How To Enter BIOS Without Keyboard? Full Procedure

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Here are the guidelines and information about How To Enter BIOS Without Keyboard? Even if USB ports are disabled, you may be able to enter the BIOS settings screen by pressing F2 or deleting the screen prompts.

This Differs By BIOS And Version, as well as company or brand of computer. Those settings usually take effect when the BIOS hands over control to the os system to complete the boot process. However, I’ve encountered a lot of prompts that block out those deactivated items.

If your system doesn’t respond and you don’t have PS2 ports, as has already been advised, your only choice is to remove the CMOS battery & wait for it to clear, restoring factory default settings. This could take a few seconds on some systems, but it could take much more on others.

How To Enter BIOS Without Keyboard?

What should you do if the BIOS keyboard isn’t working? If the keyboard does not function in BIOS, you can use another standard or PS/2 keyboard to switch off the quick boot and enable legacy USB capability. Changing the boot sequence or switching to a USB 2.0 port might be helpful occasionally.

Enter BIOS Without Keyboard

Is It Possible To Access BIOS With A USB Keypad?

That is debatable. Is the keyboard function turned on or off? If you’re just entering into the BIOS for the first time, figure out what the key instruction is for that specific system so you can access the BIOS Using The Keyboard.

If the keyboard isn’t working because it’s disabled, you’ll need to reboot the bios, which can be done in one of two ways. If you’re using a laptop or server, you may reset the bios by flipping the jumpers. Taking out and replacing the CMOS battery is another technique to reset the bios.

How To Access The BIOS Without Using A Keyboard?

It’s great to hear you figured it out, but in case you need to Restore The BIOS, here are all the three options, in order of comfort:

  • Press the CMOS Reset button. This will not always be a possibility because not all motherboards include such a button.
  • Adjust the Refresh CMOS jumper to the desired value. Almost every motherboard, including those with a switch, has a jumper for resetting the CMOS. Always refer to the manual for specific instructions.
  • Take out the motherboard battery, wait a few seconds, and then replace it.

How To Reset BIOS Without A Keyboard?

To release any leftover power held in the capacitors, press and hold the computer’s power button for 10 to 15 seconds. The CMOS memory will reset when the power is discharged, and reset your BIOS.

Can I Use BIOS Without A Keyboard?

Yes! You can use BIOS without a keyboard.


Here we conclude all about How To Enter BIOS Without Keyboard? Do you need to reset your operating system or change the order of your boot devices? You should go to the BIOS or UEFI (the upgraded version of the BIOS).

All of your PC’s low-level functions are controlled by the BIOS or UEFI, which you’ll require to access if you wish to make any modifications. The procedure for entering the BIOS or UEFI differs for each machine, but the core steps are the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t have an FN key on my keyboard?

There is no other functionality on those keys if your computer does not have a keypad with the FN key. You might want to consider upgrading to a multimedia keyboard if your current keyboard isn’t up to the task.

How can I turn off the F keys?

We’d hold FN then hit Esc again to turn it off. It works in the same way as Caps Lock does. Other FN Lock combinations may be used on some keyboards. If you have a Microsoft Surface keypad and hold the FN key and the Caps Lock button at the same time, you can toggle FN Lock on and off.

What exactly does the F12 startup menu entail?

By pressing the F12 key during the Smartphone’s Power on Self Test, or POST procedure, you can choose which device to boot the computer’s Operating System from. The F12 Boot Menu is deactivated by default on some laptop and notebook models.

What’s the best way to get F2 on my keypad?

The F2 key and how to utilize it Press F2 to open the program that uses the key. The presence of an icon on the F2 key suggests that it has a second function. To use the second function, press and press the FN key, then hit F2 while still holding the key.

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