How To Stop Razor Mouse From Freezing And Jumping Around Screen?

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Occasionally, your mouse will freeze on the screen, hang by accident, or move in odd directions without you noticing. After a certain amount of time, the mouse cursor does not respond quickly to your movement, or the mouse does not work at all. If you’re dealing with How To Stop Razor Mouse From Freezing And Jumping Around Screen? This article will help you out with some simple solutions.

Do a few fast checks to find out which of these problems is responsible, and then work your way through until you find the remedy that gets your mouse back and working effectively. Having a frozen laptop touchpad is the same as having a PC mouse that doesn’t work. If you have a computer and your mouse freezes, you’ll have the same problem as if you had a desktop computer.

How To Stop Razor Mouse From Freezing And Jumping Around Screen?

Following are the ways for How to fix issues with the Razer mouse freezing:

  • Reinstall the driver for your Razer mouse.
  • The driver for your Razer mouse.
  • Set Automatic for all Razer services.
  • Verify the mouse’s connection.
  • Re-calibrate the surface.
  • For USB controllers, change the power management.
  • Razer Game Scanner must be disabled.
  • Install Razer Synapse once again.
Stop Razor Mouse From Freezing And Jumping Around Screen

Why Is My Razer Mouse Freezing?

One of the possible causes of this problem is a defective mouse driver. Basically, drivers are translators between Windows and your gadgets. When you move the mouse, the operating system or an application receives information from the mouse driver about its current state (position and button states).

So, if your Razer mouse is acting up, such as freezing, updating your mouse driver is a solid bet to solve it. Third-party meddling or improper system settings may be to blame for the problem, as well. In any case, here are all the alternative remedies you can use to get your Razer mouse to stop freezing.

Various factors might cause your mouse to freeze, including faulty or outdated mouse drivers, connectivity issues; a corrupt Windows registry; and low battery concerns. Regardless of what form of mouse freezes you’ve experienced; this article will help.

Guide On Stoping Razor Mouse From Freezing And Jumping Around Screen

Calibrate The Surface

  • Resetting a Razer mouse that includes surface calibration may be necessary.
  • Place the mouse on a flat surface and plug it in.
  • For seven seconds, hold down the left, right, and mouse wheel buttons simultaneously.
  • In Synapse, reset the calibration.

Your Razer Mouse Driver Needs To Be Updated

Windows may not be able to locate the most recent driver for your device. It’s possible to manually upgrade your Razer mouse driver using Razer Synapse, or you may use Driver Easy to do it automatically.

  • Razer Synapse 2.0 for Windows 10 may be downloaded from the Razer driver support site.
  • Then, open Razer Synapse and log in using your Razer Synapse account.
  • Locate your mouse on the list by clicking on it.
  • Plugin your Razer mouse and see whether the problem persists after installing the drivers.

Verify The Mouse Connection

If your Razer mouse freezes, it could be due to a broken connection or weak batteries (if it is wireless). Make certain:

  • USB ports, which often have greater power, are a good place to start
  • The battery needs to be changed out. Check to see if the wireless mouse is still wrapped in plastic after you’ve installed the needed batteries.
  • Connect wirelessly once more. Do not shut down your PC. Finally, wait a few seconds before reconnecting your USB wireless receiver to your computer.

Wipe down your Razer mouse with a damp cloth. Your laser may have a few hairs or specks of grit lodged inside of it (below your mouse). So you’ll need to use alcohol wipes to clean your mouse. Before plugging it back in, make sure it is completely dry.

Reinstall The Driver For Your Razer Computer Mouse

The most common reason for mouse problems is a malfunctioning driver, easily remedied by reinstalling the mouse driver.

  • Open Device Manager by selecting it from the Start menu’s right-click context menu.
  • Select View > Show hidden devices in your system.
  • Use a mouse with a two-button, double-click function.
  • Select Uninstall from the context menu of the mouse driver that you have selected with the right-click.
  • Click the OK button to finish the process.

To get the latest driver for your Razer mouse, reboot your computer or laptop. Please make sure that your Razer mouse is operating well. There is nothing to be concerned about if your Razer mouse keeps freezing. If it doesn’t work, there are a few other fixes you can experiment with.

Why Is My Mouse Jumping Around The Screen?

A survey found that malfunctioning hardware, including the mouse, USB port, and cable, frequently causes mouse hopping. The mouse pointer, an outdated device driver, incorrect touchpad settings, spyware, and more are also to blame for how the cursor moves.

Why Does My Razer Mouse Keep Glitching?

There are two typical causes of this problem: Dirt or other solid substance that interferes with the mouse sensor has obstructed it. The mouse’s surface calibration has to be reset.

How Do I Reset My Razer Mouse?

To reset the calibration, press and hold the mouse wheel and left and right-click buttons simultaneously for seven seconds.


Those fixes mentioned may help you fix How To Stop Razor Mouse From Freezing And Jumping Around Screen? As a last resort, you might test this mouse on a different computer to determine if the problem is with your device. Your Razer mouse can be replaced if it’s still under its original warranty period.

Frequently Asked Questions

My mouse keeps stopping and bouncing. What’s wrong?

New drivers can sometimes cause cursor problems. Some people say they have recently updated their mouse or touchpad driver, and this problem may occur as well. It’s time to revert back to the older driver if your cursor freezes, jumps, or vanishes.

Why is my mouse moving around so much?

According to a poll, hardware malfunctions are the most common cause of the mouse leaping about. The cursor may also hop around due to an outdated device driver, incorrect touchpad settings, the mouse pointer, or even malware.

What’s wrong with my Razer Mamba mouse?

What could be causing the freezing of the cursor on my Razer Mamba? The mouse pointer may be freezing because of outdated firmware. As a result, you may want to update your Razer mouse’s firmware to fix the problem. Make sure Razer Synapse is shut down first.

What’s the problem with Razer Synapse?

It is possible that Razer Synapse 2.0 abruptly crashes, fails to launch, or stops working. Admin restrictions or corrupt or missing Synapse 2.0 files could be to blame. Alternatively, your firewall may be preventing you from using Razer Synapse 2.0.

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