How To Sync Candy Crush From iPhone To iPad? (Do This)

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I’ll guide you here on How To Sync Candy Crush From iPhone To iPad? The video game Candy Crush Saga is accessible on a variety of devices. In addition to being accessible on Windows and Mac for PCs, it is also accessible on Android and iOS.

Due to the game’s popularity, there are times when players would like to go from one device to another or would like to make progress on both applications simultaneously. Since it is accessible on any Apple device, the iOS Game Centre often keeps track of game progress and can share information between apps.

Most games rely on the Game Centre and its application of account information and data to transfer between devices. However, Candy Crush Saga does not. This post will examine fixes and workarounds for Candy Crush not synchronizing between iPhone and iPad.

How To Sync Candy Crush From iPhone To iPad?

Candy Crush will sync across your devices, including progress and in-app purchases, if you connect it to Facebook. There aren’t many cures for this problem because Facebook is probably to blame for it not properly synchronizing the data, and the player can’t do much about it locally, but these are the ones that have the best possibilities of working;

Sync Candy Crush From iPhone To iPad

Log Out And Log In To Facebook In The Game

The first and simplest option is to exit Facebook and re-enter Facebook on both devices using the Candy Crush Saga App. Facebook will restart the sync process, and any saved progress might be transferred between the devices.

Manually Backing Up The Data To Facebook

The second, safer way is to log out of the problematic device and manually upload the data from the device whose progress you want to transfer to Facebook from the working device. After creating this backup, sign out of Facebook on this device and sign into Facebook on the other. Once you are confident that the data is the same on both devices, log back into Facebook using this method to transfer the info between them.

Reaching Out To The Game Support

If neither of these approaches is successful, the best action is to contact the developers via the technical help topic or the community support forum, where they will manually restore or back up your account.

How Do I Sync Candy Crush Between Devices?

You may have questioned how to sync your progress between different devices if you’ve been playing Candy Crush on different ones. iCloud is one possibility. You only need to click the “Candy Crush” icon on your phone after downloading the program.

Your progress will then be instantly synced across all of your devices. Ensure you have the same Facebook account and that both devices are logged into the same Wi-Fi network. You may utilize iCloud to sync your progress between your iPhone and iPad once Candy Crush has been downloaded to both devices.

How Do I Sync Candy Crush Between Devices

Try logging out of iCloud on both devices, then logging back in if this approach doesn’t work. Contact Apple Support and make a support request if it doesn’t work. You can sign in to the same Facebook account on each device and use a King account to sync your progress across them to play Candy Crush on several devices.

As an alternative, you can sync your advancement across devices via Facebook. Make sure to open the Facebook app on both devices as it has to. Tap the Facebook button after launching the Facebook app on both devices.

A message of confirmation will be sent to you. Your progress will automatically sync between your devices if the game is Facebook-connected. You can return to playing Candy Crush after connecting.

Why Is Candy Crush Not Syncing With My iPad?

If you’ve been wondering how to connect Candy Crush to your iPad, you’ve come to the exact place. Through iCloud, this game may sync between iOS devices. Start by launching Candy Crush on your iPad and iPhone.

These two devices can sync your progress using the same Wi-Fi network. The next step is to log into Facebook on both devices. Your progress will instantly sync between the devices, but you’ll need to take a few steps.

Why Is Candy Crush Not Syncing With My iPad

You can reinstall the game if you log out of your King account and sign in with the same account you used to download Candy Crush for your iPad. Your levels will be reset to 688 while you’re doing this.

You must sign in using the same account to reclaim them because the game is not synced with Facebook. You’ll need to re-download the game from the AppStore if this fix doesn’t work.

Can You Access Candy Crush On Two Devices?

Can I Play Candy Crush On Both Smartphones? This is a question you have if you have two iPhones or two Android devices. It’s excellent news that you can! You can access your Candy Crush game on several devices if you’re attached to the same WiFi network and have the same Facebook account.

To make it work, follow these steps! The most popular methods to sync Candy Crush progress between devices are below! Before playing on another device, you must first log out of your current game session on the previous one.

You’ll be required to enter your email address and password on the second device after playing Candy Crush on the first. Your Candy Crush session will then sync, saving your progress. Your progress will be synced between the two devices immediately after a little delay in this procedure!

How Do I Transfer My Apps From iPhone To iPad?

The Setup software can be used to transfer apps from an iPhone to an iPad. Create a backup of your iPhone before configuring your tablet. After that, you can restore those apps to the iPad using your backup.

Apps are also downloaded from the Apple App Store through the setup program. You will need to manually download apps from the App Store if this arrangement needs to be implemented. Making a backup of your iPhone is highly advised before configuring your iPad.

The process begins by connecting your iPhone and iPad to iTunes. Use the same iCloud account to sign into both devices at that point. Right-click the iPad icon by choosing the “apps” tab.

When there, select “Sync.” You are now done. Your iPad will receive the apps. The App Store can be used to transfer apps as well. It would help if you made sure that iTunes on your iPad is up to date to accomplish this.

Can You Play Candy Crush On Multiple Devices?

You may sync your Candy Crush progress between devices in two different methods. iCloud is one option. Open the Candy Crush Saga app on your smartphone or tablet and sign in using your Facebook account to accomplish this.

An outside app is another option. As an alternative, you can send yourself status updates so that you can monitor your progress later. In either case, using this method to sync your Candy Crush progress between devices is practical and efficient.

The alternative is to download Candy Crush onto both smartphones, then use the older device to play it. The app will remain installed on the previous device until you delete it if you cannot download the game on the new device.

You can play Candy Crush simultaneously on two mobiles in this manner. Before installing the app on the new device, check for the most recent update and log out of the previous one.

Final Summary

It’s painful to spend hours finishing a level and lose all your progress when switching to a new device. Therefore, it’s crucial to understand How To Sync Candy Crush From iPhone To iPad? Here, we discuss the best strategies for transferring your progress to the new device.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sync app progress from iPhone to iPad?

iCloud can sync app progress from your iPhone to your iPad. Your app’s progress will be current across all of your devices thanks to iCloud.

How do I transfer Candy Crush progress to iPad?

There are many unambiguous methods for syncing Candy Crush between devices. While some people have succeeded with Google Drive or iCloud, others have succeeded with third-party applications like DropBox or SugarSync. Others have just sent themselves progress reports via email. Ultimately, it depends on the devices you’re utilizing and how they’re set up.

Why are my games not syncing between my iPhone and iPad?

You might be logged into a different iCloud account on both devices, which is one potential explanation. Check if you are signed into the same iCloud account on both devices before attempting to sync your games.

Why is Candy Crush not syncing with my iPad?

Several factors could be at play if Candy Crush isn’t syncing with your iPad. One possibility is that your iCloud account is not active on both devices. It’s also possible that something is wrong with your iCloud account. Try logging out of iCloud on both devices, then logging back in, to resolve this. You can try calling Apple Support if it doesn’t work.

Can you play Candy Crush on multiple devices?

Yes, you can use different devices to play Candy Crush. You can use your King account to sync your progress between devices or sign into the same Facebook account on various devices.

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