ensuring that your internet connection is up and running properly.

MSpy is an excellent parental control tool for keeping tabs on your child’s mobile phone usage. One of the best parental control tools is MSpy, perfect for keeping an eye on your children. You can keep tabs on their phone calls, examine their social media posts, and even watch their phone usage.

Using MSpy, parents can keep an eye on their children while remaining completely undetectable, which can be especially useful at night or when they’re in transit!

Use A PC Or Browser Extension To Operate An Android Phone From A Far

A few programs allow you to view your Android phone from a computer or laptop. Here are a few ideas to get you started.


One of the most discrete ways to gain remote access to an Android phone when you’re not supposed to, such as at the office, is through Scrcpy. As long as your Android device is linked through USB or any wireless network, this app offers you complete control over it. It only requires an Android device with ADB debugging enabled and a version of Android that is at least 5.0.


Vysor is an add-on for Google Chrome that allows you to control Android phones remotely. Use the mouse and keyboard to access all of your installed applications, play your favorite games, and respond to messages on your instant messaging platform.

Your secretary may have sent you an email because you asked her to produce a business presentation for you. Make sure you have enough time to set up your presentation before the timer goes off. Using Vysor, you don’t have to bother setting up your display on your Android smartphone.

ISL Light For Android

ISL Light is a great solution if you seek an alternative to TeamViewer. Running the ISL AlwaysOn program on your computer and the applications on your Android phone gives you remote access to your phone from your PC or laptop.

Using a “unique session code” similar to TeamViewer, you can access your phone remotely. The chat feature is also available. If you want to access this software, you don’t need to configure anything on your phone or device. Live screen sharing is available on Android smartphones running version 5.0 or higher. You can also withdraw this app’s access to your phone’s administrator privileges at any moment.


You may use ApowerMirror to remotely operate Android phones from a computer, laptop, or projector. ApowerMirror even allows you to record your phone’s activity and respond to SMS or other instant messaging apps. This app’s free edition offers a tonne to offer. However, if you utilize the free version of the screen recording, the watermark will appear.

You should be aware that while you’re recording your screen, you won’t be able to capture the sound. ApowerMirror can be used in two ways. One way to do this is by plugging your phone into a USB port. Another method is to use a QR code to scan and connect to the internet.


If you want to operate Android devices from afar, check out Sand Studio’s AirDroid. The Play Store offers it for no cost. It allows you to control all your apps and texts wirelessly from your computer or laptop. It is possible to type in private messages or play smartphone games on a larger screen while connected to the internet.

Can I Remotely Turn On My Phone?

You must push the power button on your phone to turn it on. So, unless you possess telekinesis, there is no way to turn on your phone remotely.

How To Turn On Location From Another Phone?

The Google Find My Device app cannot be used to enable location services remotely. Position services are designed to give the most pertinent information to you, such as assisting weather apps in determining your location so that you may receive local forecasts.


We’ve discussed How To Turn On A Phone From Another Phone? If your phone isn’t turned on, none of it will function. Because of this, you’re out of luck without some timer feature that helps it be turned off and back on automatically. You can’t turn it on if it’s missing some expensive pieces of equipment.

AirDroid Remote Support, a solution specifically introduced by AirDroid for remote support, is advised if you need to manage someone else’s Android phone. Direct control of another person’s phone while providing remote assistance and using actual voice and other features via AirDroid Remote Support can boost efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are cell phones capable of being activated remotely?

Therefore, unless you possess telekinesis, you will be unable to turn on your phone remotely. Because it still has a connection to the internet, a PC can be remotely turned on (the BIOS can do this, and there’s a wire attached). Phones don’t contain any of these features.

Is it possible to use another device to operate my phone?

TeamViewer’s Remote Control app is one of the greatest ways to control an Android device remotely… In its current state, Remote Control for Android provides simple gesture controls, two-way document sharing, and desktop sharing for use with desktops, smartphones, and tablets.

How can I turn my phone on remotely?

Open Google than Google services, go to Apps, then Settings
Tap makes it possible for the gadget to be located from afar. Location…
Tap. Safety.
Turn on and off the following switches by tapping them: Locate this device from a distance. Remotely unlock and delete the device.

Can I be on my phone’s camera from afar?

A smartphone camera can be exploited if you are not attentive for surveillance purposes. It’s been reported that a researcher has built an Android program that can snap images and videos using a cellphone camera even when the screen is off.

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