How To Find Duplicate Mac Address On Network? (Do This)

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Here you may know How To Find Duplicate Mac Address On Network? Each network-connected device has a different IP address, including a laptop, desktop, printer, smartphone, or tablet. The requirement that an IP address is issued to just one network node is crucial. However, if two devices on the same network share the same IP address, an IP conflict results.

How To Find Duplicate Mac Address On Network?

  • Launch a command prompt on an unaffected host connected to the same network. Enter “arp -a [suspected duplicate IP]” on a Windows computer. …
  • The response’s output must include a MAC address. Compare the impacted machine’s address to this one.
Find Duplicate Mac Address On Network

What Is A MAC Address?

Your device can be identified from others by its 48-bit serial number, or MAC (Media Access Control) address. MAC addresses are persistent, in contrast to dynamic IP addresses, which alter when certain conditions are met.

The computer’s network interface card is hardwired with them by the manufacturers (NIC). As a result, these hardware addresses are unique, and vendors assign particular combinations to every new device.

Devices with multiple MAC identities have occasionally appeared on the market. Vendors may resell the same combinations of products in other geographical locations. Such devices, which are dispersed around the map, are thought to be unlikely to join the same network.

Therefore, devices connected to the same network must have different MAC addresses. They ensure seamless connectivity among all devices, including routers. Your device sends the router its MAC address when attempting to connect to the internet.

Your router gives the accepted device a shared IP address once the identification process is finished. Therefore, IP addresses locate entire networks internationally, but MAC addresses identify hardware and are only for local usage.

How Does Duplicate IP Happen?

Various factors can lead to an IP conflict. However, configuration errors are the primary cause of IP conflicts. Consider purchasing a printer and connecting it to the company network. It was a network printer, so you decided it would be a good opinion to give it a static IP address so that your coworkers could use it as well.

Otherwise, if the DHCP server dynamically assigned the printer’s IP address after a few days, it would be challenging to utilize the printer. Although assigning a static IP address seems like a brilliant idea, there is a catch.

How Does Duplicate IP Happen

Before allocating an IP address to a station, not all DHCP servers look to see if it is already in use. Another station may receive the statically defined printer’s IP address. To avoid a conflict, the station or server may determine whether the IP address is already in use.

The following screenshot shows a Windows operating system identifying a conflicting IP address. As can be seen, it doesn’t display any details about the second station that uses an identical IP address.

A duplicate IP address at a specific MAC address may result in an error depending on the operating system you use, but it is not the same as a duplicate MAC address.

When someone manually sets an IP address on a machine and that IP address is a part of the list of addresses utilized by the DHCP server for automatic address assignment, you may end up with duplicate IP addresses.

While one individual manually sets their IP address, the other receives the same IP address from DHCP. The network administrator can locate the other party with the aid of the MAC address.

Finding The System With A Duplicate MAC

  • As an administrative user, log into the office backbone switch. The command “show arp” will typically provide a table displaying the physical port the MAC address is on.
  • If the MAC is not on this server, it might be physically connected to a sub-switch, requiring you to log into several switches to locate it.
  • The switch logs of many switches will additionally contain information indicating that a mac address has migrated from one port to another, i.
  • Increasing the debug level of the logs for particular protocols or configurations will typically increase the detail in the logs when debugging anything crucial.
  • A similar set of tools will be available for managed wifi infrastructure (I’m familiar with Meraki).
  • You can also access the system that assigns DHCP addresses and check to see if the MAC appears.
  • This is predicated on a Linux infrastructure, but you may check the system log (/var/log/messages) for the MAC to determine whether it has a history of changing IP addresses.
  • This could mean that two versions of the MAC are asking DHCP for IP addresses.

Can Your MAC Address Be Valuable To Hackers?

Networks only use MAC addresses at the local level. However, highly effective and extensive attacks might be able to recover them. Exposed addresses could be used as tracking devices or to carry out even more destructive cyber-attacks.

However, because of their inherent weakness compared to the best standards in the industry, these combinations are rarely utilized for any authentication. While stealing your MAC address is more challenging than your IP address, it is still doable.

Can Your MAC Address Be Valuable To Hackers

There might be environments created by some big businesses, governments, and organizations to enable this. Free wifi hotspots, for instance, attract individuals to connect to them at various social gatherings. As a result, you divulge your MAC address to the network administrator. This data can be a useful tracking tool for people’s whereabouts and travels.

The MAC address of your router, not specific devices, will be included in packets as they move from point A to point B. Leaked addresses may occasionally be helpful to hackers who need to spoof them to access services.

Peer-to-peer networking has the potential to reveal a lot of personal information about you. The file-sharing programs might also reveal the MAC addresses of your router in addition to your IP address. It is unlikely that this information will be able to support additional attacks, though.

How To Protect Your MAC Address?

The practice of MAC address spoofing is used to change the hard-coded sequences. Such factory-assigned pairings were first required to be unchangeable and permanent. Over time, methods were developed for replacing these burned-in addresses with random sequences unrelated to actual devices.

However, this modification might interfere with several routine procedures. One possibility is that your router will no longer detect your device and will not allow you to use it to access the internet.

A more effective approach is to conduct MAC randomization, which enables your devices to use random hardware addresses as opposed to the ones they were given at the factory. This method is used in products from Apple and well-known Android providers, although you might need to enable it explicitly.

In general, you should avoid connecting to wireless networks you are unfamiliar with. Your MAC address may be used by businesses to track your whereabouts. While wifi hotspots aren’t inherently harmful, they could become exposed if network administrators don’t adequately secure them.

The network becomes unsafe if data is sent from one location to another without encryption. A VPN will encrypt all data flows if you need to connect to an unsecured wifi network and guard against hackers stealing and abusing your information.


To conclude, How To Find Duplicate Mac Address On Network? Here are some essential points packets need to be consistently sent to the correct device during an IP conflict, connection worsens, and occasionally completely fails to exist. Wireshark includes a useful display filter to pinpoint the issue when we suspect a duplicate IP address.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I trace a MAC address on my network?

1.     Access your network configuration:
2.     Enter the wifi settings. Switch to Ethernet Settings.
3.     Choose a network connection in step two.
4.     To view the physical address, scroll down (MAC).

What happens if there is a duplicate MAC address?

Neither machine can effectively interact if two devices have the same MAC Address, which happens more frequently than network managers would like. This will lead to a significant number of collisions on an Ethernet LAN. On the same LAN, double MAC addresses can cause issues.

Can I ping a MAC address on the network?

Windows MAC address ping. Using the “ping” command and the IP address of the PC you wish to check is the simplest way to ping a MAC address on Windows. Your ARP table will be filled with the MAC address whether or not the host is contacted, confirming that it is operational.

Why does my router have 2 MAC addresses?

However, if your router itself reveals that it contains two MAC addresses (it likely contains three if it’s wireless), that indicates that your router contains at least one interface, which includes the router itself.

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