How To Fix Print Spooler On Android Phone? Process Guide

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Luckily, while this is an extremely inconvenient printer issue, it is also extremely frequent. Below, we’ll explain How To Fix Print Spooler On Android Phone? And the steps you’ll need to take to resolve the problem and resume printing.

Printer, take that to the bank! Is your printer giving you error messages like Print Spooler service Error, Printer Connectivity Failed,’ ‘the global print printer connection program not running, or Please restart the spooler,’ or something similar? Why can’t it just notify us in simple English when there’s a mistake with the printer? Is it possible that our printers despise us?

How To Fix Print Spooler On Android Phone?

  • On your Android smartphone, tap the settings icon and the Apps or Applications option.
  • Choose “Show System Apps” under this heading.
  • Choose “Print Spooler” from the list of options by scrolling down.
  • Then click Clear Data and Clear Cache.
  • The file or image you wish to print should be opened.
Fix Print Spooler On Android Phone

What Is A Print Spooler Service, And How Does It Work?

Spooling is a computer coding term that refers to a PC application that organizes information and data and sends it to a device with limited memory that can process the data quickly, such as a printer.

What Is The Purpose Of A Printer Spooler?

Because it isn’t quick enough and doesn’t have enough memory, the printer would strain to manage all of the information regarding what you’re printing all at once. This is particularly true if your printer is linked to a network in an office where multiple individuals are printing at the same time.

As a result, the printer requires a program to determine the order in which the documents should be printed (based on who clicked print first) and to submit the list of documents to be printed in stages rather than all at once.

You will have a spooler integrated into your device if you use a Windows os. It communicates with your printer to place print orders. You don’t have to wait for one job to complete before purchasing up another with a spooler; it puts it in a queue and prepares it, which is where the name print queue originates from.

Common Issues Include

After you click print on mobile, your printer may experience a variety of spooler-related issues. When a problem occurs with one text that has been delivered to the printers and put to the print settings by the spooler, all print jobs in the queue behind it will stop. These can include the following: Print jobs that have become blocked in the queue the spooler’s data or documents become corrupt, and the spooler is unable to translate them for the printer.

Spooler service failure – The computer or spooler program has crashed in the middle of transferring data. All of the problems outlined above will cause your printer to stall and stop printing any more of your important papers.

What Is A Printer Spooler Problem And How Do I Fix It?

Problem With The Printer Spooler

It’s a good idea to restart your laptop and then re-send the instructions to the printer before proceeding. For some, this will suffice, but not for those dealing with a more complicated problem.

However, it’s critical to attempt this first to check it out (Before restarting, ensure to back up any documents you may have). However, you may have to restart your spooler. This will clear the queue and eliminate any errors in the system. This is how you do it:

  • Close any programs you might have tried to print with, such as Word or other.
  • Go to the Start menu and type Administrative Tools, then Services.
  • Problem with the Printer Spooler
  • Then scroll down to Print Spooler on the listing that appears. Select ‘Stop’ from the context menu by right-clicking.

Double-click Local Disk (C 🙂 under My Computer. After that, go to the Windows folder. Remove all print jobs from this folder. Return to Services, locate Print Spooler, and right-click on it. Select Start now. Now reopen the program you just quit and attempt printing the document as usual.

To Clear, The Printer Queue, Follow These Steps

You can also empty the print queue by instructing all of us who have delivered anything to the printer to go out to their computer’s control center, go to ‘Printers and devices,’ right-click the machine icon, and choose ‘See what’s printing.’ The person who sent the product to the printer will then need to cancel every single object from the queue in the list of things printed.

Install The Latest Print Driver And Software

The printer spooler can also fail due to outdated printer drivers (software implemented on the PC that interfaces with the printer). Look for a new ‘printer driver on your printer manufacturer’s website, which is an upgraded version of the software, and install the most recent driver on your PC. Many printer troubles can be resolved this way.

  • On your Android device, tap the settings icon and choose the Apps or Programs button.
  • In this section, select ‘Show System Apps.’
  • Scroll down to the ‘Print Spooler’ area and pick it. Until you can do so, you must first click Storage on some devices.
  • Press the Clear Cache & Clear Data buttons at the same time.
  • Locate the documents or images users want to print and open.
  • Press the print button after selecting the menu icon.
  • Devices and printers screen will open, allowing you to choose your preferred printer

Print Spooler Printer Blocked Android

  • Select the Apps or Applications menu by tapping the settings cog on your Android smartphone.
  • To reveal the system applications, tap the button here.
  • Choose “Print Spooler” from the options below.
  • Use the Clean Cache and Clear Data buttons together.
  • Get the file you wish to print open.

What Is Print Spooler Android?

The software on your computer known as a printer spooler manages the task of maintaining and sending a list of print jobs to the printer in the chronological order they were produced.


The ‘print spooler error’ is a common source of frustration for Android users. If you’re one of them, keep reading because we’ll explain How To Fix Print Spooler On Android Phone? A printing option is available on every Android phone.

You can print everything immediately from your Android smartphone if you have a suitable printer. Hopefully, this has resolved the printer spooler error, and you’ve returned to printing bliss! What do you think of those apple printers?

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if Print Spooler is turned off?

The effect of the workaround when you turn off the Print Spooler service you won’t be able to print locally or remotely. To prevent remote attacks, disable the “Allow Print Spooler to receive client connections:” policy. The Print Spooler process must be restarted for the domain controller to take effect.

What are the options for changing the print spooler settings?

Select Start | Options | Printers to configure the printer’s Spool Setting. Right-click on the symbol for the printers you want in the Machines window, and then pick Properties from the popup window. On the Properties tab of the printer’s Properties dialogue box, click the [Spool Options] button.

Do I need to use the print spooler?

The Print Spooler service is installed by default on all Windows clients & servers. When a computer is attached to a printer that delivers printing services to other computers on the network, the Print Spooler service is required.

What is the purpose of a printer spool?

Spool Printing enables print jobs to be temporarily held and then printed after they have been transferred from a computer. This reduces printing time while increasing printer efficiency. The print file is stored in the hard disc before printing with Spool Printing.

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