How To Make An iPhone Game App? Step By Step Guide

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Do you know How To Make An iPhone Game App? It is not too late to start a career in mobile game development if you’re passionate about it. If you want to generate money with an app, the App Store isn’t exactly a gold rush as in the early days.

Apple costs $99 a year for a developer subscription, enabling you to publish iPad and iPhone Apps to the Phone App, making it easy to get into the market. Once you’ve signed up as a developer, you’ll have free access to the Xcode development kit. After that, what should you do next? How to get started? Here’s How To Develop iOS Games?

How To Make An iPhone Game App?

You might wish to code your app to get into the app development industry. Your degree of coding expertise will determine how simple this is for you, but in 2014, Apple dropped the hurdles with iOS 8 and the Swift programming language. You can make apps for the iPhone and iPad using a Mac application called Xcode. Its IDE is called Xcode (Integrated Development Environment).

Make An iPhone Game App

What Are The Requirements For Mobile Game Development?

Programming, graphics, and patience are required, as the developer subscription. You’ll need a lot of it. It’s fine to be a perfectionist, but you also don’t want to release a product that’s filled with bugs and glitches. Don’t be concerned if you lack an artistic eye for visuals. There are a variety of free or low-cost graphics resources out there.

Should You Use A Development Platform?

Apple’s Swift scripting language makes the most sense if you solely plan to build for the iPhone and iPad. Compared to the old Objective-C, it’s a much faster language to develop in, and you can use new operating system capabilities almost immediately when they are introduced.

For new features to be supported by a third-party development platform, you often have to wait for that third party. In addition, there is a slew of third-party iOS emulators to choose from. Don’t rule out the use of third-party development kits, either, however.

In the event that your game is going to be released on numerous platforms, these tools are helpful. Development kits should be avoided in the “create a game in an hour” development kits should be avoided.

They are frequently unable to create more complex games due to a lack of resources. Independent developers with incomes below a particular threshold can use the following platforms free of charge:

  • Unity: This is a very popular third-party development platform, especially among people who work with 3D graphics regularly. If your yearly revenue is less than $100,000, you can use Unity for no cost at all.
  • The Corona SDK: The Corona SDK is a good option if you quickly make a 2D game. Programming in LUA, both adaptable and fast, is the language of choice. The personal edition of Corona SDK is completely free and does not impose any income restrictions. Offline versions and establishing a custom API make the enterprise edition extremely versatile.
  • PhoneGap: PhoneGap has a wide range of third-party plugins and support among the most popular third-party technologies. This is especially helpful if your expertise is more in the realm of graphics than programming. Web-based tools (CSS, HTML, etc.) are at the heart of the PhoneGap development process. It’s completely free.

What About The Graphics?

Graphics can appear like a huge obstacle if you lack any artistic ability. Fortunately, asset stores can help. Graphical assets can be purchased from these marketplaces for use in developing games. The drawback is that your game’s aesthetics will be generic.

  • OpenGameArt: OpenGameArt is one of the most common sources for free graphics. In this store, most of the materials have a Creative Commons license, which usually necessitates crediting the artist.
  • Store For Assets Created In Unity: The asset store, which covers both 3D and 2D graphics, is one of the best parts of working with Unity. To use the asset store, you don’t need Unity installed.
  • GameArt2D: Free graphics and royalty-free images can be found in this site’s “freebies” area.
  • Scirra: Music, sound effects, and other visual elements can all be found in the Scirra store.
  • Reddit’s Game Assets Section: Although this subreddit does not have any actual game materials, it is an excellent place to discuss finding them.

Tips For Developing Mobile Games In General

Creating your first gaming app? Keep these tips in mind:

Don’t Forget About Quality Control

The mantra “patience is a virtue” is more critical than ever before when it comes to quality assurance. Squishing bugs isn’t the only goal of this phase. You must also rate the game’s various sections based on the most important metric: is it enjoyable? Don’t be scared to make adjustments if your game isn’t having enough fun for you.

In addition, remember that you’ve been testing and playing the game since the beginning of development. To avoid being bored with the game due to your familiarity with it, you should play it as much as possible. Consider how a new player could feel as they participate in the game for the first time.

