How To Record Discord Audio With OBS? Process Guide

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Have you ever thought about How To Record Discord Audio With OBS? Users can create a personal account, log in through the web or app, and create their own server to chat with friends or chill out with a community of like-minded people.

The ease with which you may exchange audio and video with other people is one of the main benefits of using a Discord server. However, there are a number of reasons Why You Might Want To Record This Audio? You might wish to capture audio from a live-streamed tutorial, or you might want to record a podcast with pals using Discord.

How To Record Discord Audio With OBS?

Open OBS Studio, then select Sources. To pick your desktop audio output for recording, select Audio Output Capture from the list. Choose a name for your desktop audio source by selecting the Create/Select Source option. Click “OK” to confirm.

Record Discord Audio With OBS

Even multiplayer lobbies with colleagues can be live-streamed or filmed for YouTube; if your call is taking place on Discord, this tutorial will assist you in capturing it! Using a Voice Changer in Discord can enhance the audio quality of your chat, allowing for a variety of creative possibilities.

You’ll need some recording software to record audio from Discord. In this tutorial, we’ll show you How To Capture Discord Audio Using Two Free Tools? Audacity and OBS Studio. First, let’s look at Audacity.


Audacity is a feature-rich, free, open-source, cross-platform audio program. Although Audacity is compatible with both PC and Mac, the process of recording Discord using it differs slightly on each platform. We’ll go over how to Record Discord Audio Using Audacity on both a Mac and a computer in this article.

How To Record Audio In Discord Using OBS?

A platform for voice and text messaging Discord is one of the most widely used gaming programs on the market. Discord brings gaming groups together, and it’s a terrific place to make friends and talk to individuals who share your interests.

How To Record Audio In Discord Using OBS

You can use Discord to share gifs, emotes, and other material, as well as voice chat with other players across games. With 250 million users on Discord, it’s probable that other streamers and gamers will be able to communicate with you through the network. It also implies that they will most likely communicate with you via Discord while you stream.

You’ll Need To Do The Following To Record Your Discord Audio On OBS

Examine the device to which your Discord Audio will be sent. Check the name of the output device in your Discord settings. You can do this by selecting the “Voice & Video” tab from the settings cog next to your name on the bottom left of the screen.

In your OBS Scene, add the device. To allow OBS to hear your Discord audio, make sure it’s added as a source in OBS. Click the “+” icon in the sources window to add a new “Audio Output Capture.” It will open a new window.

You can choose it from the “Add Existing” option if you’ve already imported the audio device from Discord to OBS. You’ll have to make a new audio device if you don’t. Make sure to give it a better explanation so you can remember it afterward. Then press the “OK” button.

A new window will appear asking you to select an audio device if you’re creating a new audio device. Make sure the device you’ve chosen is the same as the one Discord uses for output. Put your new device to the test.

You may now test the audio output by phoning one of your friends and having a conversation while OBS is open. Congratulations if you see the bar light up! That implies their beautiful voices will be audible via Twitch chat.

In general, you want their bar to touch the yellow portion at the maximum, and your microphone to be louder than theirs – after all, you’re the streamer and the one your viewers are watching! Add the device to every scene where you want discord audio to be heard.

Before you go live, make sure your discord audio device is added to any scenes you’ll be switching to during your stream where you want chat to be able to hear discord. This can prevent awkward scenarios from arising, such as when you’re having a fantastic conversation with your buddies and Chat is completely unaware of what’s going on!

How To Improve The Quality Of Your Discord Sound?

Adjusting the level is a simple technique to improve the quality of your Discord audio when streaming. There are separate sliders for each audio source next to the list of sources in OBS. There will be sliders for your desktop audio sources (Discord and the game you’re playing are two examples), your microphone, and any additional audio input you’ve added.

During the stream, double-check that your viewers can hear you, your Discord, and your game. If you, your game, or your Discord is considerably louder than the others, your viewers will be unable to hear what you are all saying and will likely quit your stream.

Run a short test broadcast and listen to it live, or record it in OBS and listen to it later to hear how it sounds. A high-quality microphone is also recommended. The Blue Yeti is one of the best microphones for streaming, while gaming headset mics like Shroud’s HyperX Cloud Flight are also well-known for their quality.

How To Make Obs Record Discord Audio?

Sign up and install OBS on your computer. Click the addition sign (+) in OBS’s Sources section at the bottom of your screen. Choose Audio Output Capture from the dropdown menu. Select the Make source visible checkbox before naming your audio source and clicking OK.

How To Make Obs Hear Discord?

Sign up for OBS and download the software. OBS has a plus icon (+) at the bottom of your screen that you may use to add new sources. Select Audio Output Capture from the dropdown menu. When you’re finished, click the Make source visible button to make your audio source visible.


Discord on broadcast may be a terrific way to introduce new voices to your audience and give your stream a unique twist. We hope this guide was helpful in getting your Discord account set up on OBS. If you run into any issues regarding How To Record Discord Audio With OBS? please join the Stream Scheme Discord server, where we will be pleased to assist you further.

Frequently Asked Questions

When using Discord, how can you record audio?

Press the “Windows” and then “G” keys on your keyboard. The game bar will appear, and you’ll be able to examine all of the available options. On the left, select the audio you want to record from the “Audio” option. To use the microphone while recording, pick the microphone symbol above it.

How can I use OBS to record audio?

Click to add a new source, and then pick “Audio Input Capture” to record external audio with a microphone in OBS. Select the microphone you want to record from the drop down box after pressing OK to create a new input device.

Is Discord audio ignored by OBS?

This approach is also compatible with Streamlabs OBS. Discord’s ‘User Settings’ may be accessed by clicking on the gear icon next to your username. If it’s active, you’ll notice a “streamer mode” button that you can click. Toggle on the ‘Disable Sounds’ option in the ‘Streamer Mode’ options.

Is it possible to capture solely audio with OBS?

OBS is built from the ground up to record video. Audio quality is adjustable, but it’s not designed to be used purely for audio recording. You’ll also have to deal with the conversion after the recording. Instead, we recommend that you use a different piece of software.

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