How To Trick A GPS Ankle Monitor? Full Procedure

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We will show you How To Trick A GPS Ankle Monitor? But first, what is a GPS ankle monitor? A GPS ankle monitor is a device that tracks and monitors a person’s activity based on GPS location. It can be used to track and monitor children and others who cannot go outside.

The GPS ankle monitor is a device that helps people monitor their physical activity. The GPS ankle monitors are used to track the movements of patients and employees and verify compliance with environmental laws and regulations.

The best thing about a GPS ankle monitor is that it can be activated remotely by parents or caretakers, who can also set security levels for the child. Also, this device has an alert button in case of an emergency.

Many people also use them for fitness purposes to keep track of workout activities and other health-related activities like sleep patterns etc. All these features make GPS ankle monitors very useful for people living with autism or other conditions that cause behavioral problems in children.

Trick A GPS Ankle Monitor

GPS ankle monitor is a GPS-enabled tracking device that can also be used by law enforcement officials, companies, parents, and individuals to keep track of their location. It includes a personal locator beacon (PLB) which transmits to emergency responders when the wearer presses the button three times.

We should not think of these ankle monitors as an alternative for people who want to avoid law enforcement surveillance. They are meant for people who need these devices for personal or professional purposes.

GPS ankle monitors are a new way to monitor employees on-site. They can help companies know where their employees are and make sure that they aren’t doing anything that could be considered dangerous or unprofessional.

The two main benefits of using these devices are the ability for employers to keep tabs on what their workers do and for employees to know when they should be focusing on work tasks instead of anything else.

How To Trick A GPS Ankle Monitor?

Can you trick a GPS ankle monitor? Yes, you can trick this type of device. There are several ways in which you can trick a GPS ankle monitor into thinking that your physical activity has not been tracked or that it has been taken off track by removing the tracker in your shoe or by dismantling the detector itself.

There are many ways to fool a GPS ankle monitor to get away with something. If you want to be on the safe side, you can use a few of these tricks just in case you want to sneak out of your house or office for the day.

Walking Backward

If your employee is walking backward when they are trying to sneak by the GPS ankle monitor, it will not work correctly because it constantly needs to catch up with them as they walk backward.

Walking Fast

This GPS ankle monitor is a product that is designed to help people get work done in the most efficient way possible. However, one major downside of this device is its inability to distinguish between walking and running. This means that if you want to trick a GPS tracker, the best way to do it would be by walking fast.

Stay Still For About Four Minutes And Then Start Walking In Circles

This will fool the system into thinking that you were pacing for four minutes and then trigger the motion sensor, which will stop tracking your location in this area – so long as you don’t move from this spot for a while.

Leaping Up And Down On One Foot Many Times

Twisting your body so that the monitor does not know where you are; Kicking your feet back and forth quickly.

Run Up The Stairs

One way to distract the device is to run up and down the stairs in your building, which will cause you to get caught in a loop where it starts on one floor and quickly moves back down until it gets close enough for you. It can also get stuck on certain stairs depending on how your building has been built.

Take A Phone Call

Sometimes, taking a phone call with loud background music or noise can help keep onlookers from noticing what’s happening with your ankle monitor because they won’t be able to hear anything but that noise or music coming through the receiver.

Sprinkle Water On Your Shoes Before Putting Them On

If you want to fool the device, sprinkle water on your shoes before putting them on. The device will get confused and think that you’re moving around when you’re not.

Tie A String Around Your Ankle

A string tied around the ankle will make it seem like you’re holding onto something for balance or stability. You can also use this method to distract the device by jumping up and down or running away from it.

Turn Off Your Phone’s Ringer And Speed Dial Settings

When you’re trying to conceal your location with a GPS ankle monitor– these settings cause interference with the signal, so you don’t want it as an unnecessary distraction.

Carry Something Heavy In Your Pocket

This should be able to block out all wireless signals around you that can interrupt accuracy from a GPS tracker.

Create A Water Displacement On Your Feet Before Putting Your Shoes On

The water will be sucked up by the vacuumed shoes, and it will decrease the amount of GPS data recorded each second.

