How To Make Someone A Mod On Discord? Process Guide

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Do you want to make someone an admin or moderator on Discord but aren’t sure How To Make Someone A Mod On Discord? Or How To Add Roles In Discord? This guide will take you step-by-step through the procedures. It’s not simple to realistic a Discord Server, especially if you have a large number of users.

It is possible to cope with hundreds of users. Taking on more than that might be a genuine pain. This is why assigning a few individuals as admins or mods is always a smart idea.

How To Make Someone A Mod On Discord?

To get a list of the current participants, tap on “Members.” Select the + icon next to the name of the member you want to elevate to a moderator. From the submenu, select “Moderator” (or whatever name you’ve given the position).

Make Someone A Mod On Discord

Making A User A Discord Moderator

Mods are an important feature of any Discord server since they can manage the micromanagement aspect of the process. They can deal with troublesome users, mute/deafen the appropriate persons, and alert you to spammers, scammers, and toxic users, among other things.

The Discord Role does not require any substantial permission for this. As a result, below is some Permission In Discord to allow or disable:

  • Administrator – Always turned off. Mods should never have the same level of authority as an administrator.
  • Manage Roles – This is also turned off.
  • Mute/Deafen Members – This is an important privilege for mods to have, and it should be enabled at all times.
  • Move Members – must-have permission for moderators.
  • Kick/Ban Members — only admins should have this permission. Users should not be able to be kicked or banned from your server by mods.

If you need a Discord Role, you’ll need to set up these permissions. The procedure for assigning someone to this function is identical to that described above. Simply locate the appropriate user, right-click their name, and assign the position to them.

It’s as simple as that! Now your server has moderators and/or administrators who can enforce the rules. If you don’t think you need mods right now, consider utilizing moderator bots like Mee6.

How Can I Put In Roles To My Discord Server?

You’ll need to apply for those Roles In Discord to members of your server now that you’ve generated a role or two. Hopefully, you’ve set up various permissions for each role that corresponds to how you see your server’s hierarchy expanding.

Whatever members get which role is determined by the permissions granted by those roles. After you’ve created the roles, you may start assigning members to them. You can assign them by following these steps:

How Can I Put In Roles To My Discord Server

Choose the “Members” tab in the “Server Settings” box. A ‘+’ appears on the side of each member’s name. Select an available role to give to that member by clicking on this ‘+’. If necessary, remember that you can give numerous responsibilities to a single member. To remove a role from a member, hover your mouse over the role to the right of the member’s button and select the ‘X’ inside the colored circle.

On Discord Mobile, How to Assign Roles?

The Discord Mobile App, like the desktop version, lets you assign unassigned roles to members. Follow these instructions from within the Discord mobile app:

  • Go to the server where you want to create or manage roles.
  • Select the channel by tapping on its name. It’s labeled #general at the top of this screenshot:
  • Tap “Permissions” on the screen that appears.
  • The application’s settings will allow you to “Add a Role.” You can change the permissions of each user or channel by tapping this.
  • You can control your servers on the fly due to the ability to make any changes from within the Discord program.

How To Make Someone An Admin On Discord?

Visit your Discord server in step one. Step 2: A list of the server members will appear on the right side of your screen. Right-click a user in step three. Scroll down to roles in step 4. You can designate several roles here. Assign the admin role in step five.

What Is A Mod In Discord?

On Discord, a mod is your helper who enables you to keep things under control and in everyone’s best interests. Moderators are like patrolmen that keep an eye on everyone’s behavior to make sure they follow your regulations, assuming your server is a real-world community.


That concludes our discussion. Now that you know How To Make Someone A Mod On Discord? Or How To Add Roles In Discord? you can start getting your server monitored. Role management is a fantastic technique to keep your Discord server running smoothly.

Of course, roles aren’t as vital if you only have a few buddies bouncing on and off the server, but for large communities, roles are the only thing stopping them from becoming completely chaotic.

Frequently Asked Questions

On Discord Mobile, how do you make someone a moderator?

Tap a server on the left side of the Discord start menu; press the server’s name at the top of the page, then tap Server Settings if you aren’t already there. Members can be found by scrolling down and tapping it. It’s under the heading “User Management.” Select your new moderator by tapping his or her name.

On discord, what is a mod?

Moderators can handle simple things like edit/delete messages, ban/kick users who break any rules the moderators set up, and ensure that the Discord server is a secure, healthy place to do whatever is going on.

Do moderators on Discord get paid? OR Do Discord moderators get rewarded in actual money or in some further way?

I’m just interested as to how, if at all, they are reimbursed. In some ways, the server moderators are all volunteers.

Do Discord moderators and administrators get paid?

If a member likes a server and wishes to demonstrate their support financially, they can simply type “donate” into chat. They are then brought to a page where they may select their desired role and pay using PayPal. Anyone can now pay the owner of a Discord server using the public checkout link.

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