How To Fix A Broken LCD Screen? Full Procedure

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Here is basic information about How To Fix A Broken LCD Screen? In our daily lives, LCD TV is a very personal thing. It not only entertains and educates us about what is going on in the world, but it also helps bring families from different houses together by allowing us to feast on our favorite films. Even though we live in the age of mobile devices, there are still sufficient people who prefer television over mobile.

When your cherished TV Screens Crack, it’s understandably worrisome. As a result of this, it’s uncommon to find a cracked TV screen. However, if this occurs, no random mechanical should be tasked with mending it.

Instead, only those who are completely familiar with the job should be enlisted. Furthermore, before proceeding with cracked TV Screen Repair, you should review the following key points and advice provided by our professionals.

How To Fix A Broken LCD Screen?

An LCD screen that has been cracked or shattered cannot be fixed. It will be necessary to acquire a new LCD screen. A new monitor will have to be obtained for a desktop computer.

Fix A Broken LCD Screen

The Most Common Causes Of A Cracked Television Screen

To begin, let’s consider how TV screens can shatter. There are a plethora of causes for this. The majority of the time, it is harmed by accident. Your youngster kicks or hits a ball that, regrettably, lands in the middle of the television! Alternatively, the television, perched dangerously on the corner of a table, topples over and cracks!

It’s also possible that you’ll drop it while transferring or installing it. As a result, it’s best to keep your TV out of reach of children, and you shouldn’t let them play with balls in that area. Its installation and transportation (from one location to another) should also be flawless, preferably with the assistance of qualified personnel.

What Happens If The Screen Cracks?

When the liquid crystal container vessel breaks, the black smudges of ink that characterize a physically damaged LCD begin to spread through the fractures and seep outside of the glass substrates.

Thousands of semiconductors along the crack have been permanently severed (a 1080p screen has 2,073,600 pixels and 6,220,800 sub-pixel transistors) sewing them together is similar to neurological surgery.

Because an LCD panel requires so many few connections to function at all, there are essentially no fake or counterfeit laptop screens. To develop a current functional LCD TV, a cutting-edge technological environment with clean rooms and commercial filtering systems is necessary.

What Should You Do If LCD Screen Break Down?

What happens if your Television Screen Cracks? Is this the end of the narrative (as some internet sites appear to suggest) or can it still be effectively repaired? Damage Assessment: When a TV display cracks, the damage can range from a fully dead screen to minor lines in the image, as well as no picture, no sound, and poor picture quality.

Before you give up hope, take a deep breath and assess the damage, as well as the alternatives available to you. You shouldn’t try to fix the issue at home unless you’re an expert in electronics, particularly if it’s a flat-screen CRT. Most of the time, you’ll touch it incorrectly and receive a powerful shock.

Check Your TV Guarantee

One option is to get out the paperwork and see if the TV is still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. If that’s the case, all you have to do now is take the television to a licensed servicing center (To receive genuine services, please contact the professionals only at an authorized service center).

Most likely, you’ll receive a free repair, a compensated repair, or a replacement (Depending on the origin of the damage and the conditions of your television manufacturer’s/warranty provider’s contract).

How To Repair A Damaged LCD Screen?

But is it possible to fix an LCD panel with a fracture? But, no. A touchscreen layer can be added on top of the LCD screen’s back-light assembly and LCD matrix, as well as any extra front layers needed to give a glossy effect or to diffuse reflections.

Can You Fix A Broken LCD Screen?

There is no way to fix a broken LCD screen. Buying a new LCD is required. The display screen of a desktop PC must be replaced.


Hence, we conclude all about How To Fix A Broken LCD Screen? Some touch screens can currently be replaced individually from the LCD module but even these are gradually becoming slimmer and more sophisticated and some LCD modules just now include the touch-screen in their construction in which case the resistive touch screens can only be replaced in conjunction with the LCD.

Replacing an LCD monitor is still a better option than replacing your laptop. Not only is it good for the environment, but you also keep all of your files and settings; you get to keep the device you’re used to; and, with so many videos uploaded by our happy customers replacing their screens for the first time in their lives, it’s also fair to say that Repairing Your TV can be just as satisfying and exciting as shopping for a new device!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to replace a shattered television screen?

The cost of a TV screen fixing ranges from $200 to $400 on average. It’s not uncommon, however, for you to be unable to repair the screen. The screen is one of the most expensive components of a television, as well as one of the most vulnerable to damage and collisions. Many contractors would suggest that you get a new television instead.

Is it less expensive to buy a new TV than to fix an old one?

Smith, who planned to pick up his fixed LG from PNCR Technical Support in Chesterfield last week, said, It’s cheaper than purchasing a similar-sized new TV. Consumer Reports recommends that buyers spend no more than 50% of the cost of a new item or appliance repairing an old one.

Is it preferable to repair or replace your television?

If the cost of repairing your TV is much less than the cost of purchasing a new one, it is worthwhile. A cracked screen is often the most costly repair for a flat-screen TV, costing more than a whole TV for all but the biggest screen sizes.

Is it possible to fix an LED TV screen?

If your flat-screen TV has vertical bars, half of the display has darkened, the screen is broken, or the screen is shattered, it can be repaired, however, you should expect to pay at least as much as you paid for the TV itself. You can attempt replacing the Display, LCD, Plasma, or LED part if your screen is damaged or broken.

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