How To Refurbished Laptop Battery? Step By Step Guide

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We’re all aware of it. Your laptop battery suddenly stops operating. It won’t charge, and removing the charger causes the laptop to shut off. You’re missing a battery. I have a solution for How To Refurbished Laptop Battery?

Please keep in mind that we are merely trying to Revive A Dead Battery. This is not beneficial for you if you have a “poor” battery that only keeps modest charges for a few minutes of work. Continue reading if your battery is entirely dead! I cannot be held liable for any issues you may encounter, such as a dead battery.

How To Refurbished Laptop Battery?

Open your original laptop battery, remove the six cells from the old dead battery, check the voltage with a multimeter, join the cells in series, and reopen the old dead battery.

Refurbished Laptop Battery

Steps For Reviving A Dead Battery

Configure The Laptop’s Power Options

The first step is to set up your laptop such that it will allow you to fully deplete the battery. As a result, you’ll need to off all of your power-saving features.

You’ll need to go to your control panel > System and security > Power choices to do this. Select the high-performance pre-set and then clicks “modify plan settings,” making sure that “Never” is chosen in all drop boxes.

There are more options in the “change advanced power settings” option that you can use if you are familiar with them. I recommend setting a critical battery level of 1% and a critical battery action of hibernation. This isn’t critical, and you’ll be fine if you simply make sure the laptop doesn’t go to sleep or hibernation before the battery runs out.

Charge The Laptop Battery Completely

Now you’ll want to fully charge the laptop battery to ensure that it has 100 percent battery life. I recommend doing this while the laptop is turned off since this will allow the battery to charge more quickly. Switch on the laptop after a few hours, leaving the battery plugged in. You’ll want to double-check that the battery meter is 100 percent.

Charge The Laptop Battery Completely

This is also a good opportunity to double-check your power settings to ensure they are the same as the ones I indicated in the previous step. It’s time to move on to step three if the battery meter reads 100 percent and all of the power settings are perfect.

Cycle Of Full Charging Battery For Laptops

So now you have a completely charged battery. Now is the moment to unplug the power cable and let the laptop’s battery drain. Place your laptop to the side and wait for the battery to completely deplete. You should have a rough notion of how long this will take. Depending on the sort of laptop battery you have, its age, and its state of repair.

When the laptop’s battery is completely depleted, it will shut off. Attempting to switch the laptop back on will confirm this. If the battery is discharged, it will not start. Now that the battery has been depleted, it’s time to recharge it. So plug the laptop in and let it charge completely again.

Start the laptop after it has been fully charged and return to your original power settings. If you see a slight but not considerable increase in the length of time your battery lasts. After that, repeat the procedure.

How To Recondition Laptop Batteries?

Remove your battery and put it in a plastic or Ziploc bag that is securely closed. Put the bag in a cold place and leave it there for around 12 hours. Immediately after taking it out, take the battery’s plastic bag off and allow it to warm up until it reaches room temperature.


After using this laptop battery reconditioning process, you should notice an improvement in the life of your laptop battery. The laptop battery is recalibrated throughout this procedure of How To Refurbished Laptop Battery?

Also, any memory issues your battery cells may have acquired could be resolved. In some laptops, the battery controller loses track of how much capacity the batteries have. This can cause issues with computer performance and availability. You should see an improvement now that you’ve reset this.

If you are concerned about the battery’s condition, you should inquire with the vendor. There is a health status on some business-class laptops that shows the number of cycles and remaining capacity. It is not difficult to replace the battery. You have the option of Renovating the Battery as well.

Instead of purchasing a non-original replacement, we advocate reconditioning. When a Battery Is Refurbished, the old cells are usually replaced with new ones. The cost of restoring a battery in our area is comparable to the cost of purchasing a new non-original battery. If this is the case, you should absolutely consider renovating.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I recondition the battery in my HP laptop?

When replacing the battery in your computer, follow these steps:
Get a new battery for your HP laptop.
In Windows, create a battery report.
Unplug your laptop from the power supply.
Using a screwdriver, remove the back panel of your laptop.
Discard the old battery.
Attach your new battery to the laptop’s body.

How can you get a lithium laptop battery to work again?

Place the Li-ion battery in an airtight bag and freeze it for around 24 hours, making sure there is no moisture in the bag that could cause the battery to become wet. Allow it to thaw for up to eight hours after removing it from the freezer to bring it back to room temperature.

How can I charge my laptop battery manually?

Remove the battery from your laptop and attach it to the external charger to charge the battery. Plug the charger into the power outlet now. Remove the charger and install the battery on the laptop when the battery is fully charged.

Is it worth it to get a new laptop battery?

Did you know that most laptop batteries have a one-to-two-year lifespan? That’s correct! No matter how well you look after your laptop, it will eventually require a new battery. Your battery may still be functional even if your computer is more than two years old.

Is it possible to use a laptop without a battery?

As long as the laptop is linked to the power brick and an outlet, it can be used without the battery. However, if the connector comes loose even slightly, your machine will power off, potentially causing damage to files and the operating system.

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