Put Slippery Material In Your Shoe Soles

This will make it difficult for your movement to register with a GPS ankle monitor and provide you with enough time for your escape plan.

Rub Dirt In Your Leg

This will make it harder for your device to detect your location accurately. This will cause you to walk around in circles, and eventually, the GPS tracking system will give up on you. This trick works best if there is no carpet or other surface on which the device can detect its location.

Aluminum Foil

This is one of the simple ways the GPS ankle monitor can be tricked. You just have to add a piece of aluminum foil to your shoe and then walk around in a circle to make it believe that you are walking in a different direction from where you are.

How To Block GPS Signal On An Ankle Monitor?

Wet trees, plastic containers, aluminum foil, or even a tin box loaded with dense stuff can all interfere with GPS signals.

How To Take Off GPS Ankle Monitor?

  • Since it’s part of probation, talk to your probation officer about removing your ankle monitor. If you can make a logical appeal to remove the monitor, they’ll meet with the judge. You could visit the judge.
  • The second step may be challenging since you must persuade the judge that you no longer need the ankle monitor and are acting correctly without it. In this case, it would be simple to convince the judges because they are not overly critical of the ankle monitor. The most important thing, in this situation, is to have a good reason for removing the monitor early. One of the causes can be a broken ankle monitor giving inaccurate readings. So, even when you are sober, it declares you intoxicated. You want to take the ankle monitor off for this reason. As a result, you are ready to conduct toxicity checks in person.
  • Writing a motion to be presented to the judge is the third step. A sign is a relevant legal document with its unique format for arguing your case before the judge. There are several printed materials on the court’s website that you will visit. As a result, you might when typing the move.

How To Take Off My GPS Ankle Monitor Without Getting Caught?

The bracelet is the big initial obstacle. The bracelet has a fiber optic cable that will sound an alert if harmed, cut, or deformed to the point of cracking. An alarm will ring if the device doesn’t detect a disruption. Returning to jail or disobeying the terms of one’s home detention are consequences of breaking the law.

GPS blocker: Good attempt; however, police can quickly identify this jammer and notify your parole officer. Additionally, they can keep an eye on you using cell signals. The “Ankle Bracelet” can alert you if someone is trying to jam GPS signals using patented technology. They are, first and foremost, illegal to own and operate.

It is prohibited by federal law. Second, their capabilities and range are constrained. Third, the GPS monitoring device can detect attempts to jam the GPS signal. No other GPS tracking gadget on the market today provides this information.

Does Aluminum Foil Block Ankle Monitor?

Even though it’s not a foolproof way to avoid being caught, many people on electronically monitored bail or community-based punishments try to hide their ankle bracelets. Electronic monitoring is one of the most important ways to reduce the number of people in prison.


In conclusion, there are many answers to the question How To Trick A GPS Ankle Monitor? Or How To Get A Ankle Monitor Off Without Breaking It? Try the tricks mentioned above to fool the GPS ankle monitor.

The GPS ankle monitor is a valuable tool for parents with children who are prone to wander or can be used to monitor employees’ movement to make sure that they are not doing something deemed as being against the rules, like stealing from a company.  But still, we can trick it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of wearing a GPS ankle monitor?

Wearing a GPS ankle monitor allows you to know if you are still following your daily routine and helps keep you on track. It also offers remote monitoring, which ensures that you can keep tabs on your safety even when you are not physically close to the device.

What are the different types of GPS ankle monitors available in the market?

There are two types of GPS ankle monitors – GPS ankle monitors that can be used by law enforcement and GPS ankle monitors that do not need any form of registration.

How do GPS ankle monitors work?

GPS ankle monitors work by using satellite signals to determine the location of a person wearing the device. The signals from satellites bounce off your skin and back onto the satellite, where they are converted into data that is then sent back via an alert.
Some GPS ankle monitor devices have built-in cameras that can be monitored remotely or Bluetooth to connect with personal smartphones and tablets. These cameras provide eyes on children at home or in school so parents can see what is happening at all times and track their movement through GPS maps.

What does it mean when your ankle monitor vibrates?

The ankle monitor will vibrate to alert you to get back on track whenever you are out of range. If the device vibrates for too long and there is no response from you, it will automatically alert a caretaker.

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