How To Screen Share In A Discord Server? Full Process Guide

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Gamers’ text and voice chat platform Discord is one of the best in the business for gamers. Create your own Discord Server for certain game groups or some other social networking trick by using this tool. So, How To Screen Share In A Discord Server? Is covered in this post, as well as how to fix issues such as discord screen share audio not functioning and how to fix other issues that may occur.

Here Interaction is the point of video games, and they don’t have to be a personal experience. Up to nine other group members can play games with you while your video chats with them. It’s possible to communicate while playing the game and display Screen Share Discord at the same time. Watch or share amazing gameplay with others.

Discord is giving its competitors a run for their money in the market for meeting and video conference apps. When it comes to streaming or gaming, Discord does not consume excessive bandwidth despite all of its additional features. Because this feature is already built inside the app, no third-party app is required.

How To Screen Share In A Discord Server?

A new window will appear when you click the screen streaming icon in the voice status panel, which is close to the bottom left corner. To share, either pick a specific application window or the whole screen. When you are prepared to share your stream, click the “Go Live” button at the bottom of the window.

Screen Share In A Discord Server

Share Screen

Enter a voice channel on a Discord Server To Screen Share. A video call or a screen-sharing option is available. As an added bonus, you may convert to a full-screen video call by simply clicking on the screen button. Next, you’ll be prompted by Discord to select which application or screen you’d like to go live with.

Next, you’ll start streaming your screen. It’s that easy! If you want to screen share with audio, make sure that your voice settings are set to the microphone that you’re using. Screen Sharing without audio is possible by clicking on the microphone button in the voice conversation.

This allows for continued text communication while using screen sharing. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this limit has been temporarily increased from 10 people to 50 people. To return to showing webcam video while sharing your screen, click on the video button again.

Using Discord’s Live Streaming Service

A member of the same Discord server can join someone else’s live broadcast to see them share a Discord screen. Select them in the voice conversation by clicking on their name. There is a Go Live icon next to the person’s name if they’re currently screened sharing.

As long as you’re watching a live stream, you can use voice chat with the broadcaster, and everyone in the voice channel while you’re doing so, can also join someone else’s live stream while simultaneously sharing your own screen with that person. There are numerous panels in the Discord app that allow users to switch between them.

Although you can’t watch both your own and someone else’s live stream at the same time, you can rapidly flip between the two, allowing users to work together on projects from a distance without having to physically be together.

Where Do Screen Sharing Benefits Come From?

People can share their screens regardless of where they are or when they are doing it. During the stream, they can see the screen whenever they wish. It’s easy to share. A separate installation or setup is not required. Users can share their screens on any device, and anyone who wants to join them can do so on any device that is compatible with the screen-sharing feature.

This function saves money and time because people can view their essential information from wherever they want via screen share. It is possible to record the screen sharing for future reference and archive it for those who were unable to watch the stream in real time. Users can use the screen-sharing feature concurrently in video conferences, online presentations, and business meetings. Discord is a popular tool for players to share information and even bug solutions. Essentially, it’s a game’s help desk.

Discord Screen Share Limit

It is 10 people at a time.

How To Share Screen On Discord Mac?

To install the program it gives you, go to the Mac’s Voice & Video settings menu, scrolls down to Screen Share, and then click Install. Additionally, you might need to grant Discord access to your audio in the System Preferences app.

Screen Sharing Features Include

While Live Streaming, Switch Between Screens

When sharing their screen with their server, users can switch between the programs or displays they want to be displayed at the same time. The sharing will not be interrupted by the screen switch.

A Person Can Be Pinned

To pin a person’s screen to the center, click on their profile image. The other videos will be pushed to the side, but the one you pinned will remain in focus.

Muting The Sound

It is possible for users to mute their own voices and those of others. You can muffle yourself by pressing the Mic button. Then press it again to turn off the mute mode.

Then Click On Full Screen

By clicking on the full-screen button, the screen can be expanded to encompass the entire display. To close the full-screen mode, press the Esc key.

Invoking Screen Sharing From A Video Call

The icon of a monitor with an arrow in the center lets you simply transition from a video chat to a screen share at any moment throughout the call. That’s the button for sharing your screen.

Screen Expansion

To the left of the screen, you’ll see a small arrow. Expand your screen to the maximum value you set in Discord by clicking this arrow.


It’s easy to communicate information on How To Screen Share In A Discord Server? Other options to share screenshots and screen recordings on the app exist, though, and they can be used in addition to this one.

Take screenshots and screen recordings, save them in the cloud, then share them over a Discord channel using Dropper’s interface with Discord. In Discord, screenshots and GIF recordings can be viewed in the platform’s preview window. Those who do not utilize Discord can still view the recordings by visiting the link.

Frequently Asked Questions

In Discord, how can I broadcast my screen?

While using Discord, you can stream video and audio by joining a voice channel and clicking on the choices Video/Screen near the bottom of the screen. Video via your webcam and screen sharing is also possible when streaming on Discord.

Why am I unable to share my screen on Discord?

As of now, Discord does not permit the sharing of full-screen programs. Shared screens can only be shared when they are displayed in a separate window. As a result, make sure that the game you’re playing is in full-screen. Switch to a windowed mode and re-share your screen on Discord if it’s still happening.

Is there a reason that Discord Screen Share is black?

If something goes wrong and Discord displays a blank screen while you’re streaming, it’s possible. Graphics driver changes, problems with inappropriate Discord settings, and problems with recent updates are all common causes of this difficulty.

Is it possible to screen share on Discord?

Discord’s screen share functionality allows you to share a single app or your complete screen with peers. You may require permission from a server moderator to screen share in a public Discord server. Discord’s desktop, browser, and mobile versions all support screen sharing.

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