How To Trace A Bandwidth Number? Easy Steps To Follow

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There are many ways How To Trace A Bandwidth Number? Is it possible to trace a phone call with Google voice? First, let’s clarify: Google Voice is NOT a phone provider. They aren’t even close, in reality. They purchase and sell phone numbers and minutes offered by businesses like (some Google Voice numbers will be listed as owned by Level3 since also buys from Level 3.)

Google Voice probably collaborated with to develop software that records who owns what numbers and when to achieve this integration. Given that you can combine your Sprint number with Google Voice, the Sprint integration is probably the same as before.

How exactly does this all function? The number inventory system is here to say hello. To route calls “on-net” or “off-net,” number inventory systems keep track of which parties control numbers.

When you call someone on the same network as you, for instance, a Google Voice user phoning another Google Voice subscriber, you are referred to as being on-net. A Google Voice customer contacting Sprint is an example of an off-net call when you call someone at a separate company.

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The call is intended to stay within that specific network to save money if the caller calls or texts another number that is part of that network. Therefore, it is highly likely that a call between two Google Voice users won’t even exit the Google network.

However, when you call a non-Google Voice number, is contacted and determines whether they are the owner of the number. If they fail to, transfers the call to Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, or whoever picks it up. Everything would function perfectly if number ownership remained stable. However, number ownership is NOT a long-term arrangement; this is where issues arise.

How To Trace A Bandwidth Number?

To target how you engage with and communicate with your clients more precisely, you can quickly obtain carrier identity and wireless status information for U.S. and Canadian-based phone numbers using Bandwidth’s Phone Number Lookup API.

VoIP Service Provider

By contacting the VoIP service provider, you can try to identify the owner of an unknown VoIP number. You only need to record the caller ID, and the time the call was placed. After that, get in touch with your VoIP service provider and give them the necessary details. They’ll be able to find out who owns that number.

There is just one issue with this approach. The caller whose identity you are tracing must have a caller ID on file or an IP address that they are calling from. It is more difficult to find them if they are hailed from a phony number or a third party.

Tracing Phone Call

This approach uses various online apps to find the owner of the phone line. There are a ton of free reverse phone detectives available online. Most of the time, all a search engine needs is your caller ID to provide the owner in a matter of seconds. Reverse searches online aren’t just for VoIP. Landline calls that only have a number displayed can also be tracked.

Using Hard Phone Or Softphone Packet Analyzers

There is a way to trace a VoIP number using a packet analyzer when utilizing a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) rugged phone or softphone while connecting to a proxy or server. Whether you are connected through a proxy or a server determines how.

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Use the packet analyzer on your local network or server to filter for complex phone IP and SIP when dealing with hard phones. Instead, you can manually trace the number if you have access to an Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP) server by downloading a Secure Shell (SSH) client and executing the trace command.


A packet analyzer, such as Wireshark, must be installed on the device to use softphones. These enable you to filter your calls using SIP. You must select the “FROM” field on the invite packet option to apply the filter effectively. You can see the caller’s name and other IP information by configuring this.

Setting Your Device To Display VoIP Caller Id Name

When you have the original number, finding the owner of a VoIP number is simpler. However, the majority of systems don’t show the complete number. VoIP numbers are made up of two distinct components:

  1. The first is the caller ID, which displays the phone number continuously during routine calls.
  2. The second is the caller ID name (CNAM), which is not displayed on most phone interfaces.

You must modify the settings on your phone so that it shows both the ID name and the CNAM to acquire the complete number.

Fortunately, several websites outline how to set up your smartphone to display the whole number, including Your phone will be updated to show the ID name and the CNAM when they demonstrate how to set up an external query to add it to the database.

The query type may be system-related (SIP/SS7, etc.) or JSON/Ajax. Implementing a question for that amount wouldn’t be difficult for individuals who know to program works. Once implemented, caller ID names would be returned as long as they are stored in the database.

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Using The VoIP Address Domain

One of these formats, such as 1234@voip.domain.tld,, or 1234@176.42.127, is typically used for VoIP addresses. Your phone is logged into all incoming calls. Either as the VoIP address is shown above or as the mapped number. Using the domain name, you may quickly link the IP address to the caller’s original phone number.

Any call can be traced in the end. However, the process differs. In the end, it all arrives down to the available resources, and now that you know more about them, you can use them better. You have all the tools we listed above, but keep in mind that if the case is critical, the police may utilize other tools to track these calls.

Final Summary

This was How To Trace A Bandwidth Number? Bandwidth’s Phone Number Lookup API provides carrier identity and cellular status information for phone numbers in the USA and Canada, allowing you to focus your engagement and communication with customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does caller ID work?

Can a phone number be Google searched? Put the Mobile number in the search bar on Google, with the hyphens between the numbers (for example, 012-555-6789). Once you press enter, the name and address of the phone’s owner will appear in the results.

Is a CLEC a bandwidth?

How bandwidth works participating in LECs. To send traffic to or from an end user, Bandwidth operates a CLEC (Competitive Local Exchange Carrier) that offers all interstate exchange access services. The communications services provided by Bandwidth include voice, messaging, 911 access, and phone numbers.

Does Google Voice make use of

For the most part, Google Voice uses the API to send and receive SMS.

Is bandwidth an app for texting?

Yes. Rich media texting (RMT) and SMS (plain text messaging) are both supported by bandwidth (MMS).

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