How To Get Charizard Candy In Pokemon Go? Full Procedure

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Let’s start today’s discussion How To Get Charizard Candy In Pokemon Go? In classic Pokemon form, players get to choose their starter Pokemon right at the start of the game. You can choose from Squirtle, Charmander, or Bulbasaur, but leveling and developing these Pokemon is difficult.

This post will show you how to earn extra Candy for Squirtle, Charmander, and Bulbasaur to level up your starter, develop it into more powerful versions, and possibly utilize it in gym battles. So, you’ve been playing Pokemon Go for quite a while now. Right?

You wish to catch a Charizard, a rare Pokemon. You’ve come to the right place! In this post, we’ll look at what Charizard is, how to capture it, Charizard’s strongest movesets, and more. This is an extensive tutorial to completing this mission in Pokemon Go, so take your time reading it!

There are two types to choose from when it comes to uncommon Pokemon. They’re uncommon and legendary. The legendary is the most precious creature in the Pokemon universe out of those two categories. In truth, several legendary Pokemon were purposefully buried to be revealed at major in-game events. Charizard, on the other hand, belongs to the legendary category.

Charizard is a Pokemon that is both fire and flying. It’s susceptible to rock attacks. Charizard debuted in the first generation of Pokemon. Charizard, unfortunately, failed to make a significant impression in the competitive arena. After some time, it was dropped from the competitive scene entirely.

We’ll take a closer look at how to catch Charizard in Pokemon Go in the following section. It is rather simple to accomplish in our experience. As a result, pay attention to the following area. You will be able to finish this work quickly after completing it.

How To Get Charizard Candy In Pokemon Go?

Unfortunately, the best approach to catching Charizard is unavailable in the game. There isn’t a set pattern for catching Charizard. To catch it, you must be at a higher level in the game. Some gamers claim that catching a Charizard necessitates being at a higher level, specifically above 11.

Others in the Pokemon community said that they had achieved level 15 and that it was only after that that they were able to catch their first Charizard. So, whether you have a chance to catch Charizard depends entirely on how effectively you play the game and which level you are on.

  • Pokémon capture: Unfortunately, grinding out those receptions is the best approach.
  • Using berries in combat.
  • Using Berries at the Gym.
  • Taking a Buddy Pokémon on a stroll.
  • The movement of Pokémon.
  • Earn Candy in Pokémon Go via hatching eggs.
  • Pokémon exchange
Get Charizard Candy In Pokemon Go

Here’s something you should be aware of. Before catching Charizard, always save as many Pokeballs as you can. Charizard is generally found in the wild, and it is the only place where it can be found. To catch a Charizard, give it enough raspberries before tossing some Pokeballs.

Make sure your Pokeball lands in the center circle and stays there for a while when you throw it. Also, make sure Charizard gets a perfect Pokeball hit. If you can complete both tasks successfully, the Charizard beauty is yours to keep!

The Best Way To Obtain Candy In Pokémon Go

While the game evolves, more and more ways to obtain Candy become available, so keep them all in mind as you play. After all, it is one of the hardest materials to get.

Catching Pokémon

Unfortunately, the best way is to slog out those catches. In the Gen 2 update, second and third-tier evolutions will now give out more Candy in the wild than their first evolution counterparts, increasing from 3 Candy to 5 and 10 Candy, respectively.

From identifying Pokémon nests to finding Pokémon spawn places, there are techniques to speed up the procedure for the creature you require. It’s worth noting that seasonal updates, such as Candy during Pokémon Go’s Halloween event, may increase the pace of particular drops, so keep a watch on game updates to build your supply.

Berries In Battle Provide Extra Candy

New Berries were included in the Gen 2 Pokémon update, introducing new effects when encountering wild Pokémon. Pinap Berries, for example, will quadruple the amount of Candy you get if your next catch attempt is successful.

Using Berries At Gyms Will Give You More Candy

As part of the massive Gym overhaul in the summer of 2017, feeding a creature at a Gym owned by your team has a slim chance of dropping a Candy for that Pokémon. Gyms frequently loaded with Blisseys, Tyranitars, and Dragonites make it one of the easiest ways to earn high-level Candy and give you another compelling incentive to keep those Berries.

Candy Can Be Obtained By Walking With A Buddy Pokémon

You can assign a Pokemon as a partner to give you Candy after a certain walking distance as part of the September 2016 update. There are a few peculiarities to this system. For example, certain Pokemon require longer distances to drop rewards than others. Which we go into in-depth in our Pokémon Go Buddy system piece. It’s a chance to gain bonus goods for free, just like Eggs.

Transferring Pokémon

Transferring Pokémon not only gets rid of them from your inventory (go to your Pokémon screen, tap the menu at the bottom right, and then choose Transfer), but it also gives you one Candy.

How Do You Get Charmander Candy In Pokemon Go?

Catching Pokemon from the same evolutionary tree is the greatest way to acquire sweets in Pokemon Go. To level up or evolve any of the forms in that tree, for instance, you would receive the Charmander Candy by capturing a Charmander, Charmeleon, or Charizard.

How To Catch Charizard In Pokemon Go?

To catch a Charizard, you must feed it enough raspberries before throwing some Pokeballs at it. Make sure your Pokeball lands in the center circle and remains there for a while when you throw it. Additionally, be careful to hit Charizard with a perfect Pokeball hit.


I’ve discussed How To Get Charizard Candy In Pokemon Go? Attract Charmander, and how many Charizard are required for evolution. I wish you find this post useful as you play. Please leave any further questions in the comments section. I appreciate it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the easiest way to get Charmander candy?

What is the best way to get free Charmander candy? Catching Pokemon from the same evolutionary tree is the greatest way to acquire sweets in Pokemon Go. Taking a Charmander, Charmeleon, or Charizard, for example, will provide you with the Charmander Candy required to level up or change any of the forms in that tree.

In Pokemon Go, how can you get Charmeleon?

Cities, Neighborhoods, and Dry/Arid Climate Locations are among the spawn locations where you can find and catch them. 2 KM Eggs can also be used to hatch them. Feed Charmander 25 candies after catching it. Charmeleon will eventually evolve from Charmander.

Is it possible to make the Pokemon walk?

Pokemon GO players may either spoof their app or use a device to manually move the phone to make the game think they’re walking when they aren’t. Spoofing is a common practice among Pokemon GO players.

In Pokemon GO, how can you get Mewtwo?

When the Pokémon is released, it will only be found in five-star raids. It will become accessible for you to capture once you and the other raid members have defeated the Pokémon. Premier Balls are the only method to catch a Mewtwo, so make sure you have several before going into a raid.

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