How To Make Keyboard Bigger On Android Tablet? Procedure

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Because the keyboard on your smartphone is so tiny, you find it challenging to type clearly and quickly. A small keyboard can be challenging to use, especially when the keys are overly minor. So, How To Make Keyboard Bigger On Android Tablet? This increases the likelihood of making mistakes and squandering valuable time.

On Android smartphones, there is an option to increase the size of the phone’s keyboard. As a result, you’ll be able to type faster because you’ll be able to read the characters more clearly. Make the most of your time with this! The following post will demonstrate how you may expand the keyboard on your Android smartphone to make the letters more significant.

How To Make Keyboard Bigger On Android Tablet?

Go to Settings, then General Management, on the tablet to change the size of the keyboard. The first choice in the list, Language and input, may be selected by tapping it. Once inside, select the On-screen keyboard option and the keyboard whose size you wish to modify.

Make Keyboard Bigger On Android Tablet

Large The Touchscreen Keypad On An Android Smartphone

We’ll show you how to do this based on the type of keyboard you have. Gboard and Swift Key are usually the two most popular keyboards on smartphones and tablets.

Keyboard Size Settings

When you first acquire a new phone, one of the first things is to customize it. Among other things, you alter the wallpaper and begin adding your contacts. You can’t avoid the fact that typing on a keyboard that’s too small is a painful experience. There’s a reasonable probability you’ll witness several errors unless you increase the keyboard’s size. The keyboard you’re now using isn’t quite the proper size.

Keyboard Size On Android: How To Adjust?

This can be done by navigating to your device’s Settings and selecting the Systems option. Next, click on Languages and input.

The computer keyboard will be the first choice to see. It’s best to use a keyboard that you already have. Gboard will be my tool of choice for the sake of this tutorial. There’s a strong possibility you’re using this keyboard since it’s a popular one.

Select Preferences from the keyboard drop-down menu. The Keyboard height option can be found under the layout section. The possibilities for keyboard size are as follows:

  1. Extra-short
  2. Mis-short
  3. Short
  4. Normal
  5. Tall
  6. Mid-tall
  7. Extra-tall

It’s as simple as selecting the keyboard size you want and pressing the “OK” button. No need to reboot your phone; the modifications will take effect instantly. What if you’ve already started typing on the keyboard?

The comma choice with the emoji icon is located at the bottom left of your screen, so you don’t have to go to the settings menu. The cog-wheel can be reached by swiping your finger towards it.

Android Keyboard Resizes Options

The methods above use Android’s built-in options to modify the keyboard’s size. Android keyboard sizing may be done in an instant with these tools. However, these basic ways won’t please everyone because they can affect the appearance of other Android aspects. In addition, they lack a great deal of flexibility.

Using a third-party app, you can further alter the size of Android’s keyboard. The top Android keyboards, such as Swiftkey and MessagEase, offer solutions that can not only shrink the Android keyboard but fundamentally modify the typing experience, allowing better one-handed use or more forceful predictive text.

How To Change Keyboard Size On An Android Tablet?

  • Launch Messages or another keyboard-based program.
  • Pick up the gear symbol.
  • Click Preferences.
  • Keyboard Height, press it.
  • To select a larger keyboard, tap it.

Can I Make The Keyboard Bigger On My Android?

It appears in the menu as the second choice after an adjustment icon. Keyboard Height: Tap. This may be seen in the “Layout” heading. To select a larger keyboard, tap (like Tall or Extra-tall).


A new phone’s keyboard may be a little small, and you may have difficulty typing on it at first. As a result, you’re prone to making mistakes and squandering valuable time when you try to type.

An option to increase your mobile keyboard’s size is available in Android phones’ settings. In this way, you can improve your typing method when creating a piece of writing. In this tutorial, we’ve described How To Make Keyboard Bigger On Android Tablet?

Frequently Asked Questions

On my Samsung tablet, how do I increase the size of the keyboard?

Go to Size & Layout in the top row of your keyboard’s buttons, then modify it as needed.

How can I set the keyboard on my tablet larger?

Select General Management from the Settings menu to change the tablet’s keyboard size. The Language and input option will be the first one you see when you open the Settings app. Look for and press the On-screen keyboard option, then tap on the size of the keyboard you’d like to alter.

Why is my keyboard so small?

Well, you may have accidentally tapped on anything and changed the settings on your phone. The keyboard shrinks if you pinch it with two fingers. In other cases, using the keyboard with just one hand is a big plus for some people.

In Settings, where is the keyboard?

You may change your phone’s keyboard settings by clicking the Language & Input option in the Settings app. In the Settings app on some Samsung devices, that item can be located on either the General or Controls tab.

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