How To Join A Full Discord Server? Full Procedure

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To join a server on Discord, you will almost always require an invite link. If the connection is set up correctly, it may expire after 24 hours. As a result, if you receive a link, you may need to act swiftly. The list of servers you can join in the directory excludes the invitation-link requirement. Do you know How To Join A Full Discord Server?

How To Join A Full Discord Server?

You can’t force your way into a fully occupied server. Consider the 800,000 users of the Genshin Impact Discord server. Unless someone leaves the Server (or is booted out) and a slot opens up, your only option is to keep trying to connect as many times as possible, even though I’m not sure if it’s a certainty.

Join A Full Discord Server

How To Connect A Discord Server On A Computer?

Pick the search icon in the left sidebar and connect to a server or search for one using a name or phrase to join a server that doesn’t require an invite link.

  1. Open Discord and, if necessary, log in to your account.
  2. In the left sidebar, click the + sign.
  3. Choose “Join a server” from the drop-down menu.
  4. Paste the invite link into the box and click “Join.”

Joining A Discord Channel

When you want to join a Discord channel, you’ll find yourself in one of two situations. You’re either a member of the Server where it’s located, or you aren’t. I’ve come to deal with both. If you are already a part of the Discord server where the channel is hosted:

The Discord app can be opened by doing so. Open the desktop application (if downloaded and installed) in either the Windows menu (PC) or the Application menu (Mac) if you want (Mac). In my case, the shortcut is in my taskbar or on my desktop.

While it’s possible to access Discord through your browser if you don’t have the desktop software, it’s also possible to log in to the service via the Discord app’s website. Choose the Server of your choice from the drop-down menu on the left. On the main panel, it’ll be on the far left. Enter the Server by clicking on one of the icons and seeing a list of channels.

To join a channel, click on the channel’s name in the channel list. Double-clicking may be necessary. You have the option of either a text-only or a voice-only chat channel, where your words are viewed but not heard.

Look for the # symbol next to the channel name to distinguish text channels from other channels. When connecting to a voice channel, your ISP and the distance between you and the Discord server location will determine the quality of your connection.

The first time you join a voice chat channel, you may be asked if you’d like Discord access to your microphone. Even if you don’t have a microphone, refrain from loitering in the background and listening to everyone else’s conversations. To participate in a channel, you must first join it.

There are two basic ways to join the channel if you aren’t already a member of the Discord server that hosts it. You can either obtain an invitation link from a friend or find one online. A Discord party that doesn’t include any of your pals is a waste of time.

Joining A Discord Server On Mobile

Joining a Discord server or channel via your mobile device is as simple as doing so from a web browser’s desktop application. Because the interfaces are so similar, you may start connecting with a specific channel or Server by following the identical procedures outlined above. To add a server, tap either the Server or the Plus sign (found on the left side of the app).

If you’re already on the Server, tap on the access channels and join in the conversations—Long-press in the input section of your screen to paste the Server URL. Paste should show as an option; tap it. Continue with the setup process as usual by clicking to continue.

How To Attract Users To Your Discord Server?

If you want to join other people’s servers, you can also ask others to join yours. Why is it difficult to persuade people to join your Discord channel? If you plan to use Discord to communicate with others, you must select a server.

Click the Create Invite icon next to your channels to produce an invite link. You may invite your friends to join you by sending them this link. Invite links typically expire after seven days. When Discord shows the invite link, you can click the “Set this link to never expire” option.

Can A Discord Server Be Full?

There is no way to push yourself onto a busy server. Consider the 800,000 users of the Genshin Impact Discord server as an example. Your only option is to attempt to join as frequently as possible in the hopes that you are fortunate enough to have good timing for when a user leaves the server (or is thrown out) and frees up a slot for you to join. However, I’m not even sure if it is a given.

Can You Join An Entire Discord Server?

Yes! In the left sidebar, click the + sign. Choose “Join a server.” Copy the invitation URL, then click “Join.”

Is There A Limit To Discord Server Size?

There is a 250,000 member cap on each new Discord server. However, the server owner can submit a Server Member Cap. As a server approaches that cap, increase requests to accommodate more than 250,000 subscribers.


That’s all I have on How To Join A Full Discord Server? Users can communicate with others via text or voice chat on Discord servers. A guide on how to join a Discord server is presented in this Technologitouch post. You can give it a shot if you want to speak with your pals while playing a game.

Frequently Asked Questions

On Discord, how can you get into a locked VC?

It should be possible for those who don’t have access to a server’s voice channels to “Request” a one-time entry into the channel, and others in the channel can either accept or reject this request from a pop-up in the Discord Overlay.

How many Discord servers can you be a part of at once?

There are no limits on the number of server accounts a single user can have. A different username can even be used for each Server that you join.

On Discord, how can I discover new servers?

To check if there is a public community that shares your interest, type in your keyword and hit “Enter.” As soon as the Server Discovery tab appears, you’ll see a list of all servers that fit your search criteria.

Why am I unable to join any Discord server?

You will not be allowed to join the Server if your Discord link has expired. The number of times a user can click on the link before it expires could also be a factor. You won’t be able to join the Server if that limit has been reached.

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