How To Fix HP Printer Error 49? Step By Step Guide

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Have you ever used an HP LaserJet printer and had similar issues with the printer head displaying errors? Then go on to learn How To Fix HP Printer Error 49? In this article, in which we spoke with various professional printer technicians before giving the solutions to the 49 errors. Many HP printer users have feared Error 49 in the past.

How To Fix HP Printer Error 49?

It’s a common problem with printers in the HP LaserJet line. After extensive investigation and analysis by professional technicians, they have determined that the problem is mostly caused by three factors: software issues, formatted or firmware defects, and communication issues. Secondary errors such as 49.4C02, 49.4CF2, and others are linked to the Code 49 Error.

Fix HP Printer Error 49

How To Troubleshoot HP Printer Error 49?

Communication error codes are the 49 Problem Codes On HP LaserJet Printers. They can be difficult to troubleshoot because there are a variety of causes for 49 problems. Also, these faults can be transitory errors that go away after a reboot, or they can be more serious errors that necessitate a hardware replacement.

On HP LaserJet printers, here are a few tips for addressing 49 error codes. The best course of action is to believe it’s a one-time occurrence. To resolve the 49 problems, turn the printer off, unhook it from the system, clear all pending jobs from the print queue (just on the computer), and then reboot the printer.

The network/computer cable can then be reconnected, and you can try printing again. A driver that is mismatched or corrupted can result in 49 errors. Try to recall if the 49 problem happens exclusively with specific print operations (for example only when printing from custom software or only when printing a certain document that is more complex or memory-intensive than average).

A mismatched or damaged driver has likely been allocated to the printer in certain circumstances. Faulty drivers can provide incorrect data to the printer, resulting in a 49 error. Try downloading a different driver and replacing it; we normally prefer PCL5 and PostScript drivers (not PCL6).

It can take a lot of trial and error to find the proper driver. If you’re not familiar with drivers, check out our tutorial on how to install printer drivers. A 49 error might also be caused by a defective Jet Direct network card.

You can test behind the Jet Direct network adapter by attaching it to the printer through another connection, such as a USB or parallel port, and see if the identical jobs print well when you don’t use the network card.

If necessary, replace the Jet Direct card; we sell Jet Direct cards on our Jet Direct page. Many recent LaserJet printers do not use Jet Direct cards, instead of having the network interface soldered directly onto the main computer motherboard (called the formatter assembly). In some circumstances, the complete formatter assembly would need to be replaced.

A 49 error can be caused by a faulty accessory or memory chip inserted in the formatter slots. Optional hard drives, memory chips, and other accessories are common. If you doubt one of these items, simply remove the attachments or storage chips one at a time and restart to see if anything helps.

On some models, the firmware is built into the formatter, and it may be necessary to change the formatter. Some printers contain a firmware DIMM, but it may not be Flash ROM and so cannot be changed, necessitating the replacement of the DIMM. The flash ROM, CFM, and EMMC in the most recent models can be updated or flashed on HP’s website.

How Do I Clear The Error Code On My HP Printer?

To erase the error code, try these steps:

  • Verify that the paper tray is installed properly.
  • Install the staple stacker once more.
  • You may be attempting to print envelopes while the duplex mode is on.
  • Make sure the printers are configured properly.
  • Lastly, attempt a reset procedure.

How Do I Fix My HP Printer Connection Error?

  • Restart any network-connected devices to clear any error statuses.
  • Off the printer.
  • Any Ethernet or USB cords should be disconnected from the printer.
  • Wait fifteen seconds after unplugging the Wi-Fi router’s power cord before plugging it back in and watching for the connection status indicator to appear on the router’s LEDs.
  • Switch On the computer again.


Here we end up all about How To Fix HP Printer Error 49? A faulty command, incorrect data, invalid actions, firmware, influencing the behavior, or possibly peripherals like an EIO card or memory, according to HP’s printer repair manual, can cause 49 errors. Extra trays, duplexers, packet feeders, and other items, according to some sources, can generate this mistake in specific conditions.

This error number also appears when the information sent to the printer is unclear, too sophisticated, or contains a language, detail, typeface, command, animation gif, or program that the Laser printer does not handle.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the procedure for performing a cold reset on my HP printer?

Turn the printer off. Turn it on by pressing and holding the green checkmark button till all three lights are illuminated. Stop pushing the checkbox after the lights are turned on. When Pick Language displays, select Cold Reset with the Up Arrow button and then press the green checkbox button again.

What should I do if I get an HP error?

Try the following actions to resolve the issue:
Ensure that they turn the printer on.
Verify that the printer is linked to your pc or wireless network.
Check that your printer’s paper tray is loaded and that there is enough ink in the printer.
If the problem persists, contact HP printer support.

What is the cause of my HP printer’s error?

If the status of your printer says Printer in mistake state, there could be an issue with the printer itself. Ensure that the turn the printer on and that it is linked to your computer by Wi-Fi or a cable. Make sure it doesn’t have any low paper or ink, and that the cover isn’t open or the paper isn’t stuck.

What is causing the printing error?

This service may be stopped because of bad data in the spool/printing tray. The connection between your laptop and the printer is the other most likely cause of the printing error. This could be the driver for the printer or the driver for the USB port.

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