How To Forward Calls Without Having The Phone? (Do This)

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You’re not always in a position to answer the phone unless you sit motionless all day (blink twice for assistance). Additionally, if your company phone number is connected to a landline or a conventional desk phone, you can spend more time away from it than using it. Fortunately, it’s easy to prevent missed calls by understanding how to forward calls to the best available number. We’ll walk you through How To Forward Calls Without Having The Phone? procedure and show you how a cloud phone system may make working while on the go even easier.

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How To Forward Calls Without Having The Phone?

  • After hearing the dial tone, enter *72.
  • Next, dial the phone number you want to forward calls to, then press the # key.
  • Following that, you will get a confirmation that your call-forwarding configuration is complete.

How To Forward Calls On Traditional Phones Or Landlines?

Call forwarding can become your greatest buddy if you’re still utilizing a regular workplace phone but are frequently on the go. Redirect your calls to a mobile phone number or to a different team member to avoid becoming dependent on your desk phone.

Your desk phone’s type will determine the procedure you must follow. Ask your IT department for directions on how to forward calls if your office has a private internal phone network. However, if you use a landline, you can forward calls using the following four steps:

  • Dial *72.
  • Enter the phone number, including the area code, to receive your forwarded calls.
  • Click the pound (#).
  • Hold off on hanging up until you hear a confirmation tone.

Your chosen phone number will receive all of your calls automatically. Are you prepared to pick up your landline once more? To get started, dial *73 and wait for the confirmation tone. You may also set up conditional call forwarding with many service providers, which only transfers calls when you don’t respond or your phone line is otherwise unavailable. The correct activation and deactivation codes for this cutting-edge function can be obtained from your provider.

How To Forward Calls On Smartphones?

Congratulations on switching from a landline to a cell phone for business! No longer are you concerned that you may miss important business calls merely because you are out running errands.

Phone forwarding can still be helpful when you’re away on a fantasy vacation or are too busy to answer. If you use the same phone number for both work and personal calls, there is no way to forward business calls strictly, but it can guarantee some time away from answering calls.

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Before beginning the setup process, you must first determine if your phone uses the Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) or the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) network. We won’t dive into the technical details, so don’t let the significant terms worry you. To find out which network your carrier utilizes, you have to Google it or ask them directly.

Hint: If you use AT&T or T-Mobile, you presumably have a GSM phone, and if you use Sprint or Verizon, you probably have a CDMA phone. After determining if you have a GSM or CDMA phone, proceed to the appropriate call-forwarding technique.

iPhones On A GSM Network

When you have an iPhone, forwarding calls to another number is simple. There is no need to dial or remember any codes. Just carry out these actions.

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Choose “Phone.”
  • Select “Call Forwarding.”
  • Switch call forwarding on.
  • Type the phone number to which your forwarded calls will be forwarded.

Toggle the call forwarding option back off to resume receiving calls on your iPhone whenever you like. Although Apple doesn’t come with a built-in conditional call forwarding feature, your carrier may allow you to activate one by dialing a code, just like you would on a landline.

Androids On A GSM Network

A GSM network of Android smartphones will exist in the future. You can quickly select from four different call-forwarding options without placing a single call using these devices.

This is how:

  • Open the Phone app.
  • Click the menu symbol with three dots, then select “Settings” or “Call settings.”
  • Select “Call forwarding.” 3.
  • Select one of the four options: “Always forward” to automatically forward all calls; “Forward when busy” to reroute if you’re on a call; “Forward when unanswered” to reroute whenever you don’t answer; or “Forward when unreached” to forward in the event that you don’t have a phone signal, your phone is off, or it is in airplane mode.
  • Type in and confirm the phone number that will receive your forwarded calls.

Just tap on the option you enabled and choose “Turn off” to stop call forwarding.

Smartphones On A CDMA Network

CDMA phones lack call-forwarding features out of the box. You can still forward calls, though, by doing the following:

  • Enter your forwarded calls’ destination phone number’s ten digits plus *72. As a result, you would dial *722125550000 to route your calls to (212) 555-0000.
  • Press the dialing key.
  • Do not end the call until you hear a confirmation tone.

Your phone service provider will determine the dialed number to stop forwarding. For instance, if you use Sprint, you dial *720, and if you use Verizon, *73.

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Simplify Business Calls With A Cloud Phone System

Do you remember when we said that GSM Android phones would be there in the future? A cloud phone system is a different option that might be even more innovative than that. Cloud phone systems, also called VoIP phone services, like OpenPhone, make it simple to place and receive calls from any location on any device even your computer without needing call forwarding.

