How To Find Pinned Messages On Discord Android? Procedure

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Here we start all about How To Find Pinned Messages On Discord Android? Discord is a group chat program similar to Team Speak or Skype. Even though it was originally designed for gamers, it is frequently used in the workplace, on projects, and for professional cooperation. It’s easy to use, but there are several Discord capabilities that you may not know about.

Pinning messages is one example of this. Server administrators, moderators, and other users who access Edit Messages in various channels can use this feature. When a new user joins a channel, this functionality helps you quickly identify and share important messages.

You can use this feature to ensure that important information such as system rules doesn’t get lost in the shuffle months after being first posted. How to pin messages on Discord for PC and Mac and, iPhone & Android mobile devices will be covered today.

How To Find Pinned Messages On Discord Android?

  • Launch Discord. Navigate to the far right-hand top menu. The pin option is located next to the notification option; select it.
  • A submenu will now appear. The section you seek is located here. All of your pinned messages are now visible under “Pinned Messages.”
Find Pinned Messages On Discord Android

How To View Pinned Discord Messages?

After learning how to pin messages, it’s time to find out where they go. Follow these simple steps to quickly locate all of your essential communications. It’s a skill you’ll use every day after you learn it. The following is a step-by-step guide.

Step 1

Take a look at your Discord. Take a look at the top button on the right-hand side of the screen. Make sure you choose the pin option next to your notice selection.

Step 2

You’ll now see a submenu appear. You’ve come to the right place. Pinned Messages now display all of your pinned messages. That’s all there is to it. Your most essential messages will appear in this section.

Step 3

To begin, place your cursor over the words in the channel. You’ll see the More buttons on the right-hand side.

Step 4 

Once you click on the Pin Message option, a confirmation dialogue will pop up. You must confirm that you’re sure about pinning it. It’s time to pin this image to your Pinterest board.

Step 5 

That’s it! You’ve successfully pinned the message. There is a thumbtack icon at the top right-hand corner that allows you to see any messages that have been pinned. A simple click of the Jump button will bring you immediately to that message, allowing you to rapidly access and share a direct connection to the post or read the full context of a pinned message. Remove an existing pinned message by clicking the X and then selecting Yeah, delete it.

Discord’s Message Pinning Feature

As with the desktop version of Discord, the procedure of pinning a message on the Discord app is nearly identical. Keep your focus on what you’re trying to get across. As you continue to push the button, a menu will appear on the screen with many alternatives. Tap Message to save it.

Upon approval, you’ll see a notification display on your screen that asks whether or not you’d like to pin it. Only click yes if you’re certain you want to save the message as a bookmark. In the Discord app, slide left to reveal a user list. Next to settings, alerts, pins, and search options, you’ll find this option.

This tool is a godsend. Even if you don’t need to see all of your messages at once, select Pins from the drop-down menu that appears when you swipe. Click on it in the pinned messages box to open a message. Alternatively, you can use any of your previously installed pins to perform a long press. When you do this, you’ll see an unpin option appear.

You’re free to do anything you want from here. You may open any message in a new window from the pinned texts page by clicking on it. You can also use any of your current pins if you’d like. An unpin option will appear on the screen as soon as you do this. As soon as this occurs, you have complete freedom.

As with the desktop version of Discord, the procedure of pinning a message on the Discord app is nearly identical. Hold and press the message you want to send. As you continue to push the button, a menu will appear on your desktop with many alternatives. Tap Message to save it.

How To Find Pinned Messages On Your iPhone?

  • Select the thread where you want to view your pinned messages, then open it.
  • To view a person’s profile, you can tap on their image.
  • To see all of your pinned messages, open the pop-up menu, navigate to Pins, and then tap See All.

How Do I Access Pinned Messages?

Messages marked as “Pin to top” are always shown on the top of the messaging app.


Here we sum up all about How To Find Pinned Messages On Discord Android? It’s a good idea to pin critical messages so that you can easily find them later. As a result, learning how to do it is one of the greatest ways to stay on top of your email correspondence. As you can see, pinning and searching for pinned messages is a cinch.

You’ll pick it up in no time. All you require to do is give it a shot. Once you’ve mastered it, you’ll want to perform it daily for those who have joined many different servers with many other players. Having this knowledge is a good thing to have.

Frequently Asked Questions

In Discord, what exactly is pinging?

Users disconnect each other often on Discord when they wish to get the attention of a specific member. If you’d like the moderator to modify your server nickname, you can ping particular responsibilities in the server, and there may be many moderators.

Why am I not receiving message notifications from Discord?

If you’re using an old version of Discord, you may not be able to see notification messages. Another possible cause of the problem under consideration is an incorrect configuration of various system/mobile settings (such as battery efficiency, quiet hours, Small Taskbar buttons, and so on).

Is notification history available in Discord?

Make it easy to see which activity caused a notification sound to go out and a history log when a sound occurs.

Discord’s idle mode does what?

Users who have been idle for a predetermined amount of time on Discord will be listed as Idle, even when the app remains open on their device. As soon as you’ve been inactive for a few minutes, your current status will be Idle.

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