How To Pair Plantronics Headset? Full Procedure

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Do you know How To Pair Plantronics Headset? With your smartphone. If you already know which Plantronics Bluetooth headphone model you have, the pairing instructions can be found in the sections below.

If you are unsure about the headphone model you are using, check the box, invoice, or order data (if you purchased online), and consult the tips below.

For nearly 60 years, Plantronics Headset has been a market leader in communications equipment. Plantronics, which has been designing and manufacturing high-quality and creative headsets for the aviation and space industries in America since the 1960s, continues to create and manufacture high-quality and unique headsets for any type of application your business requires. Working “at the office” nowadays might mean working almost anywhere.

How To Pair Plantronics Headset?

Hold the call control button for roughly 5–6 seconds until the headset’s light flashes red and blue alternately. Press the button, and then remove the headset. On your smartphone navigate the Bluetooth menu and look for (or add) a device. The headset should be located by the cell phone.

Pair Plantronics Headset

People are increasingly working from home or remotely. This emphasizes the importance of clear and consistent communication. Plantronics Bluetooth Headsets and Plantronics Bluetooth Headphones, such as the Voyager 4200 series and the Voyager Legend, provide clear, reliable communication. Plantronics Save Office Series DECT Wireless headsets provide noise cancellation while keeping calls private, secure, and simple.

USB headphones are small, comfy, and connect to a wide range of devices. The Black wire series is designed for all-day use, and the clear and crisp audio allows operators to concentrate on their work. Customer service employees can hear and be heard clearly, comfortably, and easily from the workplace or at home with Plantronics Encorepro call center headphones.

Steps For Plantronics Headset Pairing

Slide the On/Off Switch up to the point where it turns green. To avoid any problems, make sure your headset is fully charged before syncing the Plantronics headset.

  • Press and hold the black call control button, situated at the end of the microphone boom arm, for 3-5 seconds while wearing the headset on your ear. If the pairing is successful, your headset will announce “pairing,” and you will know if your Plantronics 5200 pairing is operational.
  • On the iphone, go to Settings>Bluetooth, and near the bottom of the screen, you’ll notice the Voyager 5200 under “Other devices,” and simply click that button. My phone did not require a passcode in my case, but if yours does, enter “0000.” That concludes our discussion. You may now confidently assert that you understand how to link Plantronics Voyager!

Plantronics Bt600 Pairing

Your Bluetooth USB adapter and headset are already paired. Connect the Bluetooth USB adapter to your laptop or computer. The USB adapter LED turns solid blue, and you hear “pairing succeeded” after pairing is complete.

Plantronics Bt600 Pairing

How To Connect Plantronics Bluetooth?

Start by turning OFF your headset, then press and hold the call control/power button until you see a red and blue LED flash. The Plantronics Bluetooth headset will be listed as “PLT,” When you activate Bluetooth on your phone and look for new devices, follow the model name.


That’s it for How To Pair Plantronics Headset? If you’re pairing your Voyager 5200 to a mobile device or the BT600 USB dongle, it’s a very quick and simple process as stated above, and each step should take less than a minute.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the procedure for connecting my Plantronics Bluetooth headset to my phone?

Hold down the call control button on the headset. The LED will begin to flash in a red-blue pattern. On your Android phone open the Settings menu. To access the settings, make sure Bluetooth is turned on and then hit Bluetooth.

Why isn’t my Plantronics headset working properly?

If the headset appears in your phone’s list of associated devices but won’t connect, try the following: Remove the headset from the list of associated devices on your phone. Reconnect the headset to your phone. If the problem persists, try pairing the headset with another phone.

What’s the best way to get my Plantronics headset to work?

For 5 or 6 seconds, press and hold the power button until the light begins to flash in the alternating red-blue pattern. Set the headset aside after releasing the button. Pair your phone or another Bluetooth device according to the pairing instructions.

How can I link my Plantronics BT600 headset?

Select Plantronics BT600 on both the Input and Output tabs. To pair your headset, hold down the power button next to the Bluetooth symbol until you hear “pairing” and the headset LEDs flash red and blue. Turn on your phone’s Bluetooth and set it to look for new devices.

What is the procedure for pairing my PLT Bluetooth?

Plantronics Voyager fable Bluetooth Headset combination Instructions are given below:
Put on the headset. Slide the power switch to the green ‘on’ position….
Activate the Bluetooth selection on your phone.
Select Voyager Legend from the drop-down menu.
Finish the pairing procedure.

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