How To Ping A Phone Location Free? Full Procedure

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Do you know How To Ping A Phone Location Free? If you don’t, then this guide is for you! There’s a good possibility you’ve heard the term “ping” used a lot in communication. Pinging is sending a packet to a network interface and then receiving a response, usually an echo. Consider it the digital equivalent of echolocation, which creatures like bats and dolphins use to communicate and find items.

However, you should be aware that pinging also refers to tracking a person’s mobile phone in the surveillance realm. Someone might wish to ping your device for a variety of reasons. Pinging, for example, might be used to reconnect with an old buddy and surprise them.

On the other side, law enforcement organizations and private detectives employ complex legal processes and sophisticated technologies to locate suspects. Tools like Localize allow you to follow someone’s position using only their phone number.

How To Ping A Phone Location Free?

  • Start by searching on your phone for Ping in the Play Store (or AppStore).
  • Install Ping (or any other application of your choosing) and then run the Ping program. Get a Ping app for your phone.
  • Then type in the mobile device’s IP address, such as, and select Ping or Start.
Ping A Phone Location Free

What Does It Mean Ping A Mobile Phone?

Knowing the availability or reachability of a gadget is known as pinging it. Nearly all major operating systems support this network utility. Pinging the phone usually implies finding its location, and modern mobile operating systems like Android and iOS support this.

In technical words, ping is a signal sent to the phone inquiring about its network location, and the phone answers with the information requested. The ping technique gets the data it needs by using the device’s GPS location.

Steps For Ping A Phone Location Free

Pinging With The Phone Company

Keep in mind, almost all iPhone and Android devices have a default trigger that allows them to automatically send all location and GPS data to their parent cell phone service providers. The option may be found in your phone’s Settings’ “Location services” area.

Your information will be safe with your service provider as long as you continue to use the service data given by your cell phone operator. When you move to a new cell phone service, they will be permitted to track your whereabouts and keep track of your past.

The tracking itself is simple to use. Different cell phone towers are located around the coverage zone, and your phone connects to each tower as you walk around. These businesses may triangulate your location based on which tower you connect with.

You should be aware that location software is available to 911 operators and service station operators. This helps them to respond quickly in an emergency and speed up operations. So, these are all of the legal ways for firms to “ping” your phone and determine your exact location.

Pinging A Phone With Access

You should be aware that pinging someone’s phone without having access to it is prohibited. You won’t be able to ping their smartphone in most circumstances. There are legal concerns about security and privacy, and there’s a chance you’ll end up breaking the law.

However, you won’t face any legal issues if you try to ping a phone when the owner is aware of your activity. There are two options, both of which are highlighted in the following paragraphs. You can use Google Maps to track someone’s location, or you may use the Command Prompt on Windows to ping your phone or someone else’s. Let’s get started without further delay.

Google Maps For Pinging

Google Maps is probably the most straightforward technique to track someone’s whereabouts. You must open the Google Maps program once you have acquired access to the phone you want to ping (and have requested permission).

It’s also critical to upgrade the Google Maps application to the most recent version; performance may suffer. Then hit the vertical bar with the three dots to access the Settings Menu.

Then select “Share Location” from the drop-down menu. You’ll be presented with a dialog window that allows you to “let pals know where you are.” Then press the Get Started button. A new dialog box will display when you click it, allowing you to select the length of time you wish to disclose your location. It starts at one hour and can be increased or decreased as needed.

You’ll also have the option of choosing “until you turn this off.” You can select the appropriate option. You must click on the three vertical dots again to get the location of the phone number supplied to you.

This will display all of the apps available for receiving data. You can also choose persons and write their email addresses to have the information forwarded to you if you desire. Then open your phone and repeat the process to be able to broadcast your location in real-time.

Pinging A Cellphone From A Computer

Like all other devices, including your computer, you should be aware that your cell phone has an IP address. You can ping your phone if your computer or Laptop and cell phone are on the same IP network and are connected via WiFi.

Although the procedure is a little complicated, you will be able to obtain all the technical information on the ping. However, you’ll need the IP address of the computer and the IP address of the cell phone you wish to ping to do so.

It’s also worth noticing that this feature is only available on Android devices. You’ll need to execute many commands to accomplish this. Press the “Windows” and “R” keys together. This will come with the Run dialog box. A dialog box will appear once that is opened.

Type “cmd” in lowercase and hit Enter. The Command Prompt will be launched. Then, type “ipconfig” on the Command Prompt and hit enter. You’ll notice a string of numbers, which contains your machine’s IP address.

There’s another technique to determine your device’s IP address. Open your search engine and type “what is my IP” into the search bar before entering. It will display both your IP address and the internet service provider.

However, you’ll need to utilize the Command Prompt to ping properly. In the Command Prompt, type “ping” and then the IP address of your mobile phone. A direct ping will be sent to your phone.

The data displayed on the Command Prompt will indicate if the ping was successful or not. If the ping was successful, you should see two or three lines with the response from your cell phone.

These are the data packets transmitted from your device and the responses that your mobile phone received. If ping is not received, you will receive an error message stating that the ping has expired. More importantly, you’ll note that a tiny amount of time is mentioned at the end.

This is the time it took from when the ping was sent to when a response was received. As you can see, it’s a really quick procedure because practically all of the values are in milliseconds.

You can use this method to determine the actual quantity of data packets sent to the device. If you encounter an error when trying to ping the device, try restarting your computer or your phone first.

Alternatively, you could try rebooting your wireless router. There’s also the possibility that the IP address is creating the problem. Remember that this method is solely for pinging the device; it will not provide you with any information about its location.

How To Ping A Samsung Phone?

Simply click the Ring icon to ping your smartphone. Click the Ring button in the popup that says “Ring my phone.” Then, your phone begins to ring to aid you or someone else in finding it.

Can I Ping A Cell Phone For Free?

A mobile number cannot be directly pinged without gaining access to the carrier’s network. As a result, only nearby pages and police enforcement have access to it. A phone tracking app that provides the phone’s location to the person who installed and managed it is being installed by the civilian counterpart.


It’s simply a method of determining How To Ping A Phone Location Free? If you don’t have any technical understanding, you might not grasp what’s being returned in data packets, let alone what it signifies. Pinging a cell phone can be done in various ways, and these are just two of them. Neither of these is achievable unless the mobile phone user you’re pinging has permitted you.

It will be impossible to acquire lawful access to a person’s phone without their specific authorization unless you are a 911 operator or work in law enforcement or an emergency center. These are just a few of the most crucial things about pinging a cell phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to locate a phone number with only a phone number?

You could use a free reverse phone lookup service to track the cell phone’s location by its number. This isn’t, however, real-time tracking. You won’t be able to track the phone user’s movements on a map on your screen.

Is it possible to track a cell phone for free using simply a phone number?

Is it possible to track a cell phone’s position solely by its number? There are only two acceptable options: A phone lookup service can help you find any phone in a specific location. A phone surveillance app can be used to trace the phone and its number.

On Google Maps, how do I locate someone using their cell phone number?

The basic answer is that we cannot locate someone’s position in Google Maps using their phone number. You won’t be able to view the other person’s location in Google Maps unless they share it with you.

How can I discover someone on Google Maps for free without knowing?

The mSpy app may use Google Maps to find Android devices online for free. In contrast to monitoring programs, Google Maps cell phone tracking displays the phone’s location. This function requires that you log in with an active Google account.

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