How To Enable Mock Location On Samsung S9? Process Guide

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You must first enable Mock Location on your Android device for location-aware apps to gain access to the more precise position of your Arrow GNSS receiver. Eos Tools Pro software will take care of populating the Android “Location Service” with the Arrow GNSS position once Mock Location is activated. So, Do you want to know How To Enable Mock Location On Samsung S9?

How To Enable Mock Location On Samsung S9?

To enable Developer Mode, first go to “Settings,” then select “About Device,” and then repeatedly press “Build number” at the menu’s bottom. Scroll down to “Debugging” in this “Developer Options” menu, then select “Select mock location app.”

Enable Mock Location On Samsung S9

The “secret” Developer Mode option on your Android smartphone has a Mock Location. Enabling it is simple: Navigate to Mock Location in the Developer Options section of your Samsung smartphone and turn it on. Then, pick the Mock Location app from the list that appears. Select Allow Mock Locations from the Developer Options menu on LG phones.

You’re now ready to start putting your apps through their paces. You only need to select “Mock Location” to test your apps. Developer options are available on various devices, and you can enable or disable them depending on the model.

Go to the Developer choices menu and tap the Mock Location button to enable it on your Samsung smartphone. Afterward, select the Mock Location app that you wish to use in your application. As the last step, you’ll be able to pinpoint exactly where you want to go. Allowing your app access to another device’s location is required, but you may do this on your mobile.

What Is The Purpose Of The Mock Location Feature?

The mock location function on Android, which was first introduced as a developer option, has grown in popularity due to its numerous applications. Here are some of the most common uses for Android’s mock location.

  • Users can essentially set up any place on their device for testing and checking an app’s functionality. For example, if you are a developer, you can test how your software works in different locations.
  • You can download apps or access app features/content not available in your country by hiding your current location.
  • It can also provide you with weather reports,¬†local updates, and other information based on your current location.
  • Many people utilize the simulated location option to get more control over location-based gaming apps (like Pokemon Go).
  • Localized dating applications (like Tinder) employ the spoof location feature to unlock additional profiles in other cities.
  • It’s also used to unlock geo-restricted content on streaming apps like Spotify, Netflix, and Prime Video.

Install The Samsung Options App To Enable Mock Location

You must have the Android Developer Options software installed on your device to use Mock Location. Select “Allow Mock Locations” from the menu list by tapping the menu button in the top-left corner of your smartphone. Go to Settings > Developer options on your Samsung Galaxy to open the Developer Options. Then, by selecting the “Mock Location” option, you can enable Mock Location.

You must enable the Mock Location application on your Samsung smartphone after turning off developer options. You’ll need the Developer Options application for this. You may locate it by searching your phone for “developer options.” After that, you must enable Mock Location. You can test the fake GPS feature after you’ve enabled the Mock Location app. This allows you to effortlessly retrieve your phone’s location without fear of being tracked.

Mock Location Mode Should Be Enabled In The Settings Menu

You must first enable the Developer Options app on your Samsung Galaxy S7 to use Mock Location. Then go to Developer options > Settings > Developer options. You can begin testing your apps after you’ve enabled the Mock Location option.

On your Samsung Galaxy S7, you’ll need to install a phony GPS location app. On Android, this is a popular method of faking your location, but the first step is to download and install the program on your Samsung Galaxy S7. After installing the app, go to the settings menu and select Mock Location mode. You’ll be asked to provide your present position, a fictitious GPS coordinate.

Important To Remember Feature: Mock Location

Mock Location can be used in apps that need to know where you are. You must disable it because it’s so simple to track down another Android smartphone using this capability. Please ensure the program is installed in the correct folder before using Mock Location. Mock location can be enabled in your phone’s settings to do this.

Turn Off Allow Mock Locations

  • To activate Developer Mode, go to “Settings,” then “About Device,” and finally “Create a number” from the menu.
  • Under “Settings” “System,” the new “Developer Options” menu will now be available.
  • Scroll down to “Debug fix” in the “Developer Options” menu, then press “Select fake location application.”
  • Finally, close the menu after selecting Eos Tools Pro as a fake location program.
  • You will need to allow developer mode on your smartphone to use Mock Location. This straightforward procedure will prompt you to enter the Developer Options. After that, go to the “Developer Options” menu and check the box next to “Allow Mock Location.” Then you must select a Mock Location application.

How To Enable Mock Location Android?

  • To enable Developer Mode, open “Settings,” “Systems,” “About Device,” and repeatedly touch “Build number.”
  • Scroll down to “Debugging” in the “Developer Options” menu, and turn “Allow mock locations” on.

What Is A Mock Location App?

Android has a function called mock location that allows users to pretend they are entirely somewhere else. This might reduce the chance of being located by potential hackers. The fake location capability for Android developers was introduced to test location-based app functionality.


There you have it. You should be able to set up Android to accept mock locations after reading this instruction. Another fast way to hide your real location is by utilizing a phony GPS app. Make the most of dating, streaming, gaming, or any other app by using these strategies to allow mimic locations on Android. Let us know in the remarks if you have any recommendations or methods for How To Enable Mock Location On Samsung S9?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a mock location for Samsung?

You must have the Android Developer Options software installed on your device to use Mock Location. Select “Allow Mock Locations” from the menu list by tapping the menu button in the top-left corner of your smartphone. Go to Settings > Developer options on your Samsung Galaxy to open the Developer Options.

What is the purpose of enabling Gabeldorsche?

What exactly does it do? Gabeldorsche, according to Google, is aimed to improve Bluetooth network reliability, allowing mobile devices to connect to home automation and other types of devices.

What does it mean to allow a faux location?

Developers can use the mock location to test software in any place. In AndroidOS, it’s a hidden developer setting. Your location will be falsified if you choose the approved mock location option. This feature works similarly to “fake GPS” or VPNs in that it alters your phone’s location.

In Android, what is freeform?

When you enable the setting, a new ‘Freeform’ button shows in the multitasking view when you press down on an app icon. When you tap it, the app will appear as a floating window. This isn’t useful on phones, but it might be handy on tablets for some individuals.

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