How To Reduce Picture File Size Android? Step By Step Guide

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Photos are used in the vast majority of online transactions. Attaching a photo to an email is a common practice. Sending a photo with a message is a widespread practice. It is common to be required to provide photographic evidence when participating in a legal proceeding. Despite this, it is critical to know How To Reduce Picture File Size Android?

Many Android users have trouble learning how to reduce the file size of their images. In this post, you’ll learn how to accomplish a complex activity that not everyone is aware of. First, let’s determine the significance of this assignment.

How To Reduce Picture File Size Android?

Reduce your photo’s megapixel (MP) count for the best and simplest results. Go to the Camera app’s settings and select the lowest or medium quality option under Picture quality. The picture size will be drastically reduced as a result.

Reduce Picture File Size Android

Why Should You Learn How To Shrink Photo Files On An Android Smartphone?

Many reasons exist for you to understand how to reduce the size of your Android phone’s photo files. Upon completion, numerous advantages become apparent when taking a closer look. Reduced file size has several advantages, which we’ll go over now:

  1. A more pleasing balance of proportions. Editors should make every effort to keep their images under 100 kilobytes in size. As a result, the photo’s width and height will be more evenly distributed, making editing that much more straightforward. When it comes to smartphone images, this is especially true.
  2. Intuitive and responsive To make your blog posts load faster, you must learn to compress Android phone photos. Visitors will be able to save data and view your photographs more quickly due to this.
  3. Reduced size. You may also fit your photos in locations that only allow for small files if you know how to minimize the size of the photo files on your Android phone. Messages, emails, and more are all included here.

It is critical to remember that there are different types of images. The first is lossy compression, which results in a smaller file size at the expense of image quality. There is no loss in quality with the second option.

If you wish to preserve the quality of your photographs, I recommend using lossless images. Regardless, let’s get started with the first method for reducing Android phone photo file size. It’s becoming increasingly common for smartphones to feature high-quality cameras.

Pictures shot with these cameras aren’t precisely weightless, which is something to keep in mind if you plan to upload large numbers of them on various social media platforms. This blog post will learn about some of the best programs for resizing and reducing high-quality images.

Z Mobile Photo Resizer

Z Mobile Photo Resizer performs admirably. Different resizing methods are supported, as well as PNG and JPEG quality. As an example, you can choose to use percentages, aspect ratios, or particular pixels (so you can make the picture 20 percent smaller). Additionally, batch resizing, a crop tool, non-destructive editing (This keeps the original image intact), and the ability to upload photographs after editing are all included in the program.

Photo And Picture Resizer

It is one of the most user-friendly and user-friendly Android photo compression apps. With this tool, you may see an image compression graph and decide how much RAM you’d like to free up. The program allows you to trim and resize photographs and compress them.

Some of the features that make this Android picture compressor software distinct from others in its field include the freedom to search photographs with hand gestures, bulk compression, gallery view, social network sharing, and so on. Our users have access to a wide range of alternatives utterly free of charge. To take advantage of all the features, though, you’ll have to pay a few dollars.

Reduce Photo Size

Installing the Reduce Photo Size android application is a sensible move if you enjoy uploading photos to social media sites but are challenging to do so because of the large file size. This program will assist you in resizing your photographs so that they may be easily shared on social media and via email.

Recall that this program doesn’t reduce the quality of photographs; instead, it simply resizes them to take up less storage space. Besides resizing photographs, this tool may also rotate and crop them. To use the Reduce Photo Size software, you must pay a small fee.


PIXLR is a well-known Android photo editor. In addition to image resizing and cropping, a slew of other handy tools is included. This is an excellent app for novices as well. In addition, the controls are streamlined and intuitive to use, making them a joy to use.

It’s possible to snap a picture using your camera and then modify it in Pixlr. You can edit and save your photos on your phone and then upload them to the cloud. An image collage can be adjusted to provide you with a wide range of options. The Templates tool contains a variety of adornments.

Cropping is as simple as selecting the image you want to edit in the app. Opening the “Tools” menu reveals several valid options, the first of which is cropping. It’s possible to select a crop tool that offers a wide range of alternatives.

In “free mode,” you have the option of choosing the crop area. There are a plethora of other aspect ratios to pick from as well. Additionally, there are a variety of effects that you may use to personalize your photographs.

Adobe Photoshop Express

If you’re here for something a little more polished, take a look at Adobe Photoshop Express. Select photographs from your phone, the cloud, Lightroom (another Adobe application), or an asset library can all be accessed through the program’s interface. Take a photo with your smartphone’s camera and edit it on the go.

Once you’ve chosen an image to work with, you’ll be presented with what seems like a limitless number of alternatives. If you use the Crop Tool, you may choose from many different aspect ratios, some of which are incredibly useful.

You can crop the photo to 16:9 or 6:4 if you’re using one of the “usual suspects.” Automatic crop sizes for “Facebook Page Cover,” “YouTube Channel Art,” and “Kindle” are all available. This level of flexibility sets Adobe Photoshop Express apart from the rest.

JPEG Optimizer Pro

This is one of the most outstanding applications for reducing the size of a photograph while maintaining its quality. Enhances the image with its unique ISO Noise Optimization Algorithm You can also combine the compressed photos into a PDF document. It’s not just photographs that may be compressed here; you can also share them in ZIP format, as well as tweak the compressed image to your liking.

Bulk Image Compressor

Isn’t it exhausting to compress photos one at a time? As a result, the ideal choice is the Bulk Image Compressor. Using this tool, you can compress several photos in a split second. This is where you can see the compressed photographs and share them directly from the app. Many free Android photo compressor apps do not include a full-screen image viewer, which is a critical feature.

Photo Compress 2.0

As the name suggests, you can compress a photo using Photo Compress 2.0 without sacrificing quality. Do you not want to do it at all? You can choose between a low, medium, or high amount of compression. Choose the compression type you wish to begin with and compare the sizes of the originals and the lightest versions.


That’s all about How To Reduce Picture File Size Android? Many resizing apps may be found in the Android app store. As a result, if you choose one of the apps above, you’ll be able to free up some disc space while also shrinking your photographs. A good all-rounder can handle a wide range of photo editing tasks.

Your images can be used for a wide range of purposes. They can be retouched, decorated, and more. These chores may appear tough to others, yet they are, in fact, straightforward. But if you’re interested in learning how to minimize photo file sizes on Android devices, things are somewhat different. On the other hand, that has already been addressed in this post.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make a photo smaller in terms of its file size in MB?

The Photo Compress app is accessible from Google Play for Android users. Launch the program when you’ve downloaded it. Select the photos you want to reduce in size, and then choose Resize Image to change their dimensions. Resizing a photo might distort its height and width if the aspect ratio is not maintained.

How can I minimize the size of my JPEG images?

Photo & Picture Resize is an excellent Android app for fast resizing photographs. This program makes it simple to minimize the size of your images without sacrificing quality. Since the resized images are saved in their distinct folder, you need to save them manually.

Is it possible to lower the size of a file by decreasing the size of an image?

If you don’t want to resize the image, you can compress it instead. Compression and subsequent data loss will harm image quality. Another option is to reduce the number of pixels required to store your photo by resizing it.

How do I minimize the size of my images on Android without sacrificing quality?

You should use Google’s native WebP image format for a smaller image. You don’t have to tens about losing quality when you reduce the image size by 80%. Any bitmap can be encoded in WEBP format using CompressFormat.

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