Because the first release is critical, quality assurance must be in place. There is no better time to do so than when an independent developer or small team finally launches the game they’ve been laboring on for months and months on end. When a game is released to the App Store, its best marketing is the naturally occurring downloads. More downloads are generated when a game is well-received upon launch.

Have Patience

It takes much endurance to see a project through to completion, especially in video game production. Every day or every week should be set out for personal growth. Taking a break from the project is first-time developers’ most common mistake. A light bulb goes off in your head: “Oh yeah, I was working on a game last year; what happened?”

As long as you’re working on a game that can be completed within several days or weeks, you’re likely to run against a wall. If your project has a long development cycle, you may run into numerous roadblocks. There is no substitute for hard labor, however.

When working on a novel, writers typically tell themselves to “write every day.” No matter how good your writing is, it doesn’t matter. If you miss one day, it’s easy to skip two, a week, or even a month.

You don’t have to follow the same routine every day. Switching to a different portion of the project can help you get around the obstacle. While working on a complex engine, you may find yourself looking for visuals or sound effects to incorporate into your UI. To jot down ideas, you can also use a text editor like Notepad.

Break Your Game Down Into Parts, Create Unity Engine, And Publish Several Games

It’s critical to break down a project into its parts and then split those components down even further. As a bonus, you’ll be able to track the progress of a project that could take months to finish.

Graphics and gameplay engines, a leaderboards engine, and several other components are likely to be required for your game. Always keep an eye out for repetitive code and use it as an opportunity to develop a method or class around it.

For instance, it may take many lines of code to place a button on the screen, but only a few parameters may change each time a button is placed. As a result, the time it takes to construct a menu system can be reduced by creating a single method for inserting the button that accepts those values.

Regardless of the project’s size, the same principle applies. Game development becomes considerably easier when you have a library of code and “engines” that you can reuse.

Publish Fast

Learning about the publishing process can be gained by creating an app that can stand on its own in the Application Store. Following the publication process, you will learn how to market and promote your app and how to fix bugs and other issues that may arise after it has been released.

Start Small

Isn’t it better to jump right into your work and learn these games? To begin with, the process of creating a video game is challenging. You could be working on your project for a year, months, or even several years.

Even if your idea is simple, you should start with a little project to get experience. Iteration is the key to great programming. You will improve your coding skills with each new feature you add. Making a little game will assist you in finishing your larger project better in the long run.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An iOS Game App?

The average cost to build a mobile game ranges from $ 3,000 for simple mini-games to $ 150,000 for more intricate multi-player games. Mobile games are often developed for the AppStore (iOS) and Google Play (Android).

How Do You Make A Game App For Free?

You can use Stencyl if you want to create a puzzle or side-scrolling game or if you have no prior gaming knowledge. If you’re just starting, look into Game Maker Studio and Unity. Try out Unity if you want to create 3D games.


As a result of this, the mobile gaming sector is experiencing a surge. So it’s no surprise that many business people are considering entering the gaming industry. It is imperative that you develop a gorgeous iOS and Android game app considering the charges if you want to succeed in this industry.

While the numbers may be enticing, you guessed correctly: much legwork is involved. How do you get started building a game app? How To Make An iPhone Game App? Relieve yourself. Mobile game app creation, design nuances, and more have been discussed in detail in this post. It would be easier to create a gaming app with the help of the mobile game UX design insights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to create a game for the iPhone?

Apple’s Xcode 8 environment, Metal development tools, and Swift programming language have made it easier than ever to create iPhone games and apps, as well as games for the Apple Watch. The task of creating your mobile app or video game may appear daunting at first, but it isn’t.

Is it possible for me to create an iPhone app?

It’s possible, no doubt about it. You may use XCode to create your app and test it out with the built-in ‘Simulator’ option. It’s possible to ‘simulate’ the app on your phone when everything is set up correctly.

How much does it cost to build an app?

Professional app developers are no longer the only ones who can create them. A free app of an award-winning low-code app creation platform is available to everyone. Create Android and iPhone apps with ease using Alpha Anywhere Community Edition.

Why can’t free software be profitable?

Even though the app is available for free download and use, app producers make money from the interactions on adverts presented in the application. Some of the most common types of in-app advertising are in-app banners, in-app videos, and native ad formats.

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