How To Fix Skullcandy INK’D Ear Buds? Do This

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Skullcandy is a brand that manufactures a wide range of headphones, including in-ear and over-ear models, earbuds, and other personal audio products. They are favored among outdoor sports fans. Skullcandy Headphones are fashionable because of their good aesthetics.

While similar to conventional headphones, they can still malfunction or break. If your Skullcandy headphones are having problems, you can attempt to repair them by doing a few things. Another benefit of buying Skullcandy products is their extensive lifetime product warranty. Want to know How To Fix Skullcandy INK’D Ear Buds?

These Skullcandy INK’D Earphones include a collar that sits on your neck, allowing you to enjoy your music and podcasts without having to worry about a wire getting in the way. Even though they are very light, these laptops are capable of storing up to 8 hours of battery life with Rapid Charge technology, meaning you may gain 2 hours of battery life in only 10 minutes of charging.

Attempt to wiggle the headphone cables and connections. They could have been moved away from their original location. It’s important to proceed slowly to avoid damaging your headphones any further.

How To Fix Skullcandy INK’D Ear Buds?

For your earbuds and smartphone to recognize one another, ensure they are together. Activate Bluetooth on any devices you own. Select your Skullcandy earbuds from the devices detected by going to Bluetooth in the Settings section of your phone. Click on them to reconnect them to the phone now.

Fix Skullcandy INK'D Ear Buds

Step 1

Instead of plugging the headphones into the same sound source, try plugging them into a separate one. If your headphones don’t play sound, yet you still have an issue, it may be with the audio player you’re using, rather than the Skullcandy headphones.

Step 2

Skullcandy’s lifetime warranty will fix any issues with your headphones if they persist. Your headphones will be exchanged for a similar or identical one. To start the warranty process, be sure to register online on Skullcandy’s website.

Step 3

Even if you broke your headphones yourself, you can still use Skullcandy’s guarantee (for example, by dropping them). You’re eligible for a 50% discount on a new pair of headphones in this situation.

What Are The Instructions For Resetting Skullcandy Earbuds?

Bluetooth headphones frequently get into a bind due to a variety of reasons, and knowing how to restart them may cure the vast majority of these. Compared to wired headphones, Bluetooth headphones are significantly more convenient, while they’re quite difficult to deal with at times, unfortunately.

Does your headset appear to operate for a day and then fail? Does your Smartphone suddenly cease pairing with your phone, and you’re confused as to why? Are your headphones buzzing with static? You are not isolated. Bluetooth headphones commonly have issues like these. Nor is it because of the poor quality of their headphones. Manufacturers haven’t yet developed Bluetooth technology, so it’s just that.

  • It’s unlikely that your malfunctioning Bluetooth headphones are broken. Just reset it.
  • You can fix a lot of issues with a simple factory reset, such as Bluetooth headsets, for example:
  • If you do not connect your Bluetooth headset to your Smartphone or laptop
  • You’ll have trouble finding your Bluetooth headphones if your Smartphone can’t locate them.
  • If your device is able to locate the headphones, but they won’t connect to the other,
  • Even if both your headphones and your device are fully charged, if your headphones continually disconnect you may need to adjust the placement of your device.
  • if the audio is playing after the video
  • If there is a lot of static in the sound
  • If you can connect your headphones with Bluetooth but there is no sound, even if your headphones are set to a default playback device.

For the most part, you are not dealing with a hardware problem. You can easily resolve this problem by resetting your headphones.

In some cases, you may encounter software problems. For instance, if you have applied software upgrades or firmware alterations to your Smartphone or headphones, you may need to reset them so that they function again.

The Ultimate Resetting Guide For Bluetooth Headphones

Even though each headphone maker has a different method to reconnect, there is a generic approach to resetting most Bluetooth headsets.

  1. Find the power button.
  2. Keep the power button held down.
  3. Push the button until the light indicator on the Bluetooth headset flashes blue or red.

Skullcandy Headphone Reset Instructions

  1. Make sure to erase your Skullcandy headphones from the linked devices list on your laptop or phone.
  2. To access the advanced features, hold down the volume up and down keys on the right ear cup.
  3. You will know the headphones have been reset when the two LED indicator lights blink yellow.

Skullcandy Ink’d Wireless Earbuds Won’t Turn On

If solutions do work, you may also attempt a hard reset. When you plug the headset into the charger, hold down the power, -, and + buttons for 30 seconds before unplugging and trying to switch it on again.

Skullcandy Ink’d Wireless Not Charging

At the same time, press and hold the + and – volume keys until the light flickers red and blue. 4. The light should turn red and start charging once more after being turned off while still plugged in. I hope it helps you since it did for me.


Bluetooth headphones’ settings should be changed periodically. Running into headset issues while listening to your favorite music, watching videos, or taking calls hands-free? Performing a reset can help with any troubles. The options we just discussed are, of course, only a few of the quick remedies you can employ. If there are any, we missed about How To Fix Skullcandy INK’D Ear Buds? let us know in the comments section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my Skullcandy earbud seem to be broken?

Be sure to check if any debris is preventing the charging pins in the case or bud from operating properly. Be sure to check the position of the replaceable in-ear gels, which may be preventing the buds from fitting snugly in the case.

Do you have a spare earbud?

You will have to pay for the loss of your earbud outside of the warranty. You can contact Samsung’s support personnel in some locations (such as Australia) and explain what has happened, after which you can replace a single earbud, only the charging case, or even one earbud plus the charging case.

Why is my Bluetooth earphone only working on one side?

The audio in Mono’s ears is usually the same; however, it may cause difficulty at times. Balance difficulties arise when the balance scale is capable of tilting in either direction. The Accessibility options of your Smartphone let you check for mono and balancing settings. You will see a sliding bar with the left and right options.

Do you have any spares for my stolen AirPods?

Can you lend your stolen AirPods to someone? Although you can sync your stolen AirPods to another iPhone if they are out of range of your iPhone, the AirPods must be synchronized to your iPhone first. Your AirPods will typically be between 30 and 100 feet away from your iPhone. Stolen AirPods can be connected to a new device when they’re out of range.

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