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Do you want to know How To Split Screen On Chromebook For Students? For both students and teachers, using a split screen has a number of advantages. As a teacher, wouldn’t it be fantastic to be able to see your presentation and your pupils at the same time?!

During collaborative work, this is a must for pupils. Working together with their peers will not only improve communication but will also increase efficiency. In addition, students may find the split screen useful when taking notes during a lesson, or when completing an assignment that needs referring to (or comparing/contrasting) something such as a reading passage (or table), graph, or chart.

How To Split Screen On Chromebook For Students?

Click and hold the Maximize button on one of the windows you want to see. Drag the arrow to the left or right. Continue with a second window.

Split Screen On Chromebook For Students

Chromebooks are growing increasingly popular among students and professionals alike, and it’s no surprise. Chromebook owners, on the other hand, maybe a little concerned about the device’s capabilities. A lot of it has to do with the fact that Chrome OS is relatively young and lightweight.

One such doubt may be related to the Chromebooks’ multitasking capability. This post will explain how to split the Chromebook screen into two windows. For the most part, splitting the screen on a Chromebook is the same as splitting the screen on a PC.

Using A Chromebooks Split Screen Mode

In the top-right corner of your first app, click on Window Size Reduction. As soon as you see a vertical line appear in the middle of the screen, release the window so that it may automatically fit into that half of the screen.

To achieve this, open the second program and click the window-reducer button in the top-right corner. You can drag the window to the other half of the screen and release it when you see the other side of the screen turn grey. Click the window-expand button in the top-right corner of either program window to return to the standard window arrangement.

Chrome Extensions For Split Screen Viewing

There are a number of addons for Chrome that allow you to choose the precise grid layout that Uses one of the pre-made templates or make your own with Tab Resize and Split Tabs. Two websites can be viewed simultaneously with the Split Screen Extension and the screen can be split vertically or horizontally.

As an alternative, you can utilize the extension’s notepad feature, which will preserve your work and launch it the following time. Resize tabs, split them, and split the screen. All of these extensions are available on any Google Chrome-enabled device, not only the Chromebook.

Chromebook Split Screen Top And Bottom

You can quickly switch to split-screen mode on your Chromebook to view two windows simultaneously. You only need to open your apps and drag them to the right sides of the screen to activate the split-screen feature; the computer will handle the window resizing automatically.

How To Split Screen On A Chromebook?

Additionally, you can divide the screen and move windows using keyboard keys. A window can be moved to the right or left side of the screen by pressing Alt + [and Alt +]. Along with splitting the screen, it will also shift any already tiled windows. And it moves more quickly than the mouse.

How To Split Screen On A Chromebook

How To Split Screen On Acer Chromebook?

When the screen is divided, right-click on one of the tabs you want to display. In Chrome OS, you “right-click” using two fingers to tap the touchpad. All there is to it is that! Additionally, you can use a single finger to tap or click on the touchpad while holding down the Alt key.


That’s all about How To Split Screen On Chromebook For Students? Chromebooks are rapidly changing to fit the needs of users. Windows and Mac remain the dominant operating systems in terms of functionality. Even so, Google is doing everything it can to improve the overall user experience without sacrificing performance.

Features like Microsoft Power Toys, which enhance the user’s experience, should be implemented by them. A Google Chromebook is a great tool for mobile programmers because they can work on the go.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to divide the screen on a Chromebook?

Select one of the tabs you want to see when your screen is split by right-clicking on one of the tabs. When using Chrome OS, you right-click by pressing the trackpad twice. There you have it! You can also tap or click the touchpad while holding down the Alt key.

Can your split screen be seen by teachers?

If a Canvas tab is closed or minimized, or something on a split-screen is interacted with, the quiz log notifies the teacher. The quiz log prevents cheating by preventing students from looking up answers on their laptops. You can still use a split-screen to display the answers, but it’s not required to.

How do I make my Chromebooks display bigger?

Click the status area at the bottom-right corner of the screen on your Chromebook and pick the connected external screen. There are two display modes: Mirrored or Extended Desktop.

Is it possible for Google Meet professors to see your screen without you knowing it?

A teacher can’t tell if you’ve switched tabs on Google Meet without the usage of security software that comes with some school laptops.

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