How To Know When Oil Cartridge Is Empty? Process Guide

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Vaping with cartridges is a quick and easy option for many individuals to get started without having to deal with the intricacies of e-liquid bottles, tanks, and coils. Most e-liquid cartridges, on the other hand, do not indicate when they are running short on liquid until they are completely empty. Here’s How To Know When Oil Cartridge Is Empty?

How To Know When Oil Cartridge Is Empty?

You soon won’t be able to breathe any smoke since the light on top of the cartridge signals that there is substantially less vapor inside the cartridge. You can get rid of the used vape oil as soon as the indicator light comes on.

When Oil Cartridge Is Empty

Testing The Oil Cartridge

It’s not good to have a Dead Oil Cartridge. However, there’s nothing worse than having an oil cartridge and not knowing whether or not it will function. There is no other way to check the usage of a cartridge than to just plug it into a vape pen and test it out, in order to capitalize on that glimmer of hope. That’s all there is to it.

If you’re having trouble with compatibility, visiting a local dispensary, head shop, or smoke shop may be able to help you out by letting someone test it out on a compatible vape pen.

It could be as easy as a dead battery. A list of typical problems that mimic a dead cartridge (and their solutions) is provided below, as well as some common causes of why a cartridge may have died.

How Do I Know If The Oil Cartridge Is Empty?

Here are a few pointers to help you figure out how to tell whether an Oil Cartridge Is Empty. Apart from the obvious naked-eye test, there are a number of different ways to determine whether or not your previous cartridge has run out. Here are a few examples:

How Do I Know If The Oil Cartridge Is Empty
  1. Keep a closer eye on the blue light: Some vape cartridges have a blue light on top that acts as an indicator of a decrease in the amount of vapor produced by each cartridge. When it turns on, it’s time to say goodbye to the cartridge you’re now using.
  2. Take a peek at what’s visible via your viewing window: Cartridges with viewing windows are available on the market, allowing users to see if the cotton wick within the atomizer has turned orange, signaling a loss of oil in the cartridge. When this happens, you’ll notice a Smokey odor that wouldn’t be noticeable if you weren’t using essential oils.
  3. Sunlight exposure should be avoided because acrylic has a tendency to become brown when exposed to it. As a result, you should exercise caution when carrying your oil vape pens outside or using them in broad daylight at home. Because you won’t be able to detect when your Cartridge Is Empty through such discolored casing if you rely on observations with your naked eye.
  4. They do, after all, have expiration dates: To save time in the most efficient manner, simply discard your cartridge in use when it reaches its expiration date. Although this may not be the case for many users, those who only use a small bit of vape may find this method useful.

What Is The Procedure For Refilling A Cartridge?

Filling your vape cartridge is a straightforward three-step process that requires the use of a syringe. Begin by selecting your preferred oil or distillate. There are a variety of choices available to you, including making your own oils or using a pre-filled distillate syringe from a cannabis dispensary. It’s time to start filling the cartridge when you’ve chosen the suitable product for you.

Step 1

By rotating the cartridge counterclockwise until it is totally disengaged, you can open it up. It may take two or three full rotations to free the thread that is holding it in place.

If you can’t get it off and can’t locate any information on your pen, the answer is that the vape pen does not come with refillable cartridges. Place the mouthpiece in a safe place once you’ve removed it so it doesn’t get lost or damaged. Your cartridge will be useless without it.

Step 2

This is where we’ll put the syringe we described previously to work. However, if you don’t have a syringe, an eye-dropper will suffice. The former is more exact and reduces the danger of product leakage.

Fill your syringe with liquid and gently insert the syringe tip into the cartridge, filling it to the top of the max fill line. It is recommended that you keep the cartridge connected to your battery while refilling to make it easier to hold on to it.

Even if the cartridge’s maximum fill line is visible, keep in mind that most cartridges are meant to hold 1 gram or 0.5 gram of oil or e-juice.

Step 3

You’re almost finished! Remove the mouthpiece from the cartridge and gently replace it. Twist it clockwise until it is securely fastened. While it’s important to notice the mouthpiece is snug and secure, don’t over-tighten it; this might easily break it or its threads.

If you reverse the process, you can easily remove oil from a vape cartridge if the flavor isn’t to your liking or the cartridge is clogged.

How Do You Know When Your Oil Cartridge Is Empty?

You can no longer take a drag because the cartridge’s indicator light shows there is very little vapor left inside. When the indicator light turns on, you can throw away the used oil from the vape cartridge.

How Do You Get The Last Bit Of Oil Out Of A Cartridge?

Try applying heat to the cartridge’s exterior as indicated above if it still won’t come down. Just briefly rub the glass back and forth with the lighter. That ought to be plenty to extract everything worthwhile. Heat up your dab rig when the liquid has reached the mouthpiece.


Now you can aware of empty oil cartridges by reading How To Know When Oil Cartridge Is Empty? and also you can refill it with the help of the above guide. Read carefully to know it better!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I know when my vape is running out of juice?

When the amount of vapor created after each puff decreases and the blue light at the tip no longer glows when you puff, it’s time to discard the disposable vape.

How long does a cartridge last before it has to be replaced?

An original printer cartridge has a 24-month shelf life, while a compatible cartridge has a 36-month shelf life. Ink dries out and collects within the cartridge over time, which can clog your printer.

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