How To Drag Click On Any Mouse? Process Guide

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Drag-clicking is one way to accomplish this. But How To Drag Click On Any Mouse? Find out in the next paragraphs; In the competitive PvP Mine craft scene, Drag Clicking is a thing, and CPS (or clicks per second) is a crucial stat. Increased CPS isn’t the only thing that can help you improve in PvP Mine craft (a faster refresh monitor can also help), but it can offer you an edge over other players.

How To Drag Click On Any Mouse?

Place the mouse pointer on an item, then move the mouse while holding down the left mouse button while pressing and holding the left mouse button. Release the mouse button once you’ve “dragged” the item to the desired spot.

Drag Click On Any Mouse

What Are Drag Clicks And Their Advantages?

Drag clicking, often known as tap clicking, is accomplished by dragging your finger over the mouse button gently (left or right). To enable your finger to apply the most amount of drag while sliding over the mouse button, both the mouse and your finger must be squeaky clean.

Because drag clicking produces resistance while Dragging Your Finger Along A Mouse Button, the skin & mouse buttons should be extremely clean. Each moment your finger rests on the mouse button, the procedure activates the mouse switch. The higher the resistance then, the larger the number of clicks per second;

PvP Mine craft isn’t the only game that dragging and dropping can help you. Higher CPS performance can help any game in which more clicks every second can boost your score or offer you an edge over other competitors (think clicking games like the renowned Cookie Clicker).

However, in Minecraft, a score of around 20 CPS is the upper limit beyond which further increasing CPS will not give you a significant advantage. Having said that, attaining 20 clicks per second with ordinary mouse clicks is nearly impossible unless you can stop time or something.

Try clicking each mouse key 20 times a second with regular motions to see how ineffective that is. Drag click is the result of this inefficiency. By dragging their mouse past the upper 20 CPS limit, players can acquire a significant advantage in their favorite games.

How Do You Drag Click?

To begin, realize that drag-clicking isn’t the same as dragging your finger all over a button. Your mouse as well as the tape you choose to use plays a part.

How Do You Drag And Click?

The first step is to make sure your mouse is in good working order. Check for sweat and dust on the surface, and if you discover any, clean it up. Friction can be hampered by both of these factors. You must also dry your hand to prevent your finger from slipping. When drag-clicking, your hand must also be dry.

You can use tape to cover the button if your fingers grow sweaty while gaming. When your mouse doesn’t have enough friction, this hack can help. The second step necessitates putting your hand just on the mouse in the usual manner.

This implies your thumb will be on the left side, whereas your ring and very little finger will be on the right side supporting it. The left & right buttons are pressed with the index & middle fingers, respectively.

After that, you may start Clicking And Dragging. You must flick your wrists at an angle and hit the button in a descending motion to accomplish this. However, if you touch too firmly, the motion will not be effective.

It’s crucial to click slowly and carefully, gliding your finger towards the mouse’s front section. You can go for a full drag or stop in the middle of the button, based on how many CPS you want to obtain. Stopping at a specific moment will become part of the routine once you’ve learned how to long slide click.

It may take a few tries to get the hang of it if you’re trying it for the first time. If you’ve done everything correctly, the mouse should make a grinding noise. You’ll also notice a little vibration beneath your finger.

A drag-click test can be used to see if you accomplished the action. When you utilize the Rapid Table click counter, it will display How Many Clicks You Made In A Single Action. You can even launch a game like Minecraft and perform your drag-and-drop test. Simply enter the construction mode and use this strategy to place multiple blocks at once.

As you create, make sure you’re moving around because your position can affect how much capacity is left. The average player has a CPS of 6.51, which is crucial to note. If you want to evaluate how your CPS has progressed when Drag Clicking, use that as a baseline. Of course, a Good Drag-Click Mouse is required, more on that eventually.

The Best Mice For Dragging And Clicking

Let’s go into the greatest Drag-Click Mice now. The A4 Tech Bloody range of mice, particularly the A60 and A70, are praised by users all around the internet. And it’s easy to see why. Both mice have a high body arc, with the apex positioned in the middle of the mouse’s body.

This design includes the fact that the buttons are integrated into the body and a large gap among the button as well as the switch, which provides these mice ideal for drag flicking. These are the characteristics to look for if you’re seeking an excellent drag-click mouse.

A mouse with a long arc with left and side buttons that are integrated into the body rather than distinct parts; the final characteristic, plenty of room across the button and indeed the switch, isn’t crucial, but it does assist. Don’t forget that practically every mouse has a Drag-Click Feature.

Because of the design and different buttons, we assumed it would be hard to drag-click on the G305. However, after a few minutes of practice, we were able to achieve quite regular drag clicks.

We didn’t achieve that wonderful sound of our finger hitting the mouse switch hundreds of times per second on every try, but we’re getting there. Remember that a high fps is also required for PvP games, such as PvP Mine craft.

How To Drag-Click On Chromebook?

Using the touchpad on a Chromebook, drag & drop objects: With one finger, click the object you wish to move. Move the object using a second finger. Let go of both fingers to dump the object in its new place.

Can You Drag-Click With Any Mouse?

You require a mouse with two features. To start, it ought to have textured buttons that are simpler to drag and click. Second, the switches must be durable enough to endure the force of drag flicking. The Roccat Kone AIMO is a great mouse if you’re only looking for one for this.

What Mouse Do You Need To Drag And Click?

Additionally, the unique function of the Logitech G502 HERO aids in getting excellent CPS by drag-clicking. The mouse has 11 customizable buttons, which are quite useful for gamers and computer users who utilize many programs and applications.


Increasing your CPS by Dragging Your Mouse across the screen is a wonderful technique to do it. It’s simple to learn How To Drag Click On Any Mouse? Just make sure you use the right mouse.

You will notice an immediate improvement in your performance results. Some people are unable to cope with the stress of this procedure. All it needs is a little practice after you’ve found the appropriate tool, and your foes won’t stand a chance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to use any mouse to drag click?

However, trying to drag your finger along a mouse button isn’t the only way to do it. It takes practice, but certain mouse devices are better at performing and tolerating drag-clicking than others. You can’t only use any mouse; you need one that has been well tested.

Is it possible for the SP30 to drag-click?

The Bloody SP30 is the successor to the incredibly successful Bloody A70, and it delivers all of the sheer gaming power you’d expect, as well as being one of the best drag-clicking mice on the market. It also has 8 customizable buttons and silent clicking to add to the immersion of your gaming experience.

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