Downloading an app and logging into your account is all that is required. You will then start getting calls on that smartphone. You may do this immediately on your business phone app when you need to set up call forwarding for your busy days or your time off.

The most excellent aspect is that your personal and work calls won’t be routed through the same phone number when you take your mobile phone on vacation. Business calls you receive through the app will be forwarded by your cloud phone system, while personal calls from family and friends can still reach you on your smartphone.

How To Forward Calls On iPhone (GSM Network)?

On an iPhone, call forwarding is relatively easy to set up. Here’s a simple tutorial on how to forward calls on an iPhone.

  • Access Settings
  • From the menu, choose “Phone.”
  • Choose “Call Forwarding.”
  • Enable the call forwarding function.
  • The phone number you want to receive your forwarded calls should be entered.

All you have to do to disable call forwarding is flip the option back off! Turn it off again after performing steps 1 through 3. The button should once more change from Green to Gray. Although conditional call forwarding is not a standard feature on iPhones, you may still access it by dialing a code. The carrier and network both play a role in this. For the following scenarios, conditional call forwarding can be configured:

Forward Phone Calls When Your iPhone Is Left Unanswered

You must dial *61*Your Phone Number# and press the call button to configure conditional call forwarding for this situation. A message that says “Forwarding when Unanswered Activated” or anything similar will ensure that the feature has been activated, so hold off until you hear it. Calling *61*Your Phone Number# once more will remove the feature.

Forward Phone Calls When You Don’t Have A Signal Or Are Otherwise Unreachable

You must enter *62*Your Phone Number# and press the call button to configure conditional call forwarding for this situation. A confirmation that the function has been activated will say something like “Forwarding when Unreachable Activated” or something similar. Calling *62*Your Phone Number# once more will remove the feature.

Forward Phone Calls When Your iPhone Is Busy

You must dial *67*Your Phone Number# and press the call button to configure conditional call forwarding for this situation. A message that says “Forwarding while Busy Activated” or something similar will confirm that the feature has been activated. Calling *67*Your Phone Number# once more will remove the feature.

How To Forward Calls On Android (GSM Network)

On the GSM network, Android phones provide a more sophisticated call-forwarding experience. To personalize your choices and forward your calls, follow these steps:

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  • Open the app on your phone.
  • Choose the three dots or “breadcrumbs.”
  • Navigate to Call Settings or Settings.
  • Choose “Call Forwarding.”
  • One of the following four choices:
  • Any call will be automatically forwarded if “Always Forward” is selected.
  • If you are already on a call, “Forward When Busy” will forward calls to you.
  • Your calls will be forwarded when you don’t answer if you select “Forward When Unanswered.”

If you don’t have a signal, aren’t using your phone, or have it turned off or in airplane mode, you can use the “Forward When Unreached” option to reroute your calls. After choosing one of the alternatives, you will input the phone number you want your calls to be routed.

To Conclude

Let’s go a little further on How To Forward Calls Without Having The Phone? When a small business subscribes to a cloud phone service like, it becomes possible to answer calls from any location and on any device, including your computer, by simply installing an app or launching a browser.

Additionally, you get several practical features, such as more advanced call forwarding and other tools that assist you in picking up the phone, promoting responsiveness, and enhancing communication within your company.

You may set up call forwarding directly in the app if you need to use it while traveling or in “Do Not Disturb” mode. The best thing is that, if you wish, you can ensure that only business calls are routed through the cloud phone system and that personal calls continue to reach you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I activate Call Forwarding remotely?

You can easily activate Call Forwarding remotely when you’re not at home. You can use any phone to divert calls to a number where you can be reached if you have remote access. You’ll need a unique access phone number and PIN to use the service.

Can I forward my calls if my phone is broken?

Install the SIM card from the damaged phone in the working phone (to which you will be forwarding calls). You will be on the desired forwarding number. In North America, dial *72, the active phone number, and then #.

How can I remotely forward my home phone to my mobile?

From your landline phone, enter star-seven-two (*72) and wait for the call tone. Press the 10-digit mobile phone number you want your calls routed to make that happen.

What is the code of call forwarding?

Call forwarding is frequently enabled by dialing *72 and the phone number to which calls should be routed. Call forwarding starts as soon as someone answers. To implement call forwarding, the dialing process must be repeated if no one picks up the phone or the line is busy. By dialing *73, call forwarding can be turned off.

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