How To Remove Battery From Android Tablet? Procedure

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A complicated procedure, Changing The Battery In An Android Tab takes a lot of time and effort. So, How To Remove Battery From Android Tablet? Because it wasn’t designed to accept new batteries, you’ll have to disassemble the device to get to the battery and replace it. If you aren’t familiar with the inner workings of electronic devices, it’s best not to open your Galaxy Tab.

How To Remove Battery From Android Tablet?

To terminate the battery from the rest of the device, use the plastic spudger’s flat end. An alternative technique is to use the plastic spudger to loosen the battery before tugging on the paper tab that reads, “Pull (Hands Only)” to remove the battery.

Remove Battery From Android Tablet

Remove The Battery From The Android Tablet

Three wires for the battery suggest a two-cell battery pack connected in series. The fourth cable is likely a temperature sensor used to monitor its health. There are four wires: black for the negative, red for the positive, yellow or white for the battery pack center contact, and the fourth wire for a temperature sensor. Color-code each wire’s connection points.

Starting with the black wire, measure the voltages on all other cables. The voltage from black to red should be 2x the output of a single cell or 3.7–4.1V, so the total should be 7.4–8.2V. 4 wires are for all three cells in series, and hence a three-cell battery pack should provide 11.1–12.3V.

Voltages 4.1, 4.2, and even 4.3 V are commonly used to identify these cells. Voltage usually is 4.1–4.3V during the charging cycle, although the standard operating voltage per cell is 3.7V when under load. To make matters worse, a 3-cell battery pack with 4.7V cells could be reported as having an output of 14.8V or higher.

Add another wrinkle to the story: many devices don’t include a temperature sensor in the battery system but rather in the electronic circuitry. This means that the four-wire battery pack might be a 2 or 3-cell battery pack, depending on whether it has or doesn’t have any temperature sensors.

Unsoldering or disconnecting each wire one at a time after the wiring diagram is the best way to proceed. The power supply is connected to a 4-wire connector, so removing it will not damage your tablet’s data. This is similar to turning off your mobile phone by extracting the battery while still active.

Step By Step Guide Removing Battery From Android Tablet

Step 1 

Remove the device’s small plastic clips off the bottom with a metal sludger. Use a tri-wing screwdriver to remove the screws from the bottom.

Step 2

Insert a plastic tool between the display and its back case, located at the bottom left to get into the gadget. Insert guitars picks to keep the two parts apart as you peel the head away from the housing.

Step 3

Insert the opening device and put it between the front screen assembly and rear casing when you’re done with the dock connector. A guitar pick can be used as a spacer when the shell is lifted.

Step 4

Start at the top and work your way down, making sure to separate the front and rear of the case. Keep an eye out for the microphone ribbon cable located in the device’s upper left corner which is prone to tearing.

Step 5

Pull the top and bottom corners of the screen out of their clips with the plastic separator tool after lifting the left side of the screen slightly.

Step 6

Remove the front panel from the back case to see what’s inside.

Step 7

Use a Phillips driver to take the top screw to remove the battery. You’ll need a plastic separation tool to get the battery out of its socket.

Step 8

Rebuild the device after installing a new battery.

How To Remove The Battery From Acer Chromebook?

  • Back Panel First Step.
  • Place the bottom of the Chromebook up on a flat surface.
  • The back panel can be raised by inserting the plastic opening tool into the slit near the hinges and prying upward.
  • Using a Phillips #0 screwdriver, remove the two 3.7 mm screws.
  • The battery from the frame by lifting it.

Can You Take The Battery Out Of A Samsung Tablet?

With specialized tools, removing the battery from a Samsung Galaxy Tab is simple. A battery replacement kit for your specific Samsung Galaxy Tab model is available online.


It’s entirely safe to do so after first disconnecting the charger.  You can’t get it to turn on when you put the power pack back in; you’ll need the power button to do so. Your only alternative is to repair it, but since you didn’t specify which device it is, check to see if ifixit has a tear-down guide. It could be simple or complex; there could be a temporary fix, but it will need fixing. That’s concludes How To Remove Battery From Android Tablet?

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Android tablets have a battery that can be replaced?

Removing and reinstalling the battery on any gadget with a removable battery is simple. Changing your device’s battery is as simple as buying a new one made for your model, turning it off, and then installing the new one.

Does a Samsung tablet have a removable battery?

In this case, the battery is built into the device and cannot be removed. Removing and reinserting the battery to do a soft reset is as follows: For up to 45 seconds, hold down the Power and Volume down buttons.

Is there a battery in Android tablets?

How often you operate your Android tablet affects the tablet’s battery capacity. Even though some apps may continue to function in standby mode, they won’t drain the tablet’s battery to the same extent.

If your tablet’s battery dies, what do you do?

It’s possible that your phone or tablet won’t respond at all if you let the battery entirely drain. Connect your Android device to a wall charger and wait for it to charge to resolve the issue.

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