How To Replace Nintendo Switch Motherboard? Process Guide

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All of the steps are displayed for How To Replace Nintendo Switch Motherboard? Is the motherboard on your Nintendo Switch Lite giving out? When you’ve tried everything and still can’t get your console to switch on, it’s because it doesn’t want to know what’s going on.

Your console has been submerged in water, and you need to treat the cause to keep it from drowning. Do you want to put a reconditioned Nintendo Switch Lite Board into your system? This entirely free repair guide contains all of the necessary guidance from SOSav professionals.

Warning: Replacing the Nintendo Switch Lite motherboard wipes all data from the device. Before interfering or installing a Refurbished Motherboard, make a backup.

Replace Nintendo Switch Motherboard

What Exactly Is The Nintendo Switch?

The gaming market is more congested than it has ever been. Gaming consoles are made by three different firms, PC gaming is very healthy, and mobile phones have their games & genres. In some ways, the Switch competes with all of these genres. It includes some of the most intriguing independent games on the PC.

Nintendo’s past as a console manufacturer depicts them as a competitor to Sony and Microsoft, regardless of whether they do comparable things or not. Because of its portability, the Switch may have to fight for your focus with a phone or laptop. The Switch, on the other hand, is a one-of-a-kind game.

It has an unbeatable gaming catalog, with numerous classic titles, both fresh and actually. It feels like a gaming device in ways that tablets, phones, and PCs don’t, and it doesn’t require as many upgrades as games on those platforms do (or, to be honest, on Sony & Microsoft computers).

Nintendo’s reputation for quality has been well-earned over 40 years of video game history, and the Switch proudly upholds that heritage. It’s difficult to envision someone buying a Switch without knowing what to expect and being dissatisfied. It has created a niche for itself in the sector.

Many people want a new version with a better battery as well as a 1080p portable display, but even more, people are just waiting to see what Nintendo comes up with next. Rumors claim a Switch Pro is on the way, but details are scarce, and even the latest design may not be enough to bring the original Switch console’s price down.

Who Should Buy A Nintendo Switch, Then?

The Nintendo Switch is a gaming console for those who enjoy playing video games. Although this may appear to be self-evident, gaming is today controlled by an electronics powerhouse and a computing leader.

Sony and Microsoft care about a lot more than just developing fascinating games that are enjoyable to play. The PlayStation & Xbox want to be the digital totems to which we all e-pray for all of our entertainment needs; they want to be the digital keystones to which we all e-pray for all of our entertainment demands.

The Switch is not your initial choice if you only choose a game machine, want to play at home, and want your gaming console to do a bunch of other stuff for you and take benefit of your high-end tv and sound systems.

The Switch’s versatility and commitment to becoming a gaming platform are both its biggest flaws and strengths. The Switch is an easy choice if you like Nintendo’s characters and franchises or are seeking a specialized handheld game system. Power isn’t always required when playing.

Can A Nintendo Switch Motherboard Be Replaced?

The Nintendo Switch is available in two separate variants (the HAC-001 from 2017 and the HAC-001(-01) from 2019). Make sure the replacement motherboard works with the Switch console you have.

How To Replace Nintendo Switch Motherboard?

  • Step 1: Please power off the Nintendo Switch Lite console before changing the motherboard, for apparent safety reasons. To do so, press the upper-right power button, then select the Power option and afterward turn it off.
  • Step 2: Unscrew the four screws on the backside of the console that are encircled in green with the Tri-Wing driver (from the basic toolset). (Image 1) Then unscrew the four cruciform screws on the top and base of the console, which are circled in red.
  • Step 3: Then pry and start unclipping it with the iSesamo spatula at the back cover’s junction. Slide the spatula gently across the first side. Then on the entire lower half.
  • Step 4: To rationality and irrationality the entire perimeter, continue sliding the spatula on the edge of the console & finish at the top. The back cover can now be separated from the remainder of the console.
  • Step 5: The rear cover has been taken off.
  • Step 6: Then unscrew the four red-circled cruciform screws. Uninstall the metal safety plate after that.
  • Step 7: Disconnect the daughterboard connecting cable with the nylon spudger. The cable should then be slipped out of the connection.
  • Step 8: Disconnect the battery cable that is now visible.
  • Step 9: Remove the three red-circled cruciform screws.  Then, using the flat pliers, remove the radiator.
  • Step 10: The radiator has been taken out.
  • Step 11: Then remove the 7 red-circled cruciform screws.
  • Step 12: Attach the ribbon cable to the reader and disconnect it. Then carefully remove it.
  • Step 13: The game player, as well as the jack plug, has been removed.
  • Step 14: Remove the 8 screws highlighted in red with the Phillips screwdriver. The 6 connections framed in red will then need to be disconnected.
  • Step 15: To begin, unplug the touch display cable. As well as the ply that connects them.
  • Step 16: Continue by turning off the fan. After that, unplug the lower Wi-Fi antenna, as well as the Wi-Fi antenna on top. The right joystick connection must be unlocked. Remove the right speaker’s clip.
  • Step 17: Push all of the unconnected cables back in place to free up the voice. Remove the ZR button after that. You can now remove the motherboard. The motherboard of the Nintendo Switch Lite has been dismantled. Deoxidize it or exchange it with a remanufactured motherboard if there is indeed a problem.

Nintendo Switch Motherboard Repair

The Nintendo Switch gaming system will require repairs. Nintendo provides a quick and simple online repair procedure for your convenience.

Reconditioned Nintendo Switch

Don’t imagine you’re getting a Frankenstein product that had to be opened up and completely re-engineered to get it running again after some tragedy because most reconditioned Switches never had any problems or had any repairs to be done.


That’s all about How To Replace Nintendo Switch Motherboard? Hopefully, this guide makes you able to replace your Nintendo Switch Motherboard. Thank you for visiting!

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is the purpose of the Nintendo Switch?

The Nintendo Go OLED Model & Nintendo Switch devices switch from console to portable mode, allowing you to enjoy your favorite matches at home or even on the road. They come with a dock to connect to your TV and two Joy-ConTM controllers that you can use with a friend for 2 different funs.

Is it possible to watch Netflix on the Switch?

Netflix isn’t fully endorsed on Nintendo Switch, which may sound absurd. Surprisingly, the Switch lacks the most popular streaming service: Netflix. Despite having apps like Hulu, Funimation, and YouTube on the eShop, Nintendo has never commented on the absence.

Is there a library of free games on the Nintendo Switch?

Free Nintendo Switch games are a fantastic way to get the most out of your portable gaming system. Just keep in mind that you’ll require a Nintendo Switch Internet account to get these titles, which isn’t free.

Is it possible to connect the Nintendo Switch to a television?

All you have to do to connect a Nintendo Switch to your TV is put in two cords and hit the power button. The Switch will not attach to the TV until the charging cord and HDMI cable are plugged into the dock, followed by the Switch being placed in the dock.

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