How To Draw Smooth Lines In Photoshop With A Tablet? Do This

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A graphics tablet is vital for digital artists who want to create clean, Smooth Line Work. However, because art tools like Photoshop Creative Suite (CS) are so expensive on their own, it can be difficult to save up for a high-quality tablet or Cintiq monitor straight away. This Instructable will show you how to Make Smooth Line art instead of using a graphics tablet for beginning digital artists, How To Draw Smooth Lines In Photoshop With A Tablet?

How To Draw Smooth Lines In Photoshop With A Tablet?

Here are a few pointers for you. You’ve actually been working digitally for a while, or you’ve only recently begun. You might see artists draw clean and accurate lines with ease on YouTube or in real life. As a result, you want to be able to do so as well. This was a problem I had when I first began working with digital art. So I’m hoping that by sharing the suggestions below, which I’ve gleaned from years of experience, I’ll be able to assist other artists.

Draw Smooth Lines In Photoshop With A Tablet

Slowly Draw (Some Of The Lines)

This is a good approach to ensure that the problematic lines are correctly drawn. Drawing them in a single long stroke or a series of smaller ones will help you get the line you want. Warning: Some Wacom drivers have a bug that causes wavy lines when you draw slowly; this happens at random. One of the reasons I don’t use their tablets as much these days is because of this. You can circumvent this problem by trying alternative driver versions.

Draw Quickly

This is the polar opposite of the earlier advice. Drawing quickly produces nice, crisp lines, but it is more difficult to pull off, especially with tough lines (those I instructed you to draw with care), but it is one of the greatest ways to draw the easier lines. You may have to attempt drawing the same lines numerous times for that purpose in many circumstances.

One option to make this simpler is to assign one of the pen buttons or hotkeys to undo your previous stroke, allowing you to easily undo the last line and attempt again. Another technique to make this easier is to quickly sketch your artwork and then draw over it on another layer.

Is Your Graphics Tablet Appropriately Sized?

If you’re using a little graphics tablet, and especially if your screen is large, drawing precisely will be difficult. Upgrade to a standard-size graphics tablet to improve your drawing skills. As a result, I usually recommend medium-sized tablets to most artists.

Large tablets, such as the Intuos Pro I used for a long period, maybe even superior for drawing features that reflect, but they aren’t for everyone. Because: – To get the same outcome, a lot of arm movement is required, which might be exhausting for some painters. They have a larger footprint. Of course, you can keep drawing with your small graphics tablet if you’re happy with it.

Check To See Whether Pressure Sensitivity Is Turned On

Drawing without checking to see if the pressure responsiveness is working properly, is a common mistake. Most drawing applications have pressure sensitivity turned on by default, which allows you to make varied strokes by softly touching the pen.

If pressure isn’t functioning, you should try reinstalling the tablet driver or trying a different version. If you’re Drawing Smooth Lines in Photoshop, make sure to use a brush set that supports pressure, such as Hard Round Pressure Size, and then experiment with it; it can make a big impact.

Make Use Of The Correct Cursor Shape

This is a new trick I found on my own recently, primarily because I had never heard of it before. I couldn’t find anything on YouTube or in any of the digital art communities I visited. Basically, some art programs allow you to adjust the cursor shape to resemble a cross (as shown above), and it stays that way regardless of the brush size you use.

When drawing with a high-result ion canvas, which necessitates the use of a larger brush, having the cursor appear in this manner makes it much easier to align your strokes. By tapping the Caps Lock key on your keyboard, you may make the cursor cross in Photoshop With A Tablet. Return the pointer to its original shape by pressing the key again.

How To Make Smooth Lines In Photoshop?

Press B to select the Brush Tool, then click once on your canvas to determine the line’s starting point to make clean straight lines in Photoshop. Click on another area of your Canvas while holding Shift. Photoshop will automatically draw a straight brush stroke to join the two locations.


If you’re new to digital drawing read the above information about How To Draw Smooth Lines In Photoshop With A Tablet? Even if you’ve been doing it for a while, getting your lines exactly right might be difficult. As a result, I hope these guidelines have assisted you in drawing various lines. If you have a problem, please leave it in the comments box and I’ll do my best to respond.

Frequently Asked Questions

In Photoshop cs5, how do you smooth the edges?

To increase the magnification, click the Zoom tool in the Refine Edge window and then click your image. Increase the smoothness of the image edges by using the Smooth slider in the Modify Edge section. The modifications are shown in real-time so you can keep track of how they affect your image.

What is the purpose of the straight line on tablets?

A red stripe on the tablet pack indicates that it is only available with a doctor’s prescription. Whenever a medical prescription is supplied is the pharmacy permitted to sell these medications.

Curved lines are drawn with which tool?

To draw curved or straight lines, use the curved line drawing tool. The curved line tool gives you more control over a plotline’s curvature than the single direction tool (see Drawing with the Straight Line Tool).

What exactly is a pen tool?

The Pen tool is undoubtedly Adobe Illustrator’s most powerful tool. It lets the artist construct shapes using freeform curves, and most curves observed in the “real world” can be recreated using the Pen tool with practice and competence.

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