How To Print Screen On Logitech Keyboard K360? Procedure

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This article illustrates How To Print Screen On Logitech Keyboard K360? The following instructions apply to all Logitech keyboards including the Wireless Keyboard Logitech K780.

How To Print Screen On Logitech Keyboard K360?

The “FN” (Function) key can be used with the Numpad top buttons, the F1-F12 keys, and each alternative function. Like most notebooks, you need to screenshot your desktop while pressing another key and the FN key (Print Screen).

Print Screen On Logitech Keyboard K360

Keyboard Of Logitech

K360 provides all keys, including a number pad and rapid access to FN shortcuts, with a compact design, 20% smaller than a full-sized keyboard. Perfect for narrow work spaces or smaller frames so that you may close your mouse to less reach and better posture. Furthermore, it’s easy to move wherever your job leads you.

The framed keys provide you with a comfortable, precise, and silent typing experience, but the tight, modern, brilliant design with height adjustable tilt legs offers your installation just the perfect edge. Twelve F keys allow you to easily access the most necessary functions like Windows open and close, apps, emails, etc. The six media hot keys allow you to switch music on, play, pause, and ski so that you can keep in the flow.

With a 3-year warranty, K360 offers the same high standards of quality and reliability that have made Logitech the world leader in mouse and keyboard technology. Battery life up to 36 months 2 Battery life can vary depending on conditions of use and computing. Eliminate the inconvenience of often changing batteries, using a convenient switch on and off and a power-saving technology to maintain battery life.

Overlook dropouts and delays thanks to a powerful, dependable wireless link with a range of up to 10 m. 3 Wireless range may vary based on the conditions of the user, the environment, and the computer. The K360 has a USB receiver, which allows you to join up to six Logitech support tools to add your Logitech mouse to a single receiver. Fewer strings, fewer hassles.

How Do You Shoot A Logitech Wireless Keyboard Screenshot?

Press the Windows key+PrtSc to snap a screenshot on Windows. You can hit Fn+Windows key+PrtSc when PrtSc shares a key with another button (such as Insert, Title, or Delete). Use Windows key+Alt+PrtSc to capture only the active window.

Press Shift+Command+3 to take the screenshot on Mac. To pick the part of a screen to be captured, press Shift+Command+4 or press Shift+Command+4+Spacebar to capture a particular piece of the monitor (such as a menu or app). Press Shift+Command+5 to view all your screenshot choices, including a screen recorder.

How Does A Logitech Wireless Keyboard Print Screen?

A camera icon can show the Print Screen key (often shortened to PrtScr or PrtSc). It could have a distinct key or share one of the keyboard functions at the top. You can restate the Windows keyboard and build Custom Screenshot Shortcuts if you want to reassign a PrtSc command.

Where I Saved My Screenshots?

Open File Explorer on Windows and navigate to This PC > Bilder > Screenshots to view your screenshots. Screenshots are kept on the desktop on Mac.

Logitech Keyboard Print Screen

Use Shift + Command + 4 and then choose the region you wish to capture to capture a section of the screen. Alternately, you can open the Screenshot app and select the desired screenshot type by pressing Shift + Command + 5.

How To Screenshot On Logitech Keyboard?

Pressing the Windows + PrtScn key on a Logitech keyboard is the quickest way to snap a screenshot. Use the on-screen keyboard if you can’t find a print screen key on your keyboard.

Logitech Keyboard Print Screen Button

Using Shift + Command + 4, you may select the region of the screen you wish to capture. If you want, you can open the Screenshot program with the shortcut Shift + Command + 5.


That’s all about How To Print Screen On Logitech Keyboard K360? Now you can print your screen easily with no worries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Logitech key for the print screen?

Answer: To capture a snapshot of the whole screen, press the Print Screen on your keyboard button (this could also be marked with PrtScn or PrtScrn). It is located close to the top right of all F keys (F1, F2, etc) and often in line with arrow keys.

How can you pick up a screenshot on a PC?

Press PrtScn on the upper right side of your keyboard to capture the complete screen. The display shot is saved to your clipboard. Copy and paste the screenshot into any software that accepts images, such as Microsoft Word or Paint, in order to save it as a document.

How do I capture a Windows 10 screenshot?

Hit the Shift-Windows Key-S keyboard combo and you can select a full screen, rectangle selection, freehand selection, or a program window to shoot. The Action Center’s Screen Snip button provides an additional option to initiate Snip & Sketch.

What is a computer screenshot?

A screenshot or screenshot is an image captured by the computer, mobile phone, or tablet user to record visible items shown on the screen, using the device in question. The image is saved on your PC. Screenshots can be taken using different programs or with special keyboard/button shortcuts